Enjoy, As That Will Keep You Motivated!

Last Tuesday I was writing the last line when I got a call from Adrian. “Bob, can we meet?” He asked. “Sure, let’s catch up at our favorite pizzeria?” I asked. “Okay, done!” 

When I reached, I saw that he was already there sitting with a cup of latte. “What happened? You look exhausted!” I expressed. “Well, I am. That’s why I had to talk to you!” He replied.

I sat and then we placed the order. “Now tell me, what is it?” I asked.

“Bob, as you know that May and I are planning to start a new venture. Doing research, brainstorming, making a list of things, and ideating all of this along with my job and daily chores is getting very tiresome. Like we want to do it but somehow feel swamped with so much work that we don’t realize when it gets late and we have no time or energy!” He expressed. 

“Okay, relax! Remember our college days when we had to stay awake all night to submit our projects? And, then we had our matches, classes, and assignments! Initially, it was a lot to handle. But, we did it!” I expressed.

“Oh yes! I remember. It was difficult but we both made it so easy. Like we worked as a team and had timelines. We had a proper schedule that helped us manage our time! It was fun!” He replied.

“See, that’s what you will have to incorporate now as well. Both, May and you have to divide the work based on your strengths and weaknesses. You will need a daily schedule with timelines and manage your time accordingly. This will make things easier and faster. You will finish things on time and have time and energy for other things,” I replied.

“Yes, you are right! May and I need this practical approach. Thank you so much, Bob. I will share this with May and from this week onward we both will start following this,” He said.

“Do it and see! I am sure you will find things working better for you in this way! Most importantly, enjoy every bit of it! That way you will look forward to everything related to your work!” I replied and then we had a good time with pizza and coffee.

When we are working on multiple projects, things tend to get overwhelming. It gets challenging to find the perfect balance. It is very important to have a pragmatic approach! Having a proper plan and schedule helps to make things easier and faster. It helps to manage time and gives better output. However, during the entire journey, it is important to enjoy what we are doing as that keeps us motivated! So, don’t forget to enjoy!


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