Back In The Office in New York City!

Folks, I’m back in New York! My flight back was not as eventful as the trip to So Cal. I’m glad I flew back in time to watch the finale of The Office. It’s one of my favorite shows! I love the fact that it keeps me laughing. Sometimes Donna and I talk about who’s which character in our office just for the fun of it.

I got all your wishes from Facebook and MySpace and told my mom a very Happy Mother’s Day. She was so excited she said, “This is like getting fan mail!” Now she knows what I feel like when I get stuff from you guys.

Seriously though, I am still overwhelmed by your support for this blog and on all the social networks (check out the right hand side panel if you still want to add me as a friend!) I’m going through your friend requests as soon as I can. I’m even thinking of starting a group like “123Greetings Readers” or something along those lines–whatcha think? Would you like to meet other readers across the world?

There’s a couple of updates happening at 123Greetings, especially in our newsletter section. I can’t wait to show you guys the beta version of our spankin’ new design! Steve’s been working on the bugs and all behind the scenes issues. This blog is not going to be updated on a scheduled basis so why not subscribe to the RSS feed. It’s quick and easy and it will notify whenever I write a new post. That way you’d know as soon as any post goes live from me! Have a great day, folks!


69 thoughts on “Back In The Office in New York City!

  1. Great job on your blog, Bob. You have a way of keeping us involved and enjoying the path you take us on. I appreciate your insight into the human frailities of life. I felt like I was right there in the car with you all. Keep up the great work and thanks!


  2. for some reason the link isn’t working properly …..

    and welcome back to New York….still you haven’t told us what happened with Rick and Kaitlen

  3. Hi, Bob

    I really like your greetings and blogs. I always try to read in time. Also my secret wish is to write. But you know what I m not perfect at English and even not American. So it is going to be
    difficult to learn english as a native and to have readers from other country like you. But still wishing in my inside. I will be really glad if you start a group from across the world, because it will open people’s eyes and give a huge knowledges about their social, culture life .

    Good luck,
    You cool!

  4. I.m russian and I,ve never been to U.S I play am.jazz and fusion music using bass guitar and saxophone.would like to be in touch with someone who is mad about such kind of music/Chick corea,George Duke and many more like this

  5. Hi Bob,
    First I want to say CONGRATULATIONS on your 11th Anniversary May 20th! My husband and I are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary that same day.
    I also want to Thank You for keeping your Greeting Cards FREE for all to use, this means so much to many of us.
    So keep up with the great work and Thank You again!
    Luv 🙂

  6. I wasn’t updated(poor me), that’s why i was wondering why i hadn’t receive your newsletter last week…Nice that you launched your blog…More power!

  7. Bob:
    Love your e cards. I have been sending them to friends and family over the past 10 years!! Keep them coming and thanks for making the holidays special.!

  8. Aww, sorry to hear about your exciting trip coming to such a halt but you made it to your parents house safe and sound in time for Mother’s Day and that’s all that matters. Glad that you had a great time and made it back home. I have to tell you that I love getting emails from you even if I don’t always visit 123greetings and yes, I read your entire blog from start to finish! LOL! Thanks for the great sites!!!

  9. Glad to hear that you are back in N.Y. and that you had a great time.
    Looking forward to the new newsletter.

  10. Hi, Bob:

    I’ve receiving your newsletter for about a year. It’s really interesting to see you’ve created so many special “days” and share them with people around the world. They always remind me to add some fun in my life, which could be a little bit dull sometimes. Thank you.

  11. Hello Bob! Well this a general comment on the 123 greetings. I find alot of interesting and attractive ecards belonging to different occasions but often when I want to search a specific topic i find little or which our belief will not allow, although they are good for people of other beliefs. Hope you will consider this in a positive sense. Regards,

  12. hey guy ,good job.I would say that i learn alot from you and i`m looking forward to visiting you in NY soon.I have to say that you took me by yourself all over the world.
    I really proud of you guy.

  13. hi bob……
    this is priyanka from india…..i had been in newsletter for a long time but didn’t read the bog entries ever ‘coz i never checked them……i never knew abt the whole th at the first time….but 2day i decided 2 check the whole thing out n i really found this interesting…..this would b my first ever scrap 2 u…..i don’t know abt u much….just heard abt the 11th annv of urs so cong n coming up 2 the mail send by u….. i liked the part where u have written abt the life of a army man…..i definately go with ur view points….

    i m looking 4ward 2 get more interesting mails from ur side….hope 2 get a reply soon….have a g8t weekend…….

