Krod Mandoon Premieres On Comedy Central!

Send Everyday EcardsOf late, Adrian has been a little stressed. Things have not been working out well in his department as he is scared that in these bad times, he might become a hapless victim. Now, “Bob” knows that laughter is the best medicine. So when I read a comedy show was being premiered on Comedy Central, ‘Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire’, I decided to pull Adrian in the hope of easing his worries. He enjoyed ‘Krod Mandoon’ thoroughly and at the end of it, he didn’t have the worry creases on his brows anymore! I think ‘Krod Mandoon’ worked for him. What do you think? Do comedy shows/ acts help in relieving stress? Has it helped you or your family? I’m sure your responses would help us all.


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  1. When I am worried, I would kneel down in front of God and share my burden with Him. I know He would always have a plan for me and I ask Him to guide my way, not necessarily be a way that suits me, but a way to fit into His plan. He has never disappoint me, although sometimes things work in a painful way. In the end I know it is the best way because He would open a new door for me, a door that leads to a better outcome. The only thing I could do is to do the best I could, in a sincere way and ask God to walk with me, in the path that He has chosen for me. The path may not be exactly what I have plan but it always turn out to be better.

  2. When I am worried, I would kneel down in front of God and share my burden with Him. I know He would always have a plan for me and I ask Him to guide my way, not necessarily be a way that suits me, but a way to fit into His plan. He has never disappoint me, although sometimes things work in a painful way. In the end I know it is the best way because He would open a new door for me, a door that leads to a better outcome. The only thing I could do is to do the best I could, in a sincere way and ask God to walk with me, in the path that He has chosen for me. The path may not be exactly what I have planned but it always turn out to be better.

  3. I always engage myself in something more routine but useful when I am stressed, for example, cleaning the house, filling in the things that I have not had time to do so far, etc. Sometimes I would pick up things that I need exactly at the moment to help myself, maybe a document that I have forgotten.

  4. My doctrine is to turn stress into opportunities to reorganise myself, perhaps by bringing in new changes into my workplace, or moving on to a new role or a new place.

  5. I agree with Anu. While I reorganize myself, I would take my mind off the problem for a while. When I come back to it, I may come up with a better solution.

  6. Relaxation exercises help me to relax. My friend plays Tai Chi. He says it helps him to concentrate and have a clear mind.

  7. There is a good relaxation exercise my friend has taught me. Sit down on a chair with your feet touching the floor. Drop your shoulders. Put the tongue against the palate gently. Close your eyes and relax for a few seconds. Then start to breathe in and imagine the air comes from the ground your feet are touching, bring it up to your legs, your thighs and then to your tummy. Let the tummy expand with the air. Count from 1 to 3 when the air reaches your leg, thigh and tummy, then breathe out while imagining the air goes out from the tummy, thighs and legs to the ground, count 4, 5, 6 when you do so. Repeat this exercise for 5 minutes while seated. Do the exercise whenever you are stressed. It only takes 5 minutes.

  8. When I am stressed, I would keep myself out from all unnecessary places or duties, and stay tuned to face what I need to do. Relax and then let the mind to return to its sharpest state. Watch what the leopards do before they leap. They would bend their legs to keep the body low and get all they muscles ready, and then up they go.

  9. Thank you guys for your comments! Sure feels nice when you guys leave a comment! Can you think of other comedy shows that brings about a smile on your face? I think we really need more of them now, what say?

  10. I always enjoy watching the series with Damon Wayans and Tisha Campbell.They make me laugh a lot and help me get rid of the stress .

  11. Please have Steve, “your geek friend”, check out the website. His sleep may be further improved. More importantly, Steve will acquire an understanding of the impact of sleep quality on our overall health and quality of life.

  12. Chamomile tea before bed doesn’t make you sleep, it relaxes you and LETS you sleep.

  13. When i cant sleep i talk to God.I say,Jesus i know you are here and
    you care for me,then i tell him everythig .He takes care of you and
    gives you the peace you need. Believe,it is real.

  14. Have read about a Yogic technique for falling asleep. While in bed, make sure that your exhalations are noticeably longer than your inhalations. They say no on can make it past 34 or so breaths done according to this technique without drifting into sleep.
    Works for me!

  15. When my mind is racing I get up and write it all down. It is then that my mind can release all that stuff because it is now down on paper so it does not have to remember it.

