4 Ways To Make The Process Of Letting Go Easier

The process of letting go is not easy and takes time. Holding onto the past not only makes us relive the pain but also makes us feel stuck. While there should be no rush at this yet we must ensure that we are working at it and not staying in the past.

Yesterday Megan and I had gone out for lunch. She ordered her regular chicken salad and I ordered tacos. Once we started munching, Megan threw a very important question at me.

“Bob, how do we make the process of letting go easy? Do you have anything on mind about this?” She asked.

“The process of letting go is difficult and time taking. However, I have seen that there are four ways in which we can make the process easy,” I answered.

“What are they?” She asked.

I shared with her the following four ways:

  • Self-love and self-care- Be gentle with yourself. This is the time when you should remind yourself how wonderful you are! Self-love is the best love! Fill yourself up with self-love, self-care, and pampering. Go on trips, buy yourself something nice, do things that you love, and what brings a smile to your face. This is magical and the most important of all!
  • Know that it happened for the best- When things don’t work out and we fall apart with a person or experience an adverse situation, we must tell ourselves that it happened for a reason. There is something better waiting. It makes us hopeful and we start feeling better with time.
  • Stop thinking about it all the time- We have a habit of brooding in the past and replaying the old incidents especially when we are free. Our mind starts wandering. We need to divert our minds to the right thoughts. We must let the thoughts and negative emotions flow. Then mindfully we should try to think about things that matter or start doing things which we enjoy.
  • Release the emotions- It’s very important to release the pent-up emotions, hurt, and pain. It’s good to talk to someone about how you feel or you can even pen down your thoughts and emotions. Doing it regularly will help to channel our emotions and release them in a proper way.

“Wow! Honestly, these ways are making me feel good already. It’s time I start applying them and move on from the incident that is stopping me. Now letting go looks a little easier!” She replied.

“Yes, do it and see the results!” I replied and then we enjoyed our lunch and banter.

Apply the above-mentioned ways and make the process of letting go easy. Also, let me know what has worked for you so far!


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