The Realization Hits

Family is important! We know that! Yet, we tend to take them for granted! Striking the balance amidst work, socializing and day to day challenges gets difficult. However, is that a reason enough or just an excuse?

The COVID-19 crisis is making everyone retrospect and realize something or the other. Especially because many of us are now away from our near and dear ones.

I got a call from Ethan last night who is now in Canada. “Uncle, Bob! How are you all doing there?” he asked. “We are fine. I hope you are staying home. Eating healthy too!” I replied.

He assured me that he was doing his every bit to stay safe. “I miss Mom. I miss home. I miss everyone there. I so wish that I had spent more time with my own people whenever I had got a chance. I am craving for all that right now. I took all of it for granted. I regret it!” he expressed.  

Not Ethan alone. We have been guilty of doing that some time or the other. We have always chosen to go for a drink over a cozy family dinner, we have deferred a video call with parents over a jamming session with friends, we have canceled going to our hometown for a nearby trek with colleagues. Most of us have kept our parents waiting and not turned up at the last moment. We took our families for granted!

“Realization hits when tough situations crop up. They highlight our mistakes so that we can put a check. They show us where we belong. They keep us rooted and humble. Stop feeling bad now. Just don’t repeat this again,” I said.

“I won’t let it happen ever again. Now I understand the value of everything that I am blessed with. Can’t wait to come home and meet all of you!” he expressed. “Soon, we will meet!” I expressed. “Sending lots of love to you!” he said and then we hung up.

We have time for networking but have no time for our own people. How often we show our best mannerisms outside and misbehave at home. It’s such a hypocrisy that we practice and overlook!  

Let us learn to understand the difference between reason and excuse. Let us learn to appreciate our blessings! It is only when things go missing that we realize its true worth. Don’t let that happen. Value it when it is still there!


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