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Help Others Celebrate Their Traditional Holidays!

The culture that surrounds me in this grand city is intriguing. Many different people cohesively bring different beliefs, traditions and practices to one place, where we have the freedom to do and believe what we want. This week, there are few religious celebrations occurring that I find interesting and worth knowing about, as they are important to the people who take part in them.

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Durga Puja will begin on October 1. This is the annual Hindu festival in South Asia that celebrates the worship of the Hindu Goddess Durga. This date marks the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil buffalo demon Mahishasura. This celebration commences the victory of good versus evil.

Kim Kippur, more knowingly referred to, as Yom Kippur is the holiest day of the year for the Jewish people. It will fall on October 3 of this week. Yom Kippur translates to ‘Day of Atonement,’ and the themes that are present during this day are atonement and repentance. This Day also completes Rosh Hashanah with a 25-hour period of fasting and intense prayer. Most Jewish people spend the entire day inside their synagogue, worshipping.

Another interesting religious celebration taking place this week, also falls on October 3. Eid ul- Adha is the festival of sacrifice but is known by many different names, such as: Feast of Sacrifice, Major Festival, The Greater Eid, Kurban Bayram, Eid e Qurban. This is the second of two religious holidays celebrated by the Muslim religion and people. It honors the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his young first-born son Ishmael as an act of submission to God’s command before God intervened to provide Abraham with a lamb to sacrifice instead. Eid ul- Adha lasts four days, which are considered days of remembrance singled out in the hadith (traditions).

Regardless of what you believe in, or who you know. Take some time to respect the beliefs of others, wish them joy as they commemorate the holidays.

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Say Hello, It’s Autumn!

Have you felt the prickles from the vine of pumpkin? Ever gone bobbing for apples?

The leaves change colors, the weather begins to cool and your warm clothes make their way out of the closet. It’s the perfect time to figure out all your favorite things that happen in the fall. My favorite activity is to head to the nearest pumpkin patch with Megan, my longtime friend and see who can pick out the most exotic pumpkin to take home!

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Not only are pumpkins in abundance, its apple season! There are so many things you can make with apples; the possibilities are endless. Why not send a cute card with a lovely apple tree or a basket of apples? Remind your friends about the coming of the fall season, and apples are the cutest way to show it! An apple a day keeps the doctor away, or something like that. Cheers to living a happy, healthy life!

Apples, pumpkins, and colored leaves, all of these, once-a-year phenomenon’s, can attribute to a wealth of inspiration. Whether it be: writing a new story, creating a new project at work, or just finding something that makes you happy, use the changing season as an excuse to revamp with new goals! Regardless of the time of year, if I’m looking for a little something to inspire me, I head over to the nearest bookstore or coffee shop, where I know I can find Fred reading new poetry he has written.

Write a poem, send a letter, say hello! It’s autumn, the perfect season to inspire and be inspired.

Happy Autumn!

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Chocolate Kisses To Ring In The Jewish New Year!

It used to be that Valentines Day was the only day I could find an excuse to indulge myself in delicious chocolate, but that has all changed. This week, we have created another reason to savor your favorite treat, this one not masked by another holiday. Chocolate Day is September 23 and we all should be indulging! My good friend Irina rarely has time for sweets, but every year on this day she can’t help but have some milk chocolate with macadamia nuts inside. We all have our favorites, share your secrets and introduce your friends to something you love.

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The very following day (September 24) is Kiss Day. I may not always be all about the romanticism, but I can definitely send some sweet chocolate kisses to endearing friends. I like to commemorate the day by spreading the word to let everyone know they should take a moment to send kisses to their loved ones. Send a nice note that will make your partner swoon with admiration.

Rosh Hashanah begins on September 24 and I have a feeling this year’s celebration will be a bit different then before. Kate is dating a new guy whose family is Jewish and has invited her to celebrate with them in their tradition. From what I know, there will be plenty of shouting, music and festivities. There is also the tradition of apples dipped in honey to signify and evoke a ‘sweet new year.’ This is a two-day event to be embraced all over the world.

I will be sending out cards to the people I know to be participating in the jubilee this week and I encourage all my friends to do the same! Whether you are celebrating the New Year yourself, with friends or know someone who is, celebrate the beautiful life you lead and cherish others.

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September Is Finally Here!

