Back In The Office in New York City!

Folks, I’m back in New York! My flight back was not as eventful as the trip to So Cal. I’m glad I flew back in time to watch the finale of The Office. It’s one of my favorite shows! I love the fact that it keeps me laughing. Sometimes Donna and I talk about who’s which character in our office just for the fun of it.

I got all your wishes from Facebook and MySpace and told my mom a very Happy Mother’s Day. She was so excited she said, “This is like getting fan mail!” Now she knows what I feel like when I get stuff from you guys.

Seriously though, I am still overwhelmed by your support for this blog and on all the social networks (check out the right hand side panel if you still want to add me as a friend!) I’m going through your friend requests as soon as I can. I’m even thinking of starting a group like “123Greetings Readers” or something along those lines–whatcha think? Would you like to meet other readers across the world?

There’s a couple of updates happening at 123Greetings, especially in our newsletter section. I can’t wait to show you guys the beta version of our spankin’ new design! Steve’s been working on the bugs and all behind the scenes issues. This blog is not going to be updated on a scheduled basis so why not subscribe to the RSS feed. It’s quick and easy and it will notify whenever I write a new post. That way you’d know as soon as any post goes live from me! Have a great day, folks!


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