  16. Whenever you have problem to sleep, utter ‘OM’ inhale and exhale uttering ‘OM’ . Repeat it concentrating on inhaling and exhaling of your breath and in no time you will be fast asleep.
    I am seventy years of age has worked in degree college for 40 years teaching graduate classes and also mother of four children but never took any sleeping drug and sleep for 7 hours /day continuously.

  17. Try a sleep meditations, along with a short sun salutation and off with sleepy time tea. You’ll be snoring in no time.

  18. do not drink any coffy or tea at night before u go to sleep if u have drinking habits then go reading a novel or any newspaper atleast 15 minutes.
    wear minimum cloths in bedand a thin pelow

  19. When I’m stressed I listen to soothing worship songs or watch some funny commedies. Talking to a friend who is trustworthy and is good in just listening without giving opinions also helps to relieve some weight.

  20. For exercises, I suggest light yoga. When I tried this before bed, I found that I slept like a rock and I didn’t think that I had any sleep problems before that!

    Also, instead of sleep meds, there are homeopathic remedies that very affectively, yet subtly ‘rest’ your mind so that you can ‘get’ to sleep. Check out your local health food store.

  21. y case is different, most of the time i have too much sleep that i do not know what to do.
    Well it is said even stress or worries could lead to too much sleep which is away of running away from the reality but the few times i missed sleep, i keep myself busy with reading and within ashort time am in deep sleep.
    Next time share about having excess sleep too please.
    In relation to too much work , or sleeping late at night.

  22. One way of fighting of being insomiac is, try this first option, sit down or lay down then close your eyes, set aside your worries, works leave them to God first, pray to Him ans ask permission to relax ;), inhale and exhale several times.
    My second option would be, have an exercise, depends on how you take your exercise either walking, jogging etc..i am doing actually 30 mins to 1 hour of jogging. After doing exercises, have a SPA or take a shower and have a massage. My friend told be having a SPA before bedtime is a great way to relax and relieve of being insomiac..

  23. Bob tell your friend Steve that placing a Lavendar sachet beside his pillow at night, helps greatly, lavender is a great relaxer and helps with sleep disorders.
    Hope he only uses those candles to give off a nice aroma in the room before he gets into bed and goesto sleep, dangerous otehrwise. Tske care Steve.

  24. Dear Editor,
    To get rid of stress and peaceful sleep, one should take light and an early dinner, not working late on PC, and the most importantly should not go in discussion with mates/people around and read some Relgious Stuff/Comedy etc. Try and get good results…….S Naik.

  25. when it comes to stress, no one is an exception. For some, it may be less; for others, really trying. All that matters is the way we look at it. Just imagine it was a very close friend going through all that.. wouldn’t we think of every little thing that would help pull him/her out of the situation? jot down all those ideas… try applying that to yourself… it really, really works!

    all these situations in life are just God’s way of making us more perfect.. like exams at school after a whole year of study…
    apply whatever you have learnt and leave the rest to Him… things will just fall into place… with surprising twists and turns…
    God has his own magic ways of making things happen…

    I listen to soft, soothing music every night before going to sleep… it relaxes the mind and helps me plan my schedules… lovely dreams and a very peaceful sleep… morning I wake up fresh and full of energy, welcoming the beautiful day ahead!

  26. Yoga help me to relax, it concentrate on yourself and detach all elements of outside world, alot on breathing in and out . concentrate from your toes while you take deep breths in and hold for few seconds then out , then your foot, take deep breth in and out then your lower legs and your upper leg and going on centrating while you breeth in and then exhale. you do that till you reach your head. don’t foget to concentrate on your hands you do it after you concentrate your chest area. then the shaulders , neck, face and head. Do this when no body is around . inhaling fresh air in and exhaling out. This will bring you miracles while help you do 50 times better than your normal performance!

  27. Another way of rexing is listening to music, dancing or long walks. When I go walking I call my father and go . That help me to relax and put out all my worries rather than pondering.

  28. Hi Bob,
    Meditation would be good choice for relaxation. Don’t be serious about the word meditation, just sit quietly for ten minutes simply watching your mind.
    Have a nice day.