School has started, everything is new and the learning is abundant. After a few weeks of introductions, it’s time to really get into the swing of things, and let your children’s teachers know early, just how much you appreciate all they do. Celebrate the wealth and spread of knowledge, with a sweet card on September 5, Teachers’ Day. As much you want to hear all the good things your child does, their teacher wants to hear the same!

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When we think blooming flowers, we always think spring. Having Mrs. Bradley around has opened up my flower knowledge. There are even flowers that bloom in the winter! My neighbor has been quite busy recently, gearing up to enter some of her priced rose bushes into the Festival of Roses, happening soon. We remember her dream to have a prize-winning garden, let’s hope she can nail it this year!

September is a wonderful time to love anything and everything. Love the flowers, love the weather, and even love somebody! Send your special friend a nice note to express your deep appreciation for their presence and friendship. Everyone enjoys knowing they are loved; in fact, I’m going to send Megan a card right now! She has been my longest friend and perhaps I don’t tell her enough, just how much I enjoy her in my life.

With the heat retracting it’s a nice time to step outside and really smell those roses! Take a walk in somebody’s garden to admire the flowers, the lush green foliage, and appreciate the beauty close to home.

September 2, 2014   3 Comments

Celebrate Your Career And Smile!

We may not always look forward to the last weekend of summer, but we revel in having that extra day off to refresh and recharge our batteries. Let us celebrate the success we have created in our lives: Happy Labor Day!

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As we move towards September, we begin our long drawn out goodbyes to summer. I have to rummage around for last years sweater when the temperature begins to drop just slightly. Labor Day, September 1 this year kicks off with a three-day weekend, and there is no better way to change seasons.

Did you know that the Labor Day holiday was initially enacted as tribute to the contribution of the working people? My good friend, Fred is a true supporter of the working people, always looking for ways to improve the way of life for fellow citizens.

Canada was the first to celebrate the holiday and America followed suit in 1882. High society folks believe this constitutes the last day to fashionably wear white until the following year. Personally, I enjoy white at all times of the year.

This month has been nonstop happiness. August is the month of smiles; let those cheek-to-cheek grins, shine bright! The best way to make a person feel special is to send a special card with a heartfelt note. Sentimental words will upgrade a day from mediocre to magnificent in just those few short minutes it took you to send them.

Smiling and celebrating the joys of success and happiness is what this last weekend of summer is all about. Don’t just say goodbye to summer, say hello to a new season!

August 25, 2014   3 Comments

Romanticize Your Sweetheart With Kisses!

Keep that kite of love high in the sky, because this month of romance is not done yet!

Hugs are meant to bring joy and good feelings to those around you. Make room for some adorable loving hugs this week; indulge in the commitment to hug your sweetheart and celebrate the love on Hug Your Sweetheart Day, August 23. Grab the connection, snuggle in close and embrace lovingly. A hug is a great way to truly say how much you love that person.

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My dear friend, Donna would be the first to tell you how a hug a day keeps her two boys joyous and always at play. Donna likes to spread the wealth of hugs to everyone, regardless of the day. An attribute I’ve always admired in her.

Mondays always tend to be a rough start to the week; don’t lose your cool with someone close. Cherish the time you have, Kiss and Make up on this beloved day of August 25. Gather your passion, carve it into beautiful depictions of romance and send a note, bearing all the details of how you feel.

These few days are moments to be had, but the whole month of August is Romance Awareness Month. Get cheeky, send some love, or share a hug. The best times, are the times you spend letting the people you love, know how you feel. Summer may be fading, but I’m sure the feelings you have are growing. Send a romantic card, with a personalized addition. Discover something new the two of you can share together.

This month of August is all about the care and love you have for another person. Let it be known, share your thoughts!

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Love, Friendship And Hugs!

Love, oh love is a wonderful feeling. When you’re in love, it feels like happiness will never fade away. There is nothing like being deeply, madly in love with a person. When two hearts become one, the world is a beautiful place.

Hold onto to that magnificent feeling by celebrating True Love Forever Day on August 16. Ride the wave of eternal bliss, shouting your happiness from the rooftops! Not everyone is a talker though, so keep your thoughts safe by sending a note to your loved one. Tell your special someone how much you love them that day, for that matter, tell them everyday.

