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List Of Stuffs To Do With Buddies In Summer!

It’s summer! It is a very exciting time with the warmth of sun and friendship blending to create a haven. “Let’s do some crazy stuff in the sun!” said Adrian. Let’s grab our buddies and go on adventures and take chances with the people we love and the people who put up with us during all the cold months when we just wanted to eat soup and cling to the idiot box.

Summer is for fun, and for friends. Sometimes we end up doing the same things over and over and keep hoping for a light bulb moment when we will have that ideal, adventurous rendezvous which we will remember when we are centenarians and which will be frozen on our Facebook/Instagram profiles and we would share with our great-grandchildren. Here’s a short little list of some super-fun buddy dates which I came up in a brainstorming session with my friends who are all poles apart and hence come up with unusual stuffs –the mundane activity of one turns into an adventure for the other.

Picnic in the backyard

Picnics are fun and romantic cried Megan.” Buddy picnics mean you can pack in all your favorite foods and not have to worry about whether or not you have mayonnaise dripping on your chin or ants crawling up your leg. You can lay back in the sun and talk about all the things you’ve been worried about or excited about or confused about because buddy picnics lead to a lot of honest buddy talk and usually a quality hug at the end when you’re wrapping up and shaking off the blanket. Buddy picnics are also a great time to watch colorful flowers growing in the backyard and adorable squirrels skipping around. We agreed on one condition Megan gets her classic cheesecake for us. She winked smilingly.

The classic movie, popcorn and beer get-together

Donna suggested the classic movie and popcorn outing. Everyone sighed. Steve said “It’s the usual, what’s adventurous in it? What if we create our own drive-in theatre in the park? I had this huge screen and projector. We could pack in some popcorn, beer and cushions. “Everyone loves a rom-com,” I said. “No,” yelped Kate, “this time it’s going to be a horror movie!” Peals of laughter and nods followed as we all gave our consent.

Swimming and snorkeling in the lake

Remember wearing the flippers, snorkeling masks and swimming gears and diving in the water to explore the underwater world. It’s amazing to indulge in water sports be it rowing, rafting or water skiing and laugh your heart out with friends. Aaliyah pined to revisit Lake George, the Queen of all American lakes and go for a swim and snorkel. We all agreed to this one unanimously as we all love being in the water during summertime. It’s thrilling.

The beach fun

We love hitting the beach not just for soaking in the sea or lying on the sand but enjoying the foot massage and activities together. Irina is keen on practicing her knowledge on reflexology and we love being her guinea pigs. The girls enjoy nail art and boys fly the drones together. We wiggle our toes in the sand. It’s awesomeness to the peak when we are with friends relaxing and having fun at the same time. The beach is the best! There’s sand and sun and a huge beautiful ocean in front of you that wants to play with you. Take lots of pictures and write names in the sand together… the wave will erase them from the sand but etch it forever in your heart.

Go On A Hike Together

There is something remarkably beautiful about friends exploring nature together and letting the flowers and the trees and whatever else you find on hikes interrupt the monotony and reorganize all your priorities to account for the pretty things this world has to offer. Hikes bond people.

Let the music play

I suggested creating a gang playlist wherein everyone could add their favorite music. It would be the best and craziest playlist ever with Donna adding the jazz and Adrian adding in the hard rock. We could compare our taste in music and enjoy the mash-up created by us. From Rihana’s love songs to Atom Smash we are going to have it all. “Play it on the shuffle mode and get surprised.” said Irina. We all grinned at the possibility.

Croon like a rock band singer in a karaoke showdown

You don’t really know someone until you see them do karaoke. What song will they choose? What dance will they do? There are so many questions that need answers! Karaoke is a lot of fun, and if you have your buddy cheering for you and picking out duet, you’re guaranteed to have a memorable evening. If you want to push the envelope a little further you could dress in matching outfits.

Crafting a vision board together

It is amazing to sit down in the living room with a pile of colorful, glossy magazines ranging from sports to fashion, a pair of scissors and glue to create your own dream-journey of life. It’s fun to randomly create a visual montage of your desires along with friends. “It lets you know your friend inside-out besides creating a design of your life” suggested Steve who is an inspirational trainer along with being an IT expert.

