Amy Winehouse Dead At 27!

Send Sympathy & Condolences CardsShe was 27 years old and she is no more.


Once Again!

Haven’t we lost enough people to this drug menace? If you are reading my blogs regularly, you would note that we have been discussing celebrity lives and their emotional frailness. This incident has again shook the world, for this girl could’ve offered more to the world. She was Lady Gaga-like, but jus’ that with a bad addiction.

Life is not about knowing when to start, but actually it is all about having the judgmental capability to know when to stop.

She didn’t and her heart did.

I have one question and one suggestion:

Her mom has gone on record a year before saying that she has come to peace with the fact that her daughter will die in a year. She is pained, but she is unable to stop her.

Question: Why? Why not? Where was her support system? Friends, family, et al? Even the fans for that matter. Don’t the fans have a moral responsibility to look after their star? Why not some letters or a television show or a vigil outside her house for the benefit of the star?

Should the fans and media only stalk the celebrity? Can’t they give her something emotional to hold on to.

You know, she may have lived.

Suggestion: Stop before you start. Cocaine is not cool. Drugs are not. Not worth it. If you don’t find love, don’t get lonely.

Read a darn book. Listen to music. Sing. Dance. Meet people.

Love happens.

Don’t die. We don’t have too many good people in this world.


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