Four Ways To Deal With Daily Stress

Yesterday I left the office a bit early right after the meeting and decided to go for a walk. I took a left turn and saw Donna was taking a smoke. Recently she has been taking too many smoke breaks and knowing that she doesn’t keep too well, I felt she should not get into this habit at all. I went to her.

“Donna, this is your sixth smoke break! What’s the matter?” I asked. 

“You know recently I have been staying quite stressed. This just helps me to get out of it and deal with it. Like I know that this is bad and not something I should do, yet I can’t help but take a few drags,” She replied. 

“Donna addiction or a quick fix can never lead to peace. It can never help to deal with stress or any challenges. However, resorting to some daily healthy habits and incorporating them into your lifestyle can help,” I expressed. 

“Then help me! Tell me what they are!” She said. 

“Okay! So here they are! The four ways to combat daily stress!” I said and shared these four ways:

  • Know That You Can Do It – We often feel stressed in situations where we feel that we cannot do it or have too many things on our plate. For the former remind yourself of all the times when you thought you could not but overcame. And for the latter, prioritize your work and commitments so that they don’t overlap. This will help to stay in clarity.
  • Proper Diet and Exercise – Watch out for what you eat and burn calories. Regular exercise releases happy hormones. A healthy lifestyle with proper food, sleep, and exercise helps to keep a balance between our mind, body, and spirit. 
  • Take time Out To Do Things You Enjoy – It’s important to do things that you like. Being involved in such activities helps to release all the worries and boosts positivity. Be it dancing, singing, painting, learning something new, reading, or simply sketching – it’s a healthy way of channelizing our energies rightly. 
  • Meditate and Do Deep Breathing Exercises – Meditation helps to control the unruly thoughts that cloud our minds. The deep breathing exercises at regular intervals help to be mindful and release stress. It immediately makes us feel a lot better. 

“Well, they seem easy and helpful!” Replied Donna. 

“Incorporate them and see! They work wonders! And most importantly, for you – don’t get addicted to a quick fix that is injurious to your health! Stay away!” I said. 

“I will, Bob. I will follow your advice and cut down on smoking. Thank you so much!” She said and then I waved her bye and went for a walk. 

Never resort to quick fixes as they never give any long-term solution and can even make matters worse. Always choose healthy habits which will holistically contribute to overall well-being. 


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