What Is The Secret Of Striking A Balance?

Steve was at my place for breakfast. He loves English breakfast so Aaliyah and I made him the ‘fry-up’ that consisted of fried eggs, sausages, mushrooms, back bacon, tomatoes, fried bread, and white pudding. 

“What a sumptuous breakfast, Bob and Aaliyah! I am so full! Loved every bit of it,” He said. 

“Well, the credit goes to Bob. He did most of it,” replied Aaliyah.

“Bob, how do you manage to ace everything so perfectly? I mean be it at work or your personal life, how do you do it?” Asked Steve. 

“Well, the secret is prioritizing! That helps me keep a balance!” I replied.

“And, how exactly do you do that?” He asked. 

 “Well I follow these three simple steps,” I said and then explained to him the following:

  • Make a List- I make a ‘to-do’ list of work and see what all are urgent. I keep the important things on top priority. This gives me clarity and helps me to stay focused. The things that can be done later I simply keep them for some other time.  
  • Set A Timeframe- Once I chalk out the priority list I allot a duration of time to spend on each of them. This helps me to keep a track of time and progress accordingly. Being aware of the time frame helps me to alter my pace accordingly to finish it on time. 
  • Enjoy the Rest- Once I have an idea of how my day or week looks like, I can keep time for other things accordingly. That can be doing daily chores, socializing, planning out for the next party, arrangements, or making a sumptuous breakfast for a friend.

“Wow! This is helpful and honestly looks like things will be much easier,” replied Steve. 

“Yes, follow this and see! This will bring a change in your life. This way I could strike a balance!” I said. 

“I am following these!” He replied and we continued with our plan for the rest of the day. 

Prioritizing makes it easier to strike a balance by planning out. It keeps us more focused and goal-driven. This in turn makes both our professional and personal life better and happier. 

So, follow these simple three steps and let me know how it goes! 

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