Thoughts For The Day!

Send Cute CardsScotland Yard chief, resigned today. News Corp, former executive is arrested. News of the World is shut down.

Whatever happened to ethical journalism and reporting?

Well, the problem doesn’t end and start here, does it? It’s prevalent in all businesses and vocations all over the world.

Have we become a materialistic world, where ethics don’t matter anymore?

In a GOP race at least two or three President-hopefuls have skeletons tumbling out of their closet. There is an apology to one and all and withdrawal from the race. It has become a ritual, almost!

I am jus’ thinking aloud here, whatever happened to the value system in our good ol’ America? Have the lines between good and bad blurred so badly?

Every celebrity, worth a name has been to the rehab or has a scandalous video to showcase. Kids want to grow up too fast. Every teen, who can open his or her mouth is singing in one reality competition or another. There is no time given for the kids to become adults. There is no debate on this one, though.

Have we become too tolerant to all these and more, I wonder! Breaking News in television doesn’t bother people much. Heated debates on TV don’t matter much. People express anger over a certain issue through Twitter or Facebook posts these days.

I think we are living in a world that is driven by materialistic needs. We spend a very good part of our day or all of our day in the pursuit of the same.

Maybe, it’s time now to take a few minutes out of our so-called busy schedule and introspect where we are and what we are doing?

Leave the clutter and pose questions to your heart. Answers are better heard when there is silence.

Take a moment – for yourself.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts For The Day!

  1. I think each and every parent and child should read this. It is a sad day to remember and half of america is worrying about what new gadgit they are going to buy while our young americans are being killed each and every day. I know I am proud of our military are you?

  2. There are many things happening around us in the last few weeks and months. They make us thinking over our values. Many things have to go back to education and the society, and awakening from the heart.

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