Sixth Sense!

Ron’s uncle was deployed in Iraq, was wounded, and now recuperating at the Veteran’s Hospital. We went around for a visit and were taken aback by the scene. They were in pain, but brave enough to hide it. It’s not the physical pain that struck me, but the loneliness. That resulted in them being a grouch. Steve’s uncle was irritated and easily frustrated. He complained about anything and everything. I decided I shouldn’t judge him by what he says, but from where he was and why he is here. I made an effort to be nice and gave him flowers. It was his birthday.

Kong took a liking to him and would stay by him all the time making faces, placing his paws high on his chest and surprisingly he was the only one who escaped the soldier’s ire. I thought it was best to let him be with him and Kong readily agreed with a nod. Good for him! When we were making our way out, Steve’s uncle was breaking his façade of and petting the dog with all his heart and Kong was devouring the attention. They looked a happy family full of smiles. Strange are the ways of the world!

I still remember watching ‘Apocalypse Now’ and was taken aback by what war does to people. Steve’s uncle is a living example of that.

It makes me wonder, why we as civilized people who talk of goodness, discipline, care, so much and so on end up killing each other in the name of religion, material wealth and sometimes jus’ in spite.

Kong doesn’t do that. He doesn’t kill no one. Yes, he defends when attacked, but never offends.

Is it we who have the sixth sense, or is it he?


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