The Secret To ‘Couple Goals’

Love conquers all as they say and there is not a single moment when you don’t feel grateful for having your loved one by your side. The month of Love and Romance it is! I am making it a point to make it special for Aaliyah each day. While I was decorating the hall with cushions and lights when I got a call.

It was Ethan. “Hey Ethan, how have you been?” I asked. “I am doing well, Uncle Bob. What about you?” He asked. “I am great! Now tell me, what is bothering you?” I asked.

He laughed. “You know me so well! Yes, I have something going on in my mind so thought of calling you! I have always seen you and Aaliyah as ‘couple goals’. I even share it with my girlfriend. I want to make my relationship beautiful as well. How are you both so perfect?” He asked. 

“It’s not that difficult. Let me share with you these four secrets that make a huge difference to keep our relationship happy”: 

Being selfless – Aaliyah and I always think about what is best for the other. An act of selflessness in love goes a long way. We put each other above our own interests. In a way, I take care of her interests and she takes of mine. It helps our love and fondness for each other grow.  

Transparency- Aaliyah and I are very transparent with each other and share everything. We also communicate and address our issues even when our emotions are running high. This helps to prevent misunderstandings and avoid fights.  

Understanding- Aaliyah and I try to look at things from the other person’s perspective. We try to be in each other’s shoes. It helps us to grow together and expand our vision as a couple. 

Believing in ‘Us’– Aaliyah and I believe in ‘us’. We believe in doing things together, whether it’s facing the challenges or sharing the joys. We work as a team and also believe in laughing a little louder every day. 

“Okay, now I know all the secrets behind your happy relationship. I am sure that applying them all will make me and my girlfriend fall under ‘couple goals’ too!” He expressed. 

“I am sure it will help and things will be a lot more easy and effortless,” I replied and then we hung up. 

The above-mentioned secrets make me and Aaliyah fall under ‘couple goals’! You can try them out and see! 

What is your secret to a happy relationship? Let me know!

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