Thrift shop shopping and enjoying with the savings in the elder care home

We get some exciting deals at thrift stores but more than that it’s fun at times to say goodbye to the brands we are married to and save some pennies to enjoy later in the elder care home and bring smiles on the furrowed faces along with your buddies. This was my wise friend Fred’s idea and we loved it the best. Irina said, “why do we need to save money for this we can do it anyways.” To this Fred replied, best aid is when you sacrifice something valuable for the cause you stand for. We decided to go for shopping together at the thrift stores which run for charity to gather overlooked antiques and collectibles to give to each other for keepsake on the friendship day and then collect the money we save to throw a summer party at the elder care home where Fred’s old man lives. He is suffering from dementia and Fred visits him often.

I hope you’ll invite your favorite people and have a lot of summer fun and make a lot of memories too along with your friends.


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When Love Grows Larger Than Life!

Sometimes love expands the margins your ego sets and you push yourself out of the frame. The only thing you live for is a smile on the face you have painted on the canvas of your life.

Have you ever experienced the bitter-sweet pain in love which can grip you from all sides, you feel nervous, anxious at the same time when you are feeling heavenly and grateful?

Lately, our studio artist, resumed work after her 12 weeks maternity leave and I could see she was a changed person. She cared less about the stuffs for which she would raise a hell earlier. She would keep looking at the phone as if waiting to get an update of every second her child slept, ate or burped in her absence. It was fascinating to see this young carefree girl suddenly transcend into this overprotective, mature mother.

She looked sleep deprived and plain. I remember she used to dress up suavely for office earlier but these days she is always in frenzy. The thick layer of cake and color were gone from her face but instead she had a rosy glow of motherhood which gave her an incredible sheen.

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Send This Ecard!

Last evening over coffee I managed to get into conversation with her and she shared, swallowing a lot of emotion, “Bob, I feel so thankful when I hold her tender frame in my hands but at the same time I feel nervous when I uncurl those fingers from mine and give her to the babysitter every morning as I come to the office, I feel unsafe and unsure. I wonder how can I feel so much anxiety and love at the same time, it’s ironical.

The focus has changed and someone just mysteriously changed the milestones in the map of my life. My feats no longer are the appraisals and paychecks but are around my little one’s unscathed look, her first kick, and her first murmur. All mirrors have gone missing ever since she is born. All I see is her, in each reflection of mine.”

Isn’t it strange? Who’s capable of loving another one to that extent? This reminds me of a place where I feel this unconditional, timeless and seamless love and it is in the arms of my parents.

On the weekend I was visiting mom and dad. Dad hugged me for a long time as if he was trying to keep the moment which he would recall in my absence. I feel so cherished and despite the differences and tiff I realize their concerns for me. Their milestones blur to highlight mine.

The love of parents is incomprehensible and the only thing we can offer in return is gratitude. This new mother anchored this amazing feeling of gratefulness and awesomeness in me and as I was sauntering on the sidewalk I noticed the blissful expression on the faces of the mothers pushing the strollers. I could easily differentiate the mothers from the babysitters by looking at the interactions or absence of the same with the infant in the crib and the gleam in their eyes.

There is a purpose of love and anxiousness that this young mother felt. It is needed. I smiled to myself and the ingenious creator.

Never miss an occasion to say thanks to your parents, aunts and uncles who played a significant role in your life. We have especially crafted free online greetings for you to paint a smile on the face of your loved one.

Do you remember a moment when you felt this bitter-sweet love, a moment when you sacrificed your Self for the smile that had your heart melt away?

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Why Hug Works Like Magic Where Words Fail?

To be a rainbow in someone’s cloud is more gratifying than to be wrapped up in our own self. Many times we hear people use words as hollow as the soul of an echo or sit on a muck of broken promises in trying to keep the relationship going.

What is the key to a lasting connection? I often wondered…

I remember a time when my life was all about the processes and goals. I was sitting in a jet-plane, fast-forwarding my life in the chase to succeed.

Everything else was on an autopilot mode. My relationships were a part of my calendar and expressions had reduced to a chore. I would call my girlfriend mechanically every weekend, we would spend time with each other but she would still complain about my absence. Women are good at sensing when your mind is wandering away.

Gradually, we drifted apart. The reasons weren’t stated except that she felt the warmth and affection missing from the relationship.

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Send This Ecard!

I suddenly, woke up from my illusions. I was in my backyard on a Sunday afternoon watering my flowers and realized that my phone wasn’t buzzing the way it used to during weekends. It dawned on me that even though I had been regular in my attempt to keeping in touch with my friends by fitting them in my to-do, I wasn’t fully engaged in their lives. I missed rather yearned for my love, Aaliyah.

I sat there listening to the sound of my breath but I could not feel the pulsation of life in it. ‘I’ was missing from my life.

