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Because I Cherished Peace I Chose To Live As A Warrior!

Fred, my friend and a war veteran says, “I chose to fight because I cherished peace for my countrymen.”

My heart goes out to the pain and sacrifices these brave men and women endure. They value life and yet are prepared to die in the service of the country. To protect fellow countrymen they yield their independence.

Fred shares that he loves America so much but spent most of his life in foreign lands far from her shores.

Fred shared about his unlikely encounter with a young and beautiful Asian girl with a bright smile in Vietnam. He was posted there for a long time and had a weathered face, sunken eyes and tough exterior. Their friendship started out slow. From greetings to small talks to sharing lunch together. Fred loved to share his war stories with her and she shared her daily concerns, love and relationship challenges “There was an instant connection between us,” recalls Fred, “She was a bolt from the blue.” Fred helped her navigate through her emotional turmoil.

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When it was time for Fred to relocate with his troop he parted from her with a heavy heart. On the last day he placed in her hands a wind chime he had crafted for her from sea shells as a token of thanks and said, “I don’t have much but I wanted you to know that you have done what many others would not simply by being my friend.” The girl had tears in her eyes when she said her final goodbye.

She wanted him to stay as much as he wanted to take her with him but that’s what a heart of a soldier is trained for, he chooses a higher love over himself.

They live a secluded life detached from their loved ones. The price of freedom is high and these valorous men are ready for it.

Many of us are sleepwalking through life and when occasionally we do open our eyes we despise what we see around us. We sit back and complain about a nation which is at unrest and constantly at war with enemies within and without. How many times have you noticed yourself using should and should nots for the policies of the government and people in general?

Being mindful is the first step towards an integrated and peaceful nation. Memorial Day is to honor and sing the glory of those dauntless heroes who fought to preserve dignity, independence and peace of America.

“It’s easy to get lost in oneself, Bob but we must remember that we are the drops of the ocean and our reality is the ocean.” I couldn’t agree more with him as I had seen the short-lived, falsifying happiness that emerges from the distorted ego identity.

“How can I contribute in building peace in the world, in the country, in the community, in my family and within me is what we need to ponder upon,” said Fred looking in my eyes and I felt a wave of appreciation surge within me. I honor the spirit of patriotism and selflessness in the soldiers. Happy Memorial Day!

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Who You Want To Be? The Dean Asked On The Graduation Day!


Life doesn’t come with a rule book of what you can or cannot lay your hands upon. We decide our own boundaries and sit in a time-box created by our own beliefs. We bustle about without having a clear understanding of our goals. Fred, my friend has lately enrolled himself in a certification course on philanthropy which has been his dream. As a young lad he never got a chance to prioritize his desires. He is a retired Vietnamese war veteran in his sixties and now he realizes his dreams with enthusiasm.

Whenever I sit with him at the pub post work, my hopes to learn something new and challenge myself to stretch my self-created boundaries get renewed. The zeal to constantly recreate the spirit of Graduation Day excites me. Lately Aaliyah and I have enrolled for a Tap dancing workshop. We come out bubbling with high-energy after each class and laugh about the uncoordinated movements which resulted in stepping on each other’s foot. We are giving a good competition to the young lads out there who are fascinated to see us sway with the music holding each other.

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Having a good life isn’t so difficult. It all depends on our choices. The choices depend on one basic question that we must ask ourselves, who we want to be? Sometimes decision making becomes challenging because although we want to opt for ‘A’ but we get stuck in ‘B’ because of the secondary gains it has, because we fear change and even because we get trapped in our comfort zone. In that case we must ask ourselves, who we really are?

I remember few words of the commencement speech delivered by the dean of my university on my Graduation Day. He said, “When you leave here today and begin the next stage of your life, do not get lost in the world’s perception of you. Create your own story, be a perpetual learner and never give up on yourself, do not expect the world to be fair but and don’t let that rob you off your goodness.” He questioned us, “what are you all looking for in a job, explain in a word.” Most of the graduates answered, “Stability!” He asked if you had enough money in the bank and time was also not a constraint, what you would do. Silence fell upon the group and suddenly there was clarity as the secondary gain was taken away. I thought to myself, I would be a student of life and pen down my thoughts to share amazing insights about life and make it a huge celebration. Here I am following my heart and the rest has been taken care of. Everyday can either be a drag or a fiesta. So choose well. Learn new skills. Enjoy more.

