About Editor Bob

I’m the editor of the free weekly 123Greetings newsletter. I write about my misadventures with friends and colleagues, focusing on human relationships and emotions. As a subscriber to my newsletter, you’ll get a little slice of life from New York City every Thursday. I share my life, loves, wax philosophically, and I hope to inspire you to view your life in a more positive light. Click here to sign up for my weekly newsletter.

More About Me!

I was born and raised in Southern California. I love skateboarding and surfing. I love the sun! But ever since my big sister Liz moved to New York, I was curious about life on the East Coast. Then my childhood friend, Megan, moved, too. I came to visit them both and landed myself in a job that allows me to embrace my passion–writing. So I ended up staying here, meeting an assortment of characters, living the Bohemian dream, exploring human bonds, experiencing emotions and writing about them!

I think my biggest fear is finding the coffee pot empty. I love hanging out in all the cool spots in town, and following my friends everywhere. I love experiencing other cultures yet connecting on that very basic human level of love and friendship. That’s why I love hearing from all of you.

I have a niece, Rachel, who I learn a lot from. She makes me pause and think about the world around me. My parents still live in So Cal and they’ve been married forever. I look up to them a lot and try to be as good to the world as them.

What Are My Favorites?

Accessory: My skateboard.
Drink: Root Beer
Life Ambition: Win a Pulitzer.
Quote: “No man is useless while he has a friend.” — Robert Louis Stevenson

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