Let’s Order More Fries!

Last evening Megan, Adrian, and I were out for dinner after work. The three of us have one thing in common- our love for food. We are big-time foodies! So, when the three of us meet it’s not just good conversations but also a wide range of great food items. 

We ordered from the menu and started talking. “It’s been so long since we three have finally come out. I remember how we used to save up during college days to come for a good dinner in a fancy place,” said Adrian.

“Oh yes! Every two months we had to try out a new place!” I replied. 

“I miss those days! Glad we had each other’s back and grew up together!” Said, Megan. 

“I miss them too! But, we can’t get them back! Can we?” Asked Adrian. 

Adrian’s question had the flavor of both desire and helplessness. That’s the thing about life! The days which are gone never come back! The good memories creep in and how we wish we could have them back. 

“No, Adrian! As much as we want them, we can’t have them back. All we can do is time and again let those vivid memories play in our minds and leave a smile on our faces!” I replied.

“True, some things are meant to just be on the flashbacks! Untouchable now! Maybe that’s why they are so beautiful!” Said, Megan. 

“I agree! But at the end of the day, we should be grateful for everything we have today. We should cherish the present moment as much as we cherish the past. Because this too gets added to the book of memories!” I replied.

“True! That being said, can we get more fries? After all, some things never change and are still easy to get. Back then and even now! Our favorite – fries!” Said, Adrian.

All three of us laughed! “Yes! Let’s order more fries!” Said, Megan and I.

The rest of the night, we enjoyed good food, a great view, and each other’s company. The most striking thing about life is even though we may have the same routines, yet each day is unlike the other. So even though we miss our old days, we should not forget to live in the present moment. Cherish the old but focus and experience wherever you are right now! Life is beautiful always when we know how to live it! 

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