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Graduation – May-Jun, 2015
It’s Graduation! It’s time for your friend/ son/ daughter/ bro/ sis/ loved one who has graduated to don the robe, put on the cap and look smart! Congratulate them and wish them good luck for a bright future ahead with our warm and wonderful Graduation ecards. Send them from these cool and cute wishes and make them feel special.

May Flowers – May, 2015
The May Flowers are lily of the valley and hawthorn. Celebrate these beautiful blooms of summer. Send warm floral ecards from our site to your friends/ family/ loved ones to make their days bloom with joy.

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3 Lessons Learnt From Motherhood


Motherhood is a promise, lifelong vow to nurture and stand by the side of your beautiful dream. Have you ever noticed the sheen in the eyes of a mother holding its newborn to her bosom?

I interviewed mothers of varied age-groups and walks of life, the successful and professional to the simple homemakers about their happiest moments in life and I discovered that 98% mothers reported their happiest moment to be when they held their baby for the first time. It also superseded the rating given to the moment they fell in love or became independent.

Most of them said, it was the moment of bliss and nothing else felt the same. When asked to lay three primary and significant changes in their lives that came about with motherhood, most of them said, firstly, it has made them a responsible individual, as children are mirrors and inevitably an image of their mothers.

Donna, a mother of two teenagers, Emily and Ethan, confessed that whenever she finds something is amiss in the behavior of her children she pauses to reflect and tweak her own attitude. The results have been more effective than nagging or reprimanding the children. The fact is you need not be perfect but you need to know how to make up for your follies. How to get up, dust yourself and get going is important for the children to learn from your life.

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Secondly, it teaches patience, a reservoir of calm is needed to bring up a child in this world. You have to put a lid on your flying temper and play the waiting game. Megan, a mother of two young daughters, shared how her patience level rose from being nonexistent to full blown. From battling to make them eat to waking up all night when they are unwell, saying no to grownups’ outings or giving up on full-time, high paying job and compromising on the “me-time” willingly are a part and parcel in qualifying for being a good mother. She shares jokingly, “Bob, when they were infants I waited for them to speak and now I wait for them to shut-up for a change.”

My girlfriend, Aaliyah was only sixteen when they she was diagnosed of renal failure. One of her kidney was not performing and had to be replaced urgently. Her parents managed to get her a donor and she was operated for the same. It’s been over 10 years and she is hale and hearty now. Lately, when her mother took to the bed, her medical papers reported she was living on one Kidney. It struck her and she found out after much deliberation that her donor was none other than her mom.

I realized that last but not the least, motherhood teaches you what unconditional love really is, what it feels to love someone to bits and surrender for that one brilliant smile on their face which reaches your heart.

The ultimate exchange between a mother and a child undoubtedly is honest and seamless love.

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Hug Holiday Week – May 3 – 9, 2015
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Cinco de Mayo – May 5, 2015
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Teacher Day – May 5, 2015
Our teachers are always very special. They make learning a wonderful experience for us. But it is not often that we thank these wonderful people who help in building that foundation on which our dreams and desires stand. On Teacher Day, reach out to all those splendid people with our ecards and tell them how important they are to you and to the society.

Nurses Day – May 6, 2015
It’s Nurses Day! So appreciate the dedication and effort of those who nurse us back to the pink of health. Send warm and cute cards from our site to your friend/ colleague/ loved one, who is a nurse and wish the caring angel a great day.

Nurses Week – May 6-12, 2015
It’s Nurses Week. Time for all of us to reach out to the angels whose healing touch help us to fight ailments. Make them feel special by sending them our wonderful ecards.

Mother’s Day – May10, 2015
It’s Mother’s Day 2015! Mom has the strongest and the quietest influence on us. She takes care of so many things yet she does so with a smile and lots of love. And though we feel it in our hearts, but sometimes leave our appreciation unsaid. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show her your love and make her feel special with our funny and thoughtful ecards.