The loneliness struck me gravely. I was unprepared for this but it was the reality. I was left alone because that was the message I had given to my world.

I called up Aaliyah and asked her to meet me for dinner. She said she had other plans and that left me morose.

I asked her when she would be available, she said she was off for a dinner invitation and it will be difficult to catch up until next weekend. It was hurting but I was determined to set things straight.

I stood outside her apartment and waited for her to return. Everything had a vivid sheen as the luminous moon rose in the sky. I was full of hopes and renewed excitement. More than arriving, eureka moment is when we realize where we belong.

Aaliyah looked radiant in the moonlit night as she got out of the car and looked at me. I could see the joy in her eyes from a distance. As she drew closer my eyes welled up. She smiled and hugged me. I sighed with relief. We exchanged no words, it wasn’t needed. I felt I had come home.

Let your love be expressed in more than mere words. Embrace the people you can’t live without. Give them a genuine, exaggerated hug, it needs no verses…no promises, it is enough to let them feel the love you hold in your heart.

Have a great Hug Week, friends!

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What Is Your Next Step In The Matrix Of Life?

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”~Sydney J. Harris

Have you ever wondered about where your next step will take you to, in the matrix of life or are you on an auto-pilot mode and moving on without really bothering about the ephemeral time you’ve got?

It was a long day at work. I just went on non-stop to finish what was on my platter and ignored everything else that called for my attention be it my health or my family. In the end of the day I was left with many missed calls and unseen messages, forgotten birthdays and sulking friends and seamless chores which awaited my presence.

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Many caffeine shots to keep me going, I completely overlooked the looming signals, my body was trying to take my attention to. I am sure, many of you face the same in life when something inside pokes you to get up from the damn desk and step out in the warmth on a bright sunny day or walk to the water-cooler and hydrate yourself but you ignore it and go on racing with time to accomplish the unending tasks you have delegated to yourself.

The weekend was spent in visiting the doctors and refurbishing the lost health. I realized it is important to take breaks and relax just when you have no time to do so.

Make yourself a priority over everything else. It’s important to be sane and not get carried away in the hope of reaching for the golden key to the deep treasure chest of desires.

A little of all has to be thrown in the bag of life. Enjoy the
summery delight with your loving friends and family, drown in the mesmerizing music or dig in the pleasures of a sinfulchocolate, go for a swim, serve at the elder care home, play with the little ones, paint an abstract thought or spend quality time with your sweetheart. Do what leaves you smiling.

Be in the space where you can design the matrix of life and translate the ephemeral time into eternal moments.

Cheer up and start your day with enthusiasm.

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Valuing Love More Than The Fear Of Change – That’s True Liberation!


After a long fight, finally Supreme Court declared gay marriages as legal. This is a big leap as far as going beyond beliefs and frigid laws are concerned. Bracing huge shifts such as these is a mark of an independent nation. Free in spirit and valuing love more than the impending fear of change is true liberation. The leadership of Jim Obergefell was acknowledged by the president.

The motivation that inspired Jim and his supporters was love. Pure love between soulmates is unconditional. We are all born with one thing which can change one’s entire destiny and that is free will. It’s upon us to choose between animosity and friendship.

Jim and John Arthur’s marriage lasted for 3 months when John lost his life to a fatal neurological disease. Jim served his spouse in his sickness like a true devout, standing true to the marital vow of being by his partner’s side in sickness and in health. He said, “I do” and he did. The process of having his name in his spouse’s birth certificate was complicated though. Jim did not give up. The pain turned into a revolution and has changed many lives.

Strolling with Fred, a Vietnamese War era veteran and a passionate patriot, on the sidewalks of New York City, on Saturday afternoon I realized true leadership is when you let ‘love lead’.

He said, “Bob, when you truly, with all your heart, believe in something which is higher than yourself and which is meant for the good of humanity, your victory is assured. Providence comes from all corners when you stand for your love.”

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As Fourth of July approaches he remembered the warriors who faced battles with courage, only because they let love for their nation become the leader and hold the power to drive them.

Life is lived in the hollow if you never let the greater values rise above the structure.

America is a pioneer of change in the world and it has place for all as far as love is the leader. Celebrate the spirit of freedom, love and Fourth of July which marks the 239th year of independence of the Nation.

I stopped by to collect some flowers and dark chocolates for Aaliyah as I had a dinner date with her in the evening. I kept reflecting upon stories of passion and love which often fill my heart with admiration for the essence of Godliness that’s not completely lost and will never be lost from the face of Earth.