  29. Go shopping(mostly window shopping) alone and practice Yuga will help me get rid od stress or bad mood.

  30. (1)before lying in bed, sit on bed with folded legs, knees touching the bed, butucks resting on heels, close ur eys,close ur right nostril with right hand thumb, breath in deep thru ur left nostril, close left nostril,exhale thru right nostril, breath in deep thru right nostril, close right nostril & exhale thru left nostril. this is one cycle…repeat this cycle min 5 times…
    (2)lie down on bed straight, ur back touching the bed. close ur eyes. start imagining ur hair..forehead..eye brows..ears..nose..nostrils..upper lip..lower lip..chin..throat..shoulder(right or left) …one one part up to ur finger nails and back to shoulder)……chest..heart..stomach..kidney..lower part of ur stomach.. genitals..thighs..knees..legs..feet..ankle..fingers..toe………..and retreat in the same manner upwards……i am sure u can not complete one cycle even. …because u will be sleeping by then….total procedure requires less than 5 minutes…TRY

  31. Once you are on bed, stretch your limbs and make yourself comfortable. Then stretch your legs straight and turn the toes towards you as much as you can, and release after a couple of seconds. Repeat the exercise four or five times.

    Next, straighten your arms. Clench your fists, as tight as possible. Then let them loose. Repeat this exercise four or five times.

    Thirdly, bring your feet together, the souls touching each other; and then bring them as close as possible towards your crotch, and then straighten your legs. Repeat it four or five times.

    By this time you would have yawned twice or three times, and you would fall asleep. Try and then report.

  32. When I am stressed or have sleep problems I whisper my favourite songs and I am soon in Morpheus’ arms

  33. Let thy food be thy medicine. Did you know that taking 5 different coloured fruits and vegetables everyday will improve your health. There is a company that combines 19 fruits as a juice drink – MONAVIE.

  34. I recently started to use hypnosis tapes at night and they work really good! The soft, soothing voice of the narrator helps me to fall asleep so fast that I don’t even recall listening to the tapes. A good place to find some of these tapes is “The Hypnosis Network”.

  35. sometimes i will pray and some times i will go for a walk and do some more work or else i will read bible i will get my answer back.

  36. I have difficulty falling asleep myself; so for relaxation and relieving whatever stress I may be experiencing, I pray. Some nights, before I can finish my prayer, I have fallen asleep very peacefully. Try it!!!! It works!!!!

  37. when iam stressed ido lot of physical worklike gardening or cleaning the house that makes me tired and when igoto bed ilisten to music,ifall tosleep very easily.or iwill goto window shopping, or itry to help others where itry to forget myself.all this works out very well forme.try and see

  38. The best cure for insomnia is to drink at least 5 cups of water a day;water, not tea or juice. Most of us don’t drink as much water as we should, and though 8 glasses is recommended, a person who weighs close to 300 pounds probably needs to drink 10 glasses. Weight and activity level should be included in discerning the proper amount of water your body needs.

    As we get older our dehydration meter weakens, which is why so many elderly people end up in the hospital once the body’s functions are paralyed by the lack of water. Toddlers don’t have that problem becuase they are very aware of their hydration levels.
    At night the body secretes adrenaline and if there isn’t enough water in the body, then we can’t get back to sleep once we awaken. Water dilutes the adrenaline making it easier to fall back to sleep easily even after a 2am trip to the bathroom.

    During nightmares the adrenaline level increases ,so I keep a glass of water on my bedside table to help me get back to sleep.

    The aromatic candles and clearing the room of computer stuff no doubt helps, but I promise you that if Steve increases his water intake he’ll sleep like a baby.

  39. These techniques were taught to my son when he was 9 years old to help him relax and fall asleep. I have used them successfully. Lye flat with limbs gently extended and not touching your body. Start deep breathing, first filling your abdomen with air, then your chest. Hold this for a bit. When you SLOWLY exhale, envision that the stress is leaving your body ( starting with the top of your head). With each exhale, envision the stress is moving down your body and escaping out of each orifice and the ends of the finger tips and toes. By the time that you have run down your body, the breathing exercise will have helped you relax. The visualization keeps you focused while you are breathing. Another thing that I have tried, tensing a different muscle grouping and relaxing it with each breath. When really stressed use one technique and follow it with the other.

  40. Listening to favourite music, doing yoga, saying your prayers and meditating are some of the ways to relief stress.

  41. Before sleep wear loose comfortable nightwear,hav a lukewarm glass of milk,lie on ur bed with ur most loved and interesting topic magazine or novel. Read till ur eyes start drooping.Relax and think of all the loving things happened with u during the day.Slowly u will fall a sleep.But………..but before u really fall asleep do say a short prayer to thank god for the beautiful day u had.I hope this may help u.