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The fun and love doesn’t end there; follow up that glorious day with Friendship Week. Make a point to tell all your friends why they’re friends and wishing them a wonderful week ahead. Send a card, send a note, send a cute friendship card! No matter what you send them, fill with great words of kindness, feed that friendship fire to keep it burning.

This week is all about love and friendship, but this entire month is about giving hugs! Hugs are proven to trigger happiness after extended embrace.

Full Moon Day rises on August 10; find the perfect spot to gaze at the wonder of the big orbiting ball in the sky.

Send a card to spread the wealth of happiness this week. Tell your friends, your loved ones, even your pets that you love and appreciate their presence in your life. A note can say all the things you’ve always wanted to say!

August 11, 2014   3 Comments

Welcome August With Flowers And Smiles!

You know what they say, take some time to smell the roses. Well forget about the roses this month; enlighten your senses with something new.

Who said a poppy wouldn’t do? Your preference on flowers doesn’t, the month of August is here to celebrate all the flowers. Introduce your favorite flower to a friend or loved one, someone who deserves a little pick me up in this dreadful heat.

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Maybe now is the time to take your friendship to the next level, this is also the month of romance. Do the celebration of love justice, by showing your romantic side to a person worthy of your affection.

There also comes a time when you may need to step away from the grueling work emails to send a personal message to someone. It’s Send an Email Day on August 9. Everyone enjoys an inbox surprise that isn’t work related once in awhile. Brighten the day with a face full of smiles.

Full Moon Day rises on August 10; find the perfect spot to gaze at the wonder of the big orbiting ball in the sky.

Just after this wonderful day, we have Romance Day on the august 11. We all deserve a little love every now and then. Tell someone how they make your world orbit like the moon and send a gorgeous bouquet of poppies. A poppy says you’re as unique as this flower, the perfect person for me. Break free of red roses; bring some thought to the round table of love.

Send a hug, send a flower, or send a smile. Whatever you send, the person on the receiving end will be graciously appreciative that you thought of them.

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Making Friends Your Family!

Friends are the family you get to choose. They are the people who you don’t have to hang out with, but you want to. Friends are special for a multitude of reasons and that is why you should celebrate your friendship in its entirety this week.

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The Friendship Festival kicks off with a bang July 30! Color your days with happy notes and cards reminding the people you love of all the reasons why. Celebrate and strengthen that special bong you’ve been nurturing for your whole friendship. Let them know you care.

Live far away and don’t always get to see your best friend? I know the feeling. With all of Donna’s non-profit work, she sure travels a lot. Since she’ll be out of town this week saving the world, I’ll be expressing my well wishes with a beautiful ecard. Donna loves the cards; she tells me they remind her that she has great friends.

Perhaps one of your friends is extra special and she deserves your gratitude. With Girlfriend’s Day on August 1, let her know she is more than just your friend. She is your partner in crime, the first one you call with news and has been there for every big event in your life since you were first introduced. This is the perfect day to tell her she is awesome. Keep your friendship fresh and send a card!

They say your siblings are the first friends you have. Celebrate your sister on Sister’s Day August 3. Double points because August 3 is always Friendship Day! Whether it is your sister or someone you treat like a sister, tell them how you feel! Share a heartfelt message.

Summer is not over yet, there is plenty of time to see old friends and make new friends. No better time to celebrate!

July 29, 2014   1 Comment

Hot For Hugs!

This summer just got hotter, loose the blues and hug it out. Send a hug this week to share the love and bring pure joy to those around you!

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Celebrate Hug Week by sending a hug! Let your endorphins run amuck, embracing another person for at least ten seconds is proven to skyrocket your happy feelings.

Just because it’s hug week, doesn’t mean we can’t send a card everyday!

Haven’t talked to someone lately? Remind them you still love them! Kick it up a notch and get creative. Say, “Have a Great Day!” or maybe just a friendly “Hello!” with a personalized note.

Better yet, surprise someone with a cute kitten card. Kittens are cute everyday, just ask my mother! Scuttling through daily emails just got a little bit more exciting and interesting.

Don’t forget to smile! Sharing the wealth of happiness brings light not only to yourself, but also to the entourage of people you surround yourself with. Positive people induce elevated thinking, so send those joyous thoughts to everyone this week!

Whether you choose to play it poolside or beat the heat indoors, send your love and happiness to your friends and family. Animate your optimism with a clever card!

Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy all your hugs this week!

July 21, 2014   3 Comments