Together, with you all, in a time when history marks yet another major shift in how love is perceived we bring forth our essence which is to celebrate relationships without any judgment or measure of their correctness. We value joy and that pretty smile on your and your loved one’s face.

Let Love Lead.

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The Life Changing Power of Words

Could your life forever be changed by only one thing?

I have experienced dynamic changes in my life because of a few words. Words can have better or worse impact on your life.

I was in fourth grade when I erred in a school project because I wasn’t a dab hand at drawing. The teacher walked up to me, visibly annoyed and spoke five words that had an effect on my personality for a long time. He said, “You are good for nothing!”

I guess, these words did not hit me instantly but had a gradual influence. I started seeing the truth in it when I stumbled at something. The words reverberated in my mind filling me with diffidence. Until one evening my dad’s words pulled me out of the eclipse. His words I remember fell on me like bright rays of the sun bringing everything in the right perspective.

Those four words helped me define myself. Those words support me when I get into self-doubt even today.

I remember, I was a nervous wreck when he walked into my room. He casually asked me how my day was. I didn’t get through the university I was aiming at and was devastated, I kept reciting the words of my art teacher, “I am good for nothing!”

My dad said, “it’s unfortunate son because all I know is, you are your belief!” I locked my eyes with him and he was smiling. An understanding dawned instantly as if he had unlocked the door that freed me. Since then I have never let someone’s opinion outline who I am. I have created my own beliefs that work well for me. I am watchful of my words and have an affirmation for every negative suggestion.

Words make you profound or foolish. Words can take you towards freedom or push you towards doom. How we use words defines where we are going?

The words we use can nurture our relations or shatter them.

Strangely, when we start a revolution against something it grows in even larger proportions. Haven’t you noticed a rise in obesity rates ever since anti-obesity drive started? Wouldn’t it be better to use words that take you towards the solution and not highlight the trouble area?

Words have power to get manifested especially when we feed them with our belief.

Words… words are all I have to take your heart away…” in the calming voice of Boyzone, was playing in my car one summer morning as I drove to work. The weather was warm with cool breeze making it extremely pleasant. I parked my car and closed my eyes in rapture… I could feel the drizzle on my face and hear the wind sing in my ears.

When I entered office I heard my colleague complain about the wet weather and the haze. He felt sick while I felt rejuvenated. What do you think the only difference was? Our self-talk was different and so was our experience. That’s the power of words.

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The Butterfly Effect Of The Now!

The major sufferings and diseases are a cumulative effect of miniscule moments of anger, grief, envy and many such negative emotions which get trapped in our cells leading to disease.

It is necessary therefore to nip the evil in the bud. Rectify the moments and it will surely have the butterfly effect on your entire life. Be the catalyst. Be the change.

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I interviewed a few friends of mine who always smile and make the environment around them lighter and easy to live in. I am sure frailties of life touch them too and there are moments of disappointment, but they succeed in transforming the state. Like the butterfly lingers and crawls, stays enclosed in a dark cocoon only to emerge with a splendid wing and rainbow spirit, these people surpass the suffering and do not stay in self-pity or painful memory even when it’s passed them by.

Every individual is different and has various parameters defined for happiness and joy. We have various ways to deal with our problems. Some dwell on sense pleasures others gratify their emotions. Few rise above the mind and body and rejoice in their spirituality.

Some follow the “away-from” while others prefer “towards” approach. Away-from approach is escaping or diverting away from the problem area to give the mind time to absolve whereas towards-approach is moving in the direction of the challenge and not rest until it is resolved. Both approaches are valid as far as you are not draining yourself and moving towards happiness.

I came up with a list of ways to make the moments better thereby enhancing the quality of your life. Sharing it straight from my journal and hoping you will add on to the list and together we will create a butterfly effect for creating abundant joy.

Top 10 Ways To Make Life Better In The Now

1. Take a deep breath and release the resistance.
2. Let stray thoughts be driven away by Go(o)d thoughts.
3. Steer clear of negative environment.
4. Straighten your spine and wear a smile on your face. Physiology has a lot to do with the state of your mind.
5. Recall a happy moment from the story of your life and relive them to be in a positive state of mind. Nurture them more than feeding your woes.
6. Gratify your senses- good food, enchanting fragrances, scenic beauty, walking in the thicket, listening to music, dancing to the beats or anything which has a feel-good factor for you. I generally love to make myself a warm cup of coffee and sit in my special place with a book. It relaxes all my senses and lifts me up instantly. Eventhough it’s an ‘away-from’ approach it works brilliantly.
7. Talking with friends or people who reassure you can put you in a better spot because of the innate human-need for appreciation.
8. Practicing gratitude can elevate you to the zenith of contentment. Each small act of kindness reverberates across great distances and spans of time.
9. Remain awake and aware of where you are in the map of life. When you are aligned with the visions of your life you buy in peace in the moment else the detours can lead you to chaos.
10. The moment is yours so seize it and make the most of it.

