Do Think Michelle Obama Is A Fashion Icon?

Send Everyday EcardsMrs. Michelle Obama is well on track to be one of the most famous and popular First Ladies of the United States of America. She’s creating waves in fashion and fitness and comes off with flying colors, whatever she touches. Irina, my fashionista friend, is a great Michelle Obama fan. She loves to keep an eye out for what she’s wearing and how she’s carrying herself. “She’s such a fashion icon, don’t you think Bob?” she always says. She went on to say how Michelle Obama stays fit and manages to carry off those wonderful dresses. I think Irina has got a point there, what say? Would you agree that Michelle Obama is a serious fashion icon? I’d like to know what you feel.


2 thoughts on “Do Think Michelle Obama Is A Fashion Icon?

  1. I think it is Michelle’s confidence that makes her stand out in any dress. There is no doubt that she has a sense in clothes and fitness but it is her personality that shines.

  2. B. Michelle Obama gives so much hope to all women across America. In whatever way she can bring this hope, whether through fashion, self-sufficiency, motherhood, is all good

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