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Send Flowers CardsA Norwegian goes on a killing spree. He plants a bomb and then crosses to an island to mow down almost a 100 people.

That’s the land of Nobel Prize. What an irony?

He is a one-man army, who has an agenda according to the media reports. He has extremist views and wanted to start a war. The question being asked is… Why no one suspected it?

Is it possible to detect it?

Almost impossible and that’s the truth.

How can we stop it then?

Read the right thing. See the right thing. Socialize with the right people. Listen to the right music. Get influenced by peacemakers, not by violent anarchists.

Choosing a role model is important, but choosing the right one is even more so.

Obama says his role model is Mahatma Gandhi.

Every terrorist, who blows himself up invariably says, he was influenced by Osama.

I am a bit worried about the kids, their growing up years are punctuated by television and video games. All you get in them are either reality shows that border erotica or movies and soaps that are violent to the point of war.

The adverts in between these programs sell fatty burgers and carbonated sodas.

Video games give you the throttle or keypad to kill as many as you want. If you kill more, you are the winner.

Good luck to these kids… Really!

Anything in extreme, leads to destruction. Even a bad television program.

Good habits die hard too. How about sending a good morning card everyday in the morning to your loved ones or you can always text good morning or Facebook it, as they say now.

Stay connected with people, don’t go aloof. There are people, who care if you do!


One thought on “Stay In Touch!

  1. Amen! to that B., Never give up. Quite admirable a person. Love that you added that sweet farewell e-card. So funny. As they say if you want the job done right then- do it yurself. L. (isn’t it funny, too, that his last name is Jobs? He gave many just that…)

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