  42. There is very simple breething exersize. Close right nostrail with right thumb . Take a slow long breth from the left nostrail.Hold your breth & close your left nostrail by pressing side of your nose with middle & ring fingers. Now breath out from right nostrail hold & take slow lon breth. Keep the cycle on for five minutes. Always end the cycle after breathing out from the left nostrail.
    At times you may sleep off within three to four minutes.
    Best of luck.

  43. How I relax my mind when there is sleep problem :

    Best way is listening to select an atmosphere with dim lights or no light at all and put on some soft silence music. In this regard, I would like to state that silence music of BRAHMA KUMARIS (can be obtained from any of the nearest Brahma Kumaris Centre having branches all over the world) is excellent in calming down the mind within few minutes and sure to put one into sleep totally relaxed.

  44. The biggest problem for many people to fall asleep is the fact that the brian is too busy with the impressions of the day, especially with business-, family- or personal problems. The thoughts spin around and around about this problems, sleep is impossible.

    To stop these unpleasant thoughts of the day just invent a phantasy story about something you like in your mind and think about it. Through this you replace the bad thoughts and you fall asleep quickly. Try it!

  45. When I don’t feel sleepy, I pick up a particularly favourite book of mine. I settle myself on the bed or on the chair and begin to read at a slow pace. Sinking each words in, instead of just skimming them. Also, I try to visualize the picture, imagine that I could hear the characters speakers and mostly I read the dialogues loudly. The books that I take will mostly be books that I have read a repeated no of times, so there is no danger of reading the book on and on. Pretty soon, you feel sleepy and you will be able to get a sound sleep.

  46. Here’s a fool-proof way to fall asleep at night – – when you don’t think you’ll ever fall asleep; I’ve been doing this for all of my life…First,
    I try to name the 50 states, and count them on my fingers; if that doesn’t work, I then try to name their capitals…and if that doesn’t work, or you need some diversity from states and capitals, I count 5 names that begin with A, then B, then C, and onward. I usually fall asleep by the time I get to K.

  47. when i have stress, i play to god for help to cope with it. and my belive to god help me to cope stress.

  48. when im on stress what i usually did is to do meditation. im not good on it how it is to be done exactly but it hepls me really a lot to relax my mind as well as to my whole body. i concentrate my mind allowing her to go where or examine her what makes her bothering and to stop to think of anything even just for awhile, or parst of my body especially the parts which i feel tired. do breathing exercizes , and prayers is also important.

  49. I used to have a very very hard to sleep a couple years ago, but at the present time I ‘ve had the habit of doing exercise like going joking after work every late evening. This activity has made me fresh and so exhausted. I bet when you hit the sack, you’ll be falling asleep in a sudden. Believe me I never ever use any sedatives of all kinds to force me sleep. Try doing exercise gradually in your everyday life, you ‘ll be addicted to it and have a good consequence for your health as well.

  50. If u r not getting sleep properly it means either u r sleeping too much or u r thinking too much.
    If u r sleeping too much, then reduce your sleep so that u can sleep in night times and if u r thinking more, then just make ur mind free from all the thoughts before sleeping,forget everything,leave everything to God, feel so heartily, then definitely u can sleep happily.
    80% it works successfully, if not then u work hard,either in ur job or any other work. Then with that tiredness u can get sleep very veeeeeeryy easily. Finally I told u ways where 100% u can sleep well.
    Have happy sleep nights! DON’T FORGET THAT God is there watching EVERYONE. He knows what to do to whom at last!

  51. Thank you , really insomnia is a bad condition , consedering any life problem as a simple than thinked of and praying GOD to disolve it will make sleep so easy , thank you again .

  52. before sleeping just think what you have to do tomorrow and your mind will automatically become relaxed plus join sahaj marg which is a meditation centre.

  53. ya they do say all sort of this and that about stress but what about the bit of: you are in control of what is in your mind. you will agree its sounds obvious but not when you are thinking about that job interview when its time to be sleeping or that guy you have a crash on or maybe the mess you made with that dinner you were to cook for her. mostly the chatterbox in your mind won’t shut till you affirmatively say/think: well i can,t undo what i did wrong nor i am not going to waste this precious sleeping moments for what i have no control over. am choosing to sleep and enjoy my journey to the dream land and when i wake up there is nothing i can,t handle. try this or some more positive self talk and teach ya self to live the moment.