This list is not exhaustive and is awaiting your inputs to create a positive butterfly effect. Please drop in your much appreciated comments here or tweet me @BobEditor123 with #WaysToMakeLifeBetterInTheNow

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Friends In Need

I was sitting outside the psychotherapist’s clinic gaping at the clinical wares, dismal look on the queue of clients and the busy receptionist taking appointments and continually complaining about having no empty slots.

I was wondering, what causes people to get so stressed. The mind is powerful vehicle but aren’t we at the steering wheel?

Kate, the once bubbly and vivacious friend of mine was inside the cabin. She is having some mood disorders lately along with frequent spells of crying for which she cannot identify the cause. She had become irritable. Her eyes looked vacant. She asked me to accompany her and I agreed.

Kate emerged from the clinic flushed and distracted. As we walked out into the fresh summer evening breeze, I decided to talk her into taking a break as she has been working too hard lately as if work was her escape. She is dear friend and her whole demeanor had changed lately which worried me. I needed to find out why she was running from herself.

She agreed to visit the Jones Beach with Aaliyah and me in the weekend. We drove to one of the New York’s biggest beaches with 6.5 miles of sand and two-mile boardwalk.

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The weather was pleasant and cool sea breeze played with the surging waves washing our feet just before receding into oblivion as we took long strolls along the shoreline.

Kate discussed the mounting stress she was under. Aaliyah questioned her about her relationship with her boyfriend. She has been in a relationship for a long time and I was a little shocked that she didn’t invite him to this weekend getaway. She looked hesitant but revealed how he always spoke to her ruthlessly and was grumpy almost all the time. She blamed herself for not being able to make him happy and lost herself to work. She lived in misery but was fearful of moving on without him.

“Some relations become our habits, we mustn’t be with them but we can’t muster the courage to be without them. I don’t even have the confidence to be by myself.” She said.

We asked her about what is it that she wants in life? She almost instantly replied, “Love”. Aaliyah retorted, “And I don’t see you getting anywhere near it, if you continue to choose living in a toxic relationship, love makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. There’s immense acceptance when you are in love and you are not constantly trying to change each other. The only significant factor that keeps love alive is respect. If you have lost that there is no point continuing.”

I added in agreement to Aaliyah ,“ Kate, you have to reflect upon it as you know in your heart you deserve happiness in life, it’s your decision , communicate your feelings with him and give your relationship a fair chance but choose yourself above all cause if you cannot stand up for yourself than you surely can’t for others.”

We all went in for a swim and I observed Kate was in her deep thoughts throughout the evening. I hoped we didn’t add on to her woes. Aaliyah gave me an assuring look and said, “Sometimes we all need a jolt to snap out of the daze we live in.”

She sat on the shore playing with the sand, staring at the setting sun.

We met again at dinner time. To my relief, she looked radiant and her beautiful smile was back. We were waiting for her to share her contemplation. I kept the conversation flowing and we spoke at length about her work and her achievements. I believe if we want to remain in a positive state of mind we must choose to stay long in the winning moments rather than lingering long over the letdowns.

Finally, she said, “Thanks to both of you for giving me the gift of me. I had lost myself and lived in a shadow. Today when the sun melted in the ocean I let the ‘vulnerable -self’ submerge too. I’ll stay positive and explore life. Give it a fair chance to be joyful and whole. I will release others to experience whatever is meaningful to them, and I free myself to create that which is meaningful to me.”

We all smiled. It was a luminous moonlit night and the stars shone brilliantly in the sky.

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7 Billion Dreams -One Planet, Consume With Care

It’s been another beautiful weekend in New York. Warm, sunny and bright skies followed by drizzle and cool breeze marking the end of the week. The rain and the wind gave the city a renewed freshness. The smell of rain rejuvenates my soul.

Strolling on Sunday afternoon with my friend Donna’s teenager son, Ethan, I was so fascinated with the way the young think today. Highly aware and responsible, this indigo generation is definitely here to revolutionize. These children are independent thinkers.

