Always Believe In Yourself!

Aaliyah and I were having a nice conversation after work over a cup of cold coffee. She has been selected for a panel discussion with some very important members and like every first-timer, she was nervous. 

“Bob, it’s my first time in a panel. I have never done this before. What if I mess it up?” She asked. 

“Aaliyah why is it that the first thought in your mind comes is that of not doing well? Why are you not thinking of the good things that you will say? So what if this is the first time? You have earned this recognition to be there!” I replied. 

“It’s too precious and I want to give my best!” She replied.

I knew where she was going wrong. She was succumbing to performance pressure. It comes when one lacks self-belief. And, that can lead to unpleasant thoughts and anxiety. I decided to cheer her up and boost her confidence. 

“You need to trust yourself, my love. Unless you believe in yourself, it won’t reflect in your talk or persona. You won’t be able to inspire others if you are shaken inside. And, it’s not happening because you don’t know your forte. It’s happening because you are worrying too much about you messing it up,” I said.

“You are right, Bob. If I don’t have belief in myself then how can I expect others to do the same? I should know that I have been selected for a reason and there is nothing to worry about it. I am capable! It will all be fine!” She replied and gave a smile.

“I am happy to see hear this,” I replied, and then we watched a nice movie along with Kong and had a great evening together. 

Getting worried before a big day is quite natural! But, remind yourself that you can do it! Believe in yourself! There is a reason why you were chosen and that’s because you can conquer it all. Self-belief is a stepping stone to success and overall happiness. So, always believe in yourself!


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