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Let’s Give Recognition To Our Positive Male Role Models!

International Men’s Day is on November 19. Men and woman are seen as equals to each other, with this day we celebrate the gender equality and pave the way for outreaching male role models in our communities. Just as we search for strong female leaders, we also strive to find the male counterpart. Someone to teach the younger generations how to be a great man in this world and take part in creating good values for generations to come. On International Men’s Day, I suggest sending a reminder to a good man in your life showing gratitude for things they do and portray. The day is here to highlight positive male role models, and be the best man you can be!

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Maybe you have a really great friend of whom you want to express gratitude for. I know I have a couple. Adrian, my roommate proves to me everyday the greatness of men. With his every supportive attitude and fine tuned mannerisms, he’s become a real great guy to have around. When you surround yourself with great people it propels you to achieve greatness and keeps the motion flowing. It’s important to nurture those friendships and spend time with the people who help make you great.

On that note of great friendships, Cake Day is on November 26 and a great opportunity to have a baking party with friends! Find a new and intriguing recipe to try like: a holiday inspired citrus cranberry layer cake or a elevated carrot cake. The cake possibilities are endless!

Celebrate all the great men in your lives by baking a spectacular cake! Or just send an inspiring and uplifting card. Either way, your appreciation this week!

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Shower People With Kindness And Flowers!

Need to find the perfect bouquet of autumn flowers to really make your kitchen table shine this November? My neighbor Ms. Bradley knows a thing or two about flowers. She has the best the garden I’ve ever seen. She suggested bright orange dahlias, not only for my table but to also give to anyone with a birthday this month!

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I find that Dahlias are one of the most gorgeous flowers that bloom in the fall. Orange is the perfect color for this season, however they grow in an array of colors to match any color scheme you are going with this season. Find a fresh bouquet at your nearest flower shop and get into the seasonal spirit.

With all the lively cheer we see spreading in the spirit of the holiday season, it’s the perfect time to show an act of kindness on November 13 for World Kindness Day. There are so many acts you can entertain that you wouldn’t consider out of your way or daily routine. Some suggestions would be to, give up your seat on the subway or help a neighbor with her heavy groceries. No matter how little or how big the act, it means something to someone and is greatly appreciated. World Kindness Day is also a day to remind us to be kind every day; kindness and positivity go much farther than angst and negativity. Happy smiles can be spread for miles.

Wrap up a beautiful arrangement of unique dahlias to give away in kindness to a dear friend! There is plenty of opportunity to give thanks this month.

November 10, 2014   2 Comments

Appreciate All Soldiers This Veterans Day!

Did you know it was the year 1919, shortly after World War 1 ended, that Woodrow Wilson declared the first Veterans Day, which was originally referred to as Armistice Day. Wilson created the day to reflect with pride on those soldiers who had fallen in the war. However, it wasn’t until 1938 that the day became a national holiday. Even then, it wasn’t until 1954 that Armistice Day was replaced by Veterans Day to honor not only those who had fallen during World War 1, but to celebrate all veterans.

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Every year on Veterans Day, I hang out with my dear friend Fred. Since his favorite thing to do is create and read poetry, I take this time to head over to his favorite live poetry sets. While he expresses a world unknown, I like to imagine what it must have been like. Fred has always been up for changing history to make things better for everyone.

This Veterans Day I prepare to make things better for at least one veteran, whether it is an act of giving or just keeping Fred company. I truly have come to appreciate the freedoms we have and admire men and women who have fought for those freedoms to ring true.

Visiting a lost Veteran? Chrysanthemums are beautiful flowers that come in a variety of colors, helping to honor those who have fallen.

Celebrate Veterans Day this week and keep giving thanks all month long!

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Celebrate National Cat Day, Chocolate Day And Halloween!

There is something to be said for how much we love cats. Not only do we love our cats; we love chocolate and of course we love Halloween. All of these fantastic events occur this week, so let’s find a great way to celebrate the days!

To start this delicious week off we have Chocolate Day on October 28, perfect timing for Halloween. Pick up your favorite bag of Halloween candy before they leave the shelves, and share it with your friends. All your favorite candy is offered in bite size selections, perfect to last long after Halloween has past.

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Cats and chocolate don’t necessarily go hand in hand, unless your cats name is Coco. So although these holidays are close together, we will be celebrating them separately. But man, do we really do love those furry little balls of fluff. Cats, I mean. We love our furry cats. If we have cats of our own, we spend our days taking videos and pictures of our cats. If we don’t have cats, we spend our days watching cat videos on the Internet. National Cat Day on October 29 gives you all the reason in the world to lose yourself in those addicting cat videos. While you’re at it, send all your friends a furry cat card to commemorate your love for your feline friends!