  14. Hi Bob !
    I am a journalist from Sri Lanka.
    First of all I want to say CONGRATULATIONS on your 11th Anniversary on May 20th !
    I too celebrated my ….. birth day on May 11th.
    And i want say that I really like your News Letters and Greetings every week i received from you.
    So keep up with the NICE work & thank you dear Bob.
    God bless U !

  15. Hi Bob,

    I agree with Daphne. I am on the other side of the world from New York, but I love reading your newsletter. I never knew you guys had so many days to celebrate!! Thank you for creating special days and your idea of creating a group of 123greeting readers is fantastic. It will be nice to meet people from every where.

  16. Hi, Bob

    I like your greetings and to read different festivals days’ stories from you, such as Fri, 16 May 2008 there are three stories, 123Greetings is celebrating its 11th anniversary on May 20th, Armed Forces Day (May 17), and International Day of Families (May, 15). Great. Have a great anniversary this year. Thank you to enrich me about your culture and social life; I get a lot from you, sweet to hear from you.


  17. thanks for all the lovely ecards which have bring many smiles to all my friends.take care and God bless you and family

  18. Dear Bob,

    Really like those writings and many interesting special “days”
    especially I like the “Rubber Band Day” very much…thanks !!!

  19. Well, of course, if you claim the right to remove what you consider to be “inappropriate”, this comment will be removed, but I personally think your stories all try to show how stupidly perfect you are. I resent every email I get from you. You are so self-centered, it makes me sick. I live in an underdeveloped country and reading your dumb stuff makes me see how different we are. I did live in the US for quite a while, but through the years, I see how people like you are so self-centered and think you are the center of the universe. I feel sorry for you.

  20. hi bob…!!!
    I rearly like your story…i’m sure
    but i need many time for read that cause my english so bad, but i love it

    g’ luck forever

  21. Hi Bob,
    Your newsletter always cheers me up and I love reading your breezy style. And thanks always for the free greeting cards. They are the best and my loved ones really love your cards.
    Best always,

  22. hy bob,…it ws great to find u wrote about some ordinary things, just like what all people always do. coz I always thought that ur superstar, or someday will be, all the things around u are pretty kind of celebrity and their life, than your super extra ordinary adventure,..or etc. please let me know how to add you to be my friendster’s friends, coz u didnt provide ur current email address, so all i can do now is waiting a great news from you.
    have a plan visits south east asia for this time…? dont forget to contact me,… I’ll be your best trip guide…specially in BALI, island of goddes.hahahahahha… nice to meet ya!

  23. Hi Bob,
    I think it’s a very good idea for you to go visit your mom on this mothers day and am grateful to whoever came up with the idea because it makes mothers special as they already are.
    Too bad here in Africa we don’t get to celebrate it that much.
    Anyway keep up the good work and keep the newsletters coming.

  24. Hi, Bob, I have been reading your newsletters for a year or so now. I am truly amazed by the number of special days mentioned in your newsletters : are they all true ?

    Is it also true that USA has 27 Public Holidays a year, the first on New Year’s Day, Jan. 1 and the 27th being Kwanza Begins on Dec. 26 : always thought that Dec. 26 is Boxing Day. Mine, do the workers and employees in the US ever work (?) !!

    By the way, how old are you and how old is your mum, if you don’t mind my asking ? The reason I asked is I was greatly touched that you took the trouble to go all the way to California from New York City for Mother’s Day. I am very happy to note that there are very filial sons out there in the USA too !! Incidentally, I am an Asian (Chinese to be exact) and I believe very strongly in loving and respecting parents and taking care of parents who sacrificed a lot for children. Speaking from experience I had sacrificed a lot and brought up my sons as Christians and given them the best education possible : they graduated as engineers in the UK. It is a great feeling when they remember me on Mother’s Day no matter where they are !! : ) : )

    Keep up the good work !! God bless you and your family (parents, sister and her family).

  25. Hi dear Bob
    your e-cards are miracles! i really wanna thank you.
    i always send them to my dearest but now i should say that your are most dearest friend of mine! thanks again

  26. Elaine,
    Boxing Day is actually observed by our northern neighbors in Canada. It’s also observed in UK, New Zealand and other Common Wealth nations–not in the US. We do have a lot of holidays but we also take our work with us on vacations. So I guess it balances out!

  27. Hi Bob!!!
    Yes, I know it is tomorow, but I’ll be out.
    I am a 60 years old Brazilian lawyer.
    I love the way you live your life. Thank you for being who you are.
    It is very nice to hear from you every now and them. YES, I’d love to meet other 123greetings readers across the world.
    God bless you.