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Default Labels Of Happiness Or Designing A Free Fountain Of Joy – Your Choice!

“How did the rose ever open its heart and give to this world all of its beauty? It felt the encouragement of light against its being; otherwise we all remain too frightened.” – Hafiz

Human Beings essentially have one fear that is predominant and stays in the psyche at all times. It is the cause of all his knee-jerk reactions. It is what keeps him from attaining his maximum potential. It is what keeps him from making lasting relationships. It is also responsible for breakups and breakdowns. It is the fear of unknown, which leads to yet another phobia of accepting the new, neophobia.

How often have we heard of the phrase, “known devil is better than the unknown devil…”? What if the stranger is not a devil but an angel?

So what works internally in our neurological maze…?

An interesting finding in human psychology is that we behave in accordance to our belief-system. We have some fixed neurological pathways that are formed by the stories we tell ourselves in any situation and by taking the route over and over again we reinforce this trail of belief-system.

The purpose of our brain is to protect but sometimes this conditioning is self-deprecating, borrowed and false. The pathways lead us to nowhere. We seem to get lost in our own set patterns.

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We meet people for a short while or run through an experience and labels fly out of our Pandora box. “She is too sugary, must be a trickster”, “he is too critical, must be jealous”, “a bigger paycheck means more happiness.” We get stuck in the default labels of happiness.

No wonder, no relationship is stable in this world. You think you have met the perfect one and you ticked all your preset checkboxes and after just a little while the dynamics change and your ‘list’ has a big, bold, red stamp of failure on it.

We could either just sit, buckle up and enjoy the roller coaster ride of life with all the “ouch” moments and the “aha” moments or we could just close our eyes and scream in the loops and turns, gasp for breath in the fear of the next turn, even when the track is even. The fear of “what-if-I-fall” keeps us from enjoying the ride.

Have you ever wondered how our default filters get triggered and we have no control on our thoughts and eventually our words?

So what can we do to let go of the beliefs that are not working for us? Well, if I had to put it in one word based on my life-experiences, I would say, “Awareness!” If you are aware and listening to your internal dialogues and observant of outward reactions to people and things you would know where you are coming from.

So just let go and transcend your fears with faith. Don’t jump to conclusions before it’s even begun. Give others another chance and yourself a break from assumptions. Design your free flowing fountain of joy. It’s Get Happy Week! So enjoy and create happiness.

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Get Happy Week, May 1-7, 2015
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May Day, May 1, 2015
It’s May Day! Dance around the maypole and let your heart be swayed by the beauty that’s all around. Send fun greetings to your friends and family.

Brothers & Sisters Day, May 2, 2015
It’s Brothers & Sisters Day! Celebrate the special bond that siblings share, the caring, the sharing, the love and the fights which make the relationship real fun. Send warm and cute ecards from our site to make your bro/ sis feel special.

Hug Holiday Week, May 3 – 9, 2015
It’s Hug Holiday Week! So pamper your loved ones by taking them in your arms and giving them a warm squeeze. Express your love to your friends, family and loved ones.

Mother’s Day, May 10, 2015
It’s Mother’s Day 2015! Mom has the strongest and the quietest influence on us. She takes care of so many things yet she does so with a smile and lots of love. And though we feel it in our hearts, but sometimes leave our appreciation unsaid. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show her your love and make her feel special with our funny and thoughtful ecards.

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Have You Ever Hugged A Tree?

“Believe me, you will find more lessons in the woods than in books. Trees and stones will teach you what you cannot learn from masters.” St. Bernard of Clairvaux

I was visiting Helsinki the capital city of Finland, last spring, and was mesmerized by the beauty of this watery geography. It’s on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, an arm of the Baltic Sea. As I was walking down the pathway in the Kaisaniemi garden one morning I noticed a group of people hugging trees. I was awed by the gesture and watched them do the ritual. They looked calm and peaceful as if it were some kind of therapy.