We were pondering over this year’s World Environment Day theme, which is 7 Billion Dreams.1 Planet. Consume with Care. I was very excited about this new United Nations Environment Program where masses have come together to be a part of the dream team including many celebrities like Leonardo Di Caprio who have shared their dreams of a perfect world and taken a pledge to make individual efforts to achieve the same.

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I was pitching in my dream of having a pollution free, clean and peaceful world. I shared my efforts of conserving energy, opting for car pools and taking special care to avoid wasting resources. Only about .003 percent of the water on Earth can be used by humans so I pledged to save the resource as much as possible.

Ethan, looked at me and asked, “Uncle Bob, I believe the bigger dream of conserving and creating a perfect world environment is ultimate but it’s largely variable. We have to resolve the problem, I agree, but primarily we must get down to the root of the imbalance. It’s always the inside-out approach that works.

Pause to look around. What do you see, chaos or clarity? When our mind is in a confused state we often tend to mess up our surroundings. We have to assess our state of mind and realign the scattered energies which are locked up in wanting more, enticements, feeling of lack, jealousy or massaging the ego. When we harmonize the inner state by becoming aware of what’s important and what’s not we are prepared to take a pledge for the world at large. It starts with an individual. It starts with you and me.” I smiled at this eloquent speech coming from a teenager and it made me think.

Why pledges are broken and resolves weakened with the passage of time? I feel it’s because we are trying to work on the surface of the issue.
We can clean up the chaos within and without by being mindful.

The simple activity of organizing the desk just before I sit to work helps me clean up my thoughts, my priorities for the day is set and I don’t have to grapple with unimportant and urgent tasks. I take stock of my surroundings and care for the same.

When you pause each day and observe you will notice something needs to be straightened up, maybe the plants need your attention or your desk needs to be organized, may be your neighborhood park needs cleaning and when you are watchful and willing you will see the weeds of unwanted stress fall out.

Be a part of this powerful mission 7 Billion Dreams. 1 Planet. Consume with Care. Take stock of your world first and remember to follow the inside-out approach.

Share your idea of a perfect world environment and your individual pledge to change your environment for the better.

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Because I Cherished Peace I Chose To Live As A Warrior!

Fred, my friend and a war veteran says, “I chose to fight because I cherished peace for my countrymen.”

My heart goes out to the pain and sacrifices these brave men and women endure. They value life and yet are prepared to die in the service of the country. To protect fellow countrymen they yield their independence.

Fred shares that he loves America so much but spent most of his life in foreign lands far from her shores.

Fred shared about his unlikely encounter with a young and beautiful Asian girl with a bright smile in Vietnam. He was posted there for a long time and had a weathered face, sunken eyes and tough exterior. Their friendship started out slow. From greetings to small talks to sharing lunch together. Fred loved to share his war stories with her and she shared her daily concerns, love and relationship challenges “There was an instant connection between us,” recalls Fred, “She was a bolt from the blue.” Fred helped her navigate through her emotional turmoil.

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When it was time for Fred to relocate with his troop he parted from her with a heavy heart. On the last day he placed in her hands a wind chime he had crafted for her from sea shells as a token of thanks and said, “I don’t have much but I wanted you to know that you have done what many others would not simply by being my friend.” The girl had tears in her eyes when she said her final goodbye.

She wanted him to stay as much as he wanted to take her with him but that’s what a heart of a soldier is trained for, he chooses a higher love over himself.

They live a secluded life detached from their loved ones. The price of freedom is high and these valorous men are ready for it.

Many of us are sleepwalking through life and when occasionally we do open our eyes we despise what we see around us. We sit back and complain about a nation which is at unrest and constantly at war with enemies within and without. How many times have you noticed yourself using should and should nots for the policies of the government and people in general?

Being mindful is the first step towards an integrated and peaceful nation. Memorial Day is to honor and sing the glory of those dauntless heroes who fought to preserve dignity, independence and peace of America.

“It’s easy to get lost in oneself, Bob but we must remember that we are the drops of the ocean and our reality is the ocean.” I couldn’t agree more with him as I had seen the short-lived, falsifying happiness that emerges from the distorted ego identity.

“How can I contribute in building peace in the world, in the country, in the community, in my family and within me is what we need to ponder upon,” said Fred looking in my eyes and I felt a wave of appreciation surge within me. I honor the spirit of patriotism and selflessness in the soldiers. Happy Memorial Day!

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