  28. Love your blog and enjoy reading about your friends. Sounds like you had a great trip, but glad you’re back. Keep us posted on Rick and Kaitlin.

  29. Dear Bob,

    Want to thank Candy for drawing attention to “Rubber Band Day”. You were so right about being hit before by elastic, and it all being in your perspective. Just so you’ll know, Rick and Kaitlin are doing fine. Want very much for there to be peace in the world. ….friends forever

  30. Dear Bob,
    I always get so excited to hear what is going on. I love to read about the things you do!
    I think it would be great to start a “123greetings group” It will help us get to know each other and tell what we think about your story’s!

  31. Hi Bob..I’m Nurul from Malaysia. I love reading your newsletter and now the blog. It really inspire to write too. Keep on writing and a slice of New York would be great..

  32. hi,you are highly welcome back home now that you are back we expecting you take us to another by getting to know about ourself best regard 123gretting

  33. It’s May 20th>.. Happy Anniversary on your 11th year Sssssssssssss booom! Do appreciate all the free ecards. And oh boy, you sure can write about alot of things. More power to you Bob!

  34. Hi Bob
    Congratulation for anniversary.
    I’m receving a lot of letters but yours is what I realy love. Every ocasion I want to send greetings to my friends or family I find something realy appropriate. I’m from Romania and I suggest you put a flag on the map for every country you send email to. I think pretty soon the map will be full of flags.
    Thank you for your kind heart and for the gift to see in everything the good part.

  35. Hi Bob,
    Congratulation for anniversary. Iam receving your greetings site. its great. You are doing very important service.

  36. Hi Bob….Absolutely love yr newsletter. They always make me smile. I think yr mom must be awesommme!!! It was really touching to read about yr meeting her on mother’s day. and I love reading about yr friends – Megan, Rick and kaitin. 🙂 Good luck to you always!!!! I think this blog will become a blog of note or something…..
    God bless…..n keep writing,,,,

  37. Hi Bob!!
    Thanks!!! I am enjoy sending the cards from 123Greetings :-), learning about all kind of “special” days I never knew :-), and reading your stories/blogs. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I was in NY for an afternoon – not long enough – would Love to come back 🙂
    You ask “Who inspires you and why” Answer: Jesus Christ – not extremely famous in his day, had just a small group of friends – but his 32 years and what he did and Is are still making huge changes in peoples lives today. A spiritual relationship with him brings freedom and peace.

  38. Bob,
    Fabulous stuff!! Such a simple but enriching idea to reach out to the world with something so basic as holiday and otherday greetings that creates a connection between so many everywhere that they didn’t even realize was there or even possible. The idea that we are all in this together and our lives are so much more alike than not.
    Keep up the good work!

  39. Hi Bob,
    Congratulations for the 11th anniversary! I’ve been sending the e-cards to my dear ones since few years now, and to be frank, i never was disappointed as there’s a wide range to choose from. Thanks! Keep ’em coming. And i liked your newsletters, since i started reading ’em, foremost, love the way u describe each n everything so vividly, i do get to learn something at the end. P.s i appreciate ur efforts and 123greetings’ team, too. Keep up the good work!

    Best Wishes..
    God bless!

  40. Thank you Editor Mr.Bob

    Reading your letters, makes me my happy and more interesting. Go ahead….

  41. Dear Editor Bob,

    Thank you for your weekly emails and now this blog! You and your friends are a great read! I especially love how your stories go with each “special days” you represent in the weekly email…sometimes my life/ work/ family balance goes on overload and just about then I get your weekly email and can escape for a few……..
    Bless you and well wishes for the future!
    Ciao ~

  42. Tangi Ke Bob,
    By the way “Tangi Ke” means, Hi’, hellow etc. salutation wise. Thank you for your weekly email and blog. You and your team are doing a tremendous job. Without your ecards, I’d still be writing to friends and family members on their special day.Now everything is done within a few minutes. Your emails is a stress reliever for me especilly on a bad day.Reading them made me realise that their others out there with bigger issues than I have. My salute to you and your caring team.
    God bless………


  43. I have always wanted a compendium of novena prayers. Thank you for sharing all these prayers with us. It brings joy and happiness to everyone. I know, I do feel that way.¹

  44. I praise God for answering my prayers. God, you are so wonderful, majestic. Jesus Christ, I adore Your Sacred Heart.)

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