Her 2 A.M. Friend, Always!

There are times when we want to align things and achieve all at once. Time seems to pass by quickly and a lot feels undone. The timeline breathes down our necks. Both personal and professional goals start overlapping and we don’t know how to go about it! That is exactly what Emily was going through.

I was in deep sleep when suddenly my phone rang. It was her! “Emi, what’s the matter? Is everything alright?” I asked.

“Not really! I’m sorry to call you this late but a few things have been bothering me and I’m unable to sleep,” she said.

“What happened? Tell me!” I asked.

“As you know that I have always been an ambitious person. I plan both my personal and professional life in a way that I can achieve my goals within the desired time. But, things are not happening the way I had wanted,” She expressed.

“Why so? What’s exactly going wrong?” I asked.

“I am unable to give time to prepare for cracking the college for higher studies and neither do I have the compensation that I was expecting from my current job,” She replied. 

“What else?” I asked further.

“I wanted to take music lessons and also travel more. Like by now should have had more stamps on my passport! But, even that has not happened!” She said.

“Okay, first you calm down! Now listen to me, having a solid book of plans is great! It keeps us focused and we are ready to execute them. However, everything is not meant to work according to plans. Life happens quite unexpectedly so we should let loose the control!” I said.

“What do you mean? Elaborate!” She said. 

“There will be both achievements and disappointments. Some goals will be ticked while some will take time. Some will change the course during the journey for something even better! Even though it’s upsetting, just embrace the situation and know everything that looks ugly right now will fall into place. Till then just give your best, prioritize, and be optimistic!” I said.

“Thank You so much, Uncle Bob! You are right! I’m feeling bad but, now I get it! I will embrace and be positive!” She replied. “Now that’s the spirit! And any problem, I am always here – your 2 a.m. friend! ” I said and then we hung up.  

Whenever you feel anxious regarding things not happening at the desired time, just calm down. Breathe in and out and tell yourself that all is working for the best and for the highest good. Everyone has their own journey, so trust the process and keep working. Everything will make sense in the end and you will be glad to see how things have turned out!

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