They then sat underneath the tree like a child sits in her mother’s lap. Looking at me gaping in awe one of the women in the group asked me to join in. I didn’t hesitate a bit and joined them in the peculiar regime. I thank myself for doing so as it has changed my way of looking at things.

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She guided me very gently and asked me to let go of preconceived ideas about reality in general and become one with the environment around me. Plants are our elders and have been here before us and will live on after we have gone, they have so much earth wisdom. We can tap into it if we allow ourselves. She asked me to find a tree that calls me. “How would I know?” I asked. She replied, “Just listen to your heart.” I was pulled towards a white birch tree which was very tall almost reaching the sky.

She asked me to take permission of the tree, even though it seemed weird in that moment I followed them. I had established a connection with the tree, an instant friendship was built. I picked up trash from around it, watered the roots and sang Finnish songs along with them. One of the men played the kantele, a wind instrument. It was blissful.

Love surged within me. We hugged the trees. It was a beautiful moment. The leader of the group guided us to relax and breathe with the tree. I felt my heart beating with the vibration of the tree. We exchanged energy and a vow to protect each other.

Unless we have a connection with nature we will never understand the importance of the Earth Day or the National Arbor Day. We may fear the alarming statistics of global warming or increasing cancer rates or rising sea level and be a part of the mission but real participation comes when we feel integrated with nature and our planet earth. When we plant a tree we reap love in our life.

Have you ever wondered about a place where you can roam in your own heart space? Have you ever stopped by and expressed your gratitude to the trees that stand true to their vow of sustaining life? Have you ever hugged a tree to soak in the higher energy it emits, releasing you from your worries? Have you connected with the innate wisdom of the age-old tree? Have you ever nurtured a sapling?

Communion with nature has a power to transform negative emotions, bring clarity of mind and reduce stress. Spend quiet moments with them. Take a walk in the woods and hug a tree.

Events To Celebrate This Week:


Administrative Professionals Day® – April 22, 2015
It’s Administrative Professionals Day®! It’s time to reach out and appreciate all the administrative professionals you know for their support.

Earth Day – April 22, 2015
It’s Earth Day! So celebrate the beauty and wonder of our planet.

April Showers Day – April 22, 2015
Hey, it’s April Showers Day! So enjoy the sunny skies of April and the sudden showers of rain that make way for the flowers to bloom. Shower good wishes on your friends and loved ones.

National Arbor Day – April 24, 2015
National Arbor Day is the time to plant and take care of trees. Hug a tree.

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Lighthearted Humor Gives Meaning To Life!

It’s the month of the year when we are reminded to laugh out loud and enjoy. It’s time to take life easy. Enjoy the amusing sound of a giggle or the rip- roaring sound of laughter.

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“There was a tiger chasing a man in a forest, he ran franticly merely escaping the paws of the furious animal, huffing and puffing he climbed on a tree and held on to a branch, the hungry tiger waited under the tree with his sharp teeth and an open mouth salivating for its prey. When suddenly a rat came by gnawing at the very branch he was hung upon.” Aaliyah narrated a story yesterday to a bunch of kids in our neighborhood. She was creating online thank you greetings in colorful floral patterns with the children who enjoy the magic of their art work come alive with animation.

She put her light pen down and continued in a dramatic tone of voice; rising and dropping pitch got everybody sitting on the edge of their chairs.
I was sitting on the couch writing my journal and couldn’t help myself from getting engrossed in the story, I noted the children were listening with wide eyes and dropped jaw and Aaliyah was enjoying the engagement.

“What happened to the man Aunt Aaliyah one of the children inquired with great curiosity?”
“What do you do when you get into trouble?” Aaliyah asked.

“Well! Aunt the other day when I broke Mumma’s iPhone while playing virtual tennis I just closed my eyes and pleaded God to make me invisible or blow me up into a giant so I could scare her instead. When I opened my eyes my mum was towering over me like the hulk.” The whole group broke into laughter and it was an amusing look on the child’s face.

Aaliyah then continued, “The man also prayed hard to get away from the situation, he asked God to save him and he would do anything in return, suddenly he heard a voice coming from the sky, “Do you promise you’d do anything if I saved you?”, the man was shaken and in a harried state said, yes I would do anything God, please save me!”