Probably the most popular costume in Halloween history is a black cat. I have lost count on the number of cats I see at every costume party I attend. Though most of the world believes black cats bring good luck, European and North American countries believe in the opposite that black cats bring evil and are associated with witchcraft. Halloween comes but once a year and so do all the seasonal attractions that come along with it. This is the season for candy apples, roasted pumpkin seeds and sweet corn, so celebrate until you’re satisfied.

Indulge in some dark chocolate or make a funny cat video, but either way make sure you have a Happy Halloween!

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Friendship, Family And Flowers!

Friends are always there for you, in happiness, in sadness and in everyday situations. I know if I am having a terrible day, I can call any one of my truly amazing friends and talk through it. Megan is my voice of reason; she is first person I always call when I need advice on a tough situation. She is also the first person I call when I have exciting news to share. The other day, I called to let her know life was going great and give her the appreciation she deserves for being a loyal and fantastic friend. I love all my friends and I try to remind them how important they are each and every day.

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My friends are just as important as my family. Friends are the family I chose, and family is equally there for you when you need them. Although my parents live far away, my sister and her awesome niece are close to me. So close, we try to meet once a week or so to hang out and connect. Family is very important and never something to be taken for granted. If I am having a busier than usual week at work, I try to send my mom a short note to remind her I am always thinking of her. I’ll send a card with her favorite pink lilies on the front, and warm wishes on the inside.

I like to send a card with flowers on it, because sometimes certain flowers are not in season and very hard to find. This way I can send favorites all year around. In the fall, and even winter, surprisingly have some of the best flowers that bloom. Mrs. Bradley introduces me to new species every year. I walked into her backyard recently and saw the warm orange, yellow and red flowers that flooding her garden.

With the fall season already here, we are starting to gear up for the holidays that follow. It’s the perfect time to get in touch with friends and family.

October 20, 2014   1 Comment

Love Thy Friendship!

Friendship and Love are not short things to come by. I have always found that if I choose someone to be important in my life, whether that be in friendship or more than that, then it is my virtue to nurture that relationship. It’s not just the big acts of the kindness that show your emotions, but the small every day things too.

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Since Mrs. Bradley is my neighbor and my friend I sometimes bring her mail in for her or help her by grabbing some groceries, when the weather has dropped to shivering temperatures. These little things really help her out and I know that if I ever needed her to watch Kong or water my plants, while I was away for business she would gladly. I cherish my relationships that I have with the people I surround myself with.

I haven’t always been able to be so very caring. Megan, my wonderful friend, has helped me to see the other side love and friendship. From my past relationships, I’ve learned that it is not just one person’s fault, that something happened, but rather that it takes two, to create a beautiful and lasting relationship full of love and happiness. The idea of a relationship is to work in harmony and be there for one another, in both good and bad times.

I’ve mentioned that this goes for everyday friendships and the ones that you hope will last forever. The best way to help something last, is to stay in touch. Our busy lives can get the better of us, however we can find a snippet of time to send a cute card or a quick email. A few minutes out of your entire day is all that is needed to help fill and nurture your continuing friendships and relationships.

Take that moment to send that cute card and watch your love and friendships keep growing.

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It’s Thanksgiving In Canada!

But first, there is a full moon on the horizon and it shows its exorbitant face on October 8! Look to the deep, vast night sky to see that big, bright face. Admire, take a moment and reflect on the great unknown. Every time there is a full moon, Steve tells me of the extra terrestrial activities that he swears happen around this time. Sometimes I think he spends too much time glued to that telescope of his, but to each his own. I‘ll stick to what I know, loving that giant pie in the sky.

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Pie! If you ever wanted a reason to eat pie before November, I just found your reason. Every second Monday in October, the Canadians celebrate their own version of Thanksgiving. This year it falls on October 13, which is sure to be a day filled with football and some sort of extravagant parades. I am frequently found at Rick’s house at this time of year. No, not for the fall season, well yes, perhaps, but it is also football season! The Canadians hold similar traditions for their thanksgiving and it most definitely includes football, which is a holiday I can love!

After all the fun is to be had and you’re back at work, tell your boss you appreciate the hard work they do. It’s Boss’s Day on October 16, and sometimes our boss’s aren’t thanked enough. I’ll be letting the hire-up’s over here know that I think they are fantastic and wonderful mentors as move on up through my career.