  54. A sure-fire way to get top-quality sleep, even for insomniacs, is the following:

    1) Meditate for 15-30mins until calm
    2) Lie out flat on a yoga mat, with your arms at your side. Squeeze and release each muscle group, take as long as you need. Breath through your solar plexus.
    3) Continue to do this until relaxed. Then, whilst breathing, on every out breath, sink deeper, and deeper, into relaxation, sink into the mat.
    4) When deeply relaxed, mentally reinforce what you feel you need to (ie: “I am going to sleep very deeply tonight” or “I am going to be extremely relaxed whether I sleep or not tonight”)
    5) Drift off, or roll into bed.

    I would not use sleeping pills for long if it can be helped. If I ever used a pill (Ambien, Lunesta etc.) for 3nts or more I would always experience anxiety or mild depression during the day, which of course makes you take another pill that night to get to sleep! Break the cycle by getting some natural sleep.

    Good night and good luck!

  55. I am practicing “pranayama” i,e.,controlling of breathing(slow inhalation and slow exhalation) for half an hour everyday and also doing Dhyana(Meditation) for some time. This is what was told by our ancient saints which goes back to 5000 years and more which refers to “VEDAS and Vedantas” as per Hindu tradition. This is more effectiv e in reducing the tension..Pranayama and dhyana should be practiced through a good teacher only.

  56. Switching off the light and trying to fall asleep instead of staying up until I actually feel sleepy helps.

    Taking warm shower really helps. Drinking warm milk before bedtime also supposed to help although I never do that.

    Taking a nice evening walk after dinner (not strenuos workout) helps me sleep well.

    Sometimes when I wake up abruptly in the midnight, and can’t fall back to sleep, eating a small snack and going back to bed helps me fall asleep. I don’t know what’s the scientific reason behind that.

    Doing morning prep at night helps me a great deal to sleep without stress. As far as possible, I pack lunch, other snacks and stuff previous night after dinner. It saves me great amount of time in the mornings. Thinking about all the little things that need to be taken care of in the mornings can cause unnecessary stress and leads to sleep disturbances.

    Interesting fact: Experts say one of the most alluring sleep
    distractions is the 24-hour accessibility of the internet.

  57. I would recommend he reads an unputdownable book in bed of what ever subject intrests him the most. It could be a thriller, horror, adventure etc what ever he likes to read most. he will be so involved thereby shutting out stressful thoughts and as the mind relaxes as he enjoys the book he will fall asleep in no time. It works for me.

  58. I would recommend he reads an unputdownable book in bed of what ever subject intrests him the most. It could be a thriller, horror, adventure etc he will be so involved thereby shutting out stressful thoughts and as the mind relaxes as he enjoys the book he will fall asleep in no time. It works for me.

  59. No coffee or tea at night, regular sleeping hours, no computer in the bedroom (keep the computer in another room called “study’), and breathing exercise before bed.

  60. stress…:-) sleepless night..its all in your head…deep inside u kw u haven’t take care of yourslf for a while..that deep self understanding pass the signal to the conscious we feel it as stress….stress is not a bad thing…its a bad thing if u see it as bad thing….for me stress is a positive alert my body is giving me…to make me realize my body needs rest ad care….when ever i feel I’m stressed out…no matter what happens i switch of my laptop…no more paper works….go out for a walk….go ad chat with my close friends…..I’ll do what ever i like to make me feel little better…make me forget about my workload…or my problems….
    you can do this at different levels…..wait for your stress level to increase to the core…so that it reaches a level..where u cannot take it any more…then go for a long break….or giving small consideration to yourself and your body take a 5 min break or 10 mi break…or half a day break….that way you won’t stress yourself too much..and you’ll be able to enjoy your life without getting worked up..and at the same time working on time..
    ………when ever you’re stressed out….please remember…no matter what your doing…..or for what ever your stressed out…..”its not worth it..if u don’t enjoy it”……
    i kw in the practical world its not easy to enjoy what u r doing……well….but u can create a balance……..half time to do things to survive..and half time for yourself………….don’t forget its up to you….nobody else………be positive….then every thing will turn positive with u..:-)

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