The voice came back asking him to let go of the branch. He was in utter confusion and disbelief cropped in his heart. The branch was weakening with the mouse still chewing on it. His strength was fading. He looked down at the tiger waiting to devour him. He looked up to the heavens and yelled, “You must be kidding me, is there anyone else up there?”

The children tittered again and then Aaliyah asked me to conclude the story as I was grinning from ear to ear by now. They turned towards me staring for something extraordinary.

I started, “the story represents our faith. Our trust weakens with situations. We hold on to the sinking ship never realizing that a loft afloat on the surface of the water is enough to carry us overboard. We never let go of the fears and let God take over completely. Our belief should be rock solid so nothing can sway us.”

Just then a child completed me with great excitement, “…and we must keep our promises of returning his favors!” We all chortled. I said, “Certainly! We must also remember to say our thanks to him.”

Have a great week and enjoy it thoroughly with your family, friends and neighborhood. April in Latin means “to open”, so open up to more fun this month, it is the humor month.

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In The Basket Of Love.

NYC is the destination of dreams but as the crowds and hustle bustle increase, the relationships become volatile. The concepts of speed-dating and online relationships are on the rise and most of the breakups happen by texting and changing the relationship status in a social media forum. The city has witnessed much heartbreak and you don’t have to dig in too deep to know the reason.

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“It’s embarrassing!” Adrian, my street-smart friend, screamed the other day, “I don’t want to look like a loser in front of her.” He didn’t want to share his job termination with his girlfriend. He faked happiness while he was smothering inside.

I believe all relations have to move from the space of fear to that of love, from judging to caring and from isolation to connection. The joy of life is my love Aaliyah. I am so grateful that I can stay sane on rough days because of the unconditional presence of love. We have come to this understanding after going through a challenging phase in our relationship. Initially when we dated we were constantly on each other’s nerve. But with time love superseded the differences.

We have an understanding now, she knows she can let her tear roll down and I am there to replace it with a smile. I can allow myself to voice my dingy secrets and nasty thoughts without worrying about losing love for an opinion.

We celebrate the spirit of Orthodox Easter which is to be an overcomer. Nature is unbiased and non-judgmental in its treatment; its love encompasses the entire planet. All fit in merrily in the basket of love.

As the spring has sprung, the trees bear flowers and fruits for all and the sun shines evenly, the birds sing uniformly without being judgmental, so shall love be free of conditions. Life in love is a string of celebrations and merriment.

Celebrate Orthodox Easter and the warmth of colorful spring season this week with all your folks and if you have a friend who’s far away send him the “Miss You” online greeting or share a gag to make someone roll in the aisles. It’s the Humor Month so enjoy your differences.

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Share The Fun & Laughter!

Isn’t it great to have a day when we can simply sit back and enjoy the game of wits, hold our stomachs and laugh with friends and peers? It’s perfect day to play hoaxes on friends.

If you are gullible then, surely, you are going to fall in the trap. The most popular historical fact around this day is when the New Year changed from being observed on April 1 to January 1. The people who still considered April 1 as the beginning of the year were entitled as April Fools.

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The most interesting story I came across was the “smell-o-vision” hoax purported by BBC wherein they announced the trial of a new technology allowing the transmission of odor over the airwaves to all viewers. Surprisingly, a few of them reported success and were christened as April Fools.

It’s time to spread the laughter and play witty pranks. It’s also a time to take in the jokes on you sportingly.

My creative team sneaked into the proof-reader’s den and changed the keys on his keyboard. Everyone has been laughing since morning at the messages coming from his console. He was embarrassed initially but took it in his stride and broadcasted a message to the entire office, “Hoppy Apral Feels’ Doy!”

With Easter and Passover also this week there are many reasons to enjoy and celebrate. Share the fun. For those of you who could not decode his message, Happy April Fools’ Day!

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Learn To Win-Win!