Check out that sweet moon, watch some football on Canada’s Thanksgiving and tell your boss he or she is the greatest!

October 7, 2014   1 Comment

Help Others Celebrate Their Traditional Holidays!

The culture that surrounds me in this grand city is intriguing. Many different people cohesively bring different beliefs, traditions and practices to one place, where we have the freedom to do and believe what we want. This week, there are few religious celebrations occurring that I find interesting and worth knowing about, as they are important to the people who take part in them.

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Durga Puja will begin on October 1. This is the annual Hindu festival in South Asia that celebrates the worship of the Hindu Goddess Durga. This date marks the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil buffalo demon Mahishasura. This celebration commences the victory of good versus evil.

Kim Kippur, more knowingly referred to, as Yom Kippur is the holiest day of the year for the Jewish people. It will fall on October 3 of this week. Yom Kippur translates to ‘Day of Atonement,’ and the themes that are present during this day are atonement and repentance. This Day also completes Rosh Hashanah with a 25-hour period of fasting and intense prayer. Most Jewish people spend the entire day inside their synagogue, worshipping.

Another interesting religious celebration taking place this week, also falls on October 3. Eid ul- Adha is the festival of sacrifice but is known by many different names, such as: Feast of Sacrifice, Major Festival, The Greater Eid, Kurban Bayram, Eid e Qurban. This is the second of two religious holidays celebrated by the Muslim religion and people. It honors the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his young first-born son Ishmael as an act of submission to God’s command before God intervened to provide Abraham with a lamb to sacrifice instead. Eid ul- Adha lasts four days, which are considered days of remembrance singled out in the hadith (traditions).

Regardless of what you believe in, or who you know. Take some time to respect the beliefs of others, wish them joy as they commemorate the holidays.

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Say Hello, It’s Autumn!

Have you felt the prickles from the vine of pumpkin? Ever gone bobbing for apples?

The leaves change colors, the weather begins to cool and your warm clothes make their way out of the closet. It’s the perfect time to figure out all your favorite things that happen in the fall. My favorite activity is to head to the nearest pumpkin patch with Megan, my longtime friend and see who can pick out the most exotic pumpkin to take home!

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Not only are pumpkins in abundance, its apple season! There are so many things you can make with apples; the possibilities are endless. Why not send a cute card with a lovely apple tree or a basket of apples? Remind your friends about the coming of the fall season, and apples are the cutest way to show it! An apple a day keeps the doctor away, or something like that. Cheers to living a happy, healthy life!

Apples, pumpkins, and colored leaves, all of these, once-a-year phenomenon’s, can attribute to a wealth of inspiration. Whether it be: writing a new story, creating a new project at work, or just finding something that makes you happy, use the changing season as an excuse to revamp with new goals! Regardless of the time of year, if I’m looking for a little something to inspire me, I head over to the nearest bookstore or coffee shop, where I know I can find Fred reading new poetry he has written.

Write a poem, send a letter, say hello! It’s autumn, the perfect season to inspire and be inspired.

Happy Autumn!

September 22, 2014   2 Comments

Chocolate Kisses To Ring In The Jewish New Year!

It used to be that Valentines Day was the only day I could find an excuse to indulge myself in delicious chocolate, but that has all changed. This week, we have created another reason to savor your favorite treat, this one not masked by another holiday. Chocolate Day is September 23 and we all should be indulging! My good friend Irina rarely has time for sweets, but every year on this day she can’t help but have some milk chocolate with macadamia nuts inside. We all have our favorites, share your secrets and introduce your friends to something you love.

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The very following day (September 24) is Kiss Day. I may not always be all about the romanticism, but I can definitely send some sweet chocolate kisses to endearing friends. I like to commemorate the day by spreading the word to let everyone know they should take a moment to send kisses to their loved ones. Send a nice note that will make your partner swoon with admiration.

Rosh Hashanah begins on September 24 and I have a feeling this year’s celebration will be a bit different then before. Kate is dating a new guy whose family is Jewish and has invited her to celebrate with them in their tradition. From what I know, there will be plenty of shouting, music and festivities. There is also the tradition of apples dipped in honey to signify and evoke a ‘sweet new year.’ This is a two-day event to be embraced all over the world.

I will be sending out cards to the people I know to be participating in the jubilee this week and I encourage all my friends to do the same! Whether you are celebrating the New Year yourself, with friends or know someone who is, celebrate the beautiful life you lead and cherish others.

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