The answer to the riddle asked in the previous blog post is “Blame”, this is one thing which when given to someone it doesn’t belong to is cowardly and which when taken is noble. Blame can be a game but nobody wins.

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Easter time with the added magic of spring brings in a flood of memories of mom and her delightfully cooked food. The egg-hunt and friends, but it also brings back flashes of the life-lessons learnt the hard way in the growing years.

I remember as a young lad I was a people-pleaser. It started with pleasing my mamma. I would do anything to win her smile, sometimes even lie and exaggerate the school stories to make her laugh.

Life was tough for her and she endlessly toiled to the days end. I felt at the top of the world when I could make her smile. Though my pleasing stunt in childhood had a good intention and I won warm hugs and yummy treats from mum but I got stuck in the habit of pleasing people, giving them priority over myself.

Often, to save face I would indulge in a blame-game. If something went wrong, it’s got to be because of the ghost sitting on top of the cabinet.

I realized that I was opening myself to manipulation and abuse. I was always the first to apologize even if it wasn’t my fault; I feared rocking the boat in relationships. I was always skeptical about speaking my mind at work.

During my teens I faced my first rejection. I proposed a beautiful girl and she blatantly refused. I remember how devastated I was and felt worthless. In that moment my mom helped me realize that life is all about accepting yourself and respecting decisions. There is no such thing as rejection; it is only a matter of choice. Everyone is free to choose.

I worked upon my over-sensitivity towards people and their opinions and brought my need for approval into my awareness. I reprogrammed my mind to walk out of the worm’s existence and embrace the larger and brighter picture of my personality.

I truly believe that when we respect ourselves, we win more real and lasting friendships.

It doesn’t mean we don’t make efforts to make someone feel special or we stop giving in when the relationship demands but it means we don’t walk all over our own joy road to please someone. This also reduces the chance of indulging in the labyrinth of lies and blames.
Assertiveness empowers us to express without feeling guilty and without having the need to be aggressive, controlling, rigid or judgmental.

Be open to the needs of people without compromising yours. Drop to your knee to propose to your princess but don’t drop in the trench of self-pity if she rejects. Life is all about choices. Choose Win-Win.

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‘Spring Clean’ Your Soul

Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. (KJV) Psalm 51:10

Yesterday, I stopped by the garden and noticed a few children from my neighborhood playing there. The laughter and zest that surrounded them got to me and I walked up to join them and soak in the cheerfulness.

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They were engaged in a riddle competition. I was enjoying the questions thrown in at each other and the unpredictable answers followed by, “Duh! I knew that one.” One of riddles I heard got stuck with me for some reason, “what is something you will never see again?” I was musing over it when someone shouted out the answer, “Yesterday!,” “Ah! Is it this simple?” I asked and peals of laughter broke out in the group and one of the kids replied plainly, “Yeah, Uncle Bob it’s simple.”

It is indeed this simple to walk away from our yesterdays filled with regrets, guilt, anger and hurt. Just know that you have managed to move on and it will never come back again. As we organize our closets and ‘spring clean’ our homes in this spring season, it is important to cleanse our mind of the lingering negative emotions which we have carried from the painful yesterdays.

Donna and I are to attend a spring wedding and we are excited about it, this is indeed the best time to get married, the snow melts and flowers bloom, fragrant hyacinths and colorful blossoms scatter all around.

Last week, I was out for some shopping and she shared her memories of her wedding with me, hers was also a spring wedding, it didn’t last though but she remembers only the good times and is grateful for the precious gift it left to her, two beautiful children. She indeed has successfully cleaned her heart of all the hurt and has carried only the positive memories. She practiced forgiveness and carries no blame for herself or her former husband. She is a content and happy single parent. I feel so inspired by her and know that the biggest space should be allocated to the heart.

This springtime is the perfect opportunity to contemplate on the lessons and bright memories that you want to preserve from your yesterday while dumping the pessimisms. Let the spring arrive in your life.

Solve this riddle and get the message, smile and rejuvenate and let the spring equinox melt away the coldness giving way to love and warmth.

“To give me to someone I don’t belong to is cowardly, but to take me is noble. I can be a game, but nobody wins. What am I?”

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