Reasons To Smile Everyday!

February, the Love Month skedaddles like lightning. The much-awaited excitement of Valentine’s Day is over but the calendar of is brimming with excitement, giving reasons to rejoice everyday.

Growing up I always heard that we should wake up with a smile on our face and greet the day with praise. That way the entire day is filled with blessings and positive coincidences. I follow the advice and trust me the day now greets me with joy. It is not that I do not feel down in the dumps at times but I choose not to stay there. It is all about finding your own reasons to go on living with rapture. It is all about getting in the state of euphoria and then as we know like attracts like, only goodness will come into our lives on the contrary if we stay gloomy and grumpy all the time, guess what the universe is planning to bring to us?

Send Ecard!

Send Smile Day Ecard!

Every night I write journal about what was the source of pure joy and happiness for me in the day and by now I have an inexhaustible list of reasons to stay in the state of bliss. Starting with watering my flowers pots in the backyard, to patting my dog, to indulging in hot chocolate on a winter evening to flying to my favorite holiday destination with the love of my life, everything is included in my reasons to smile. I sure have learned how to make delicious and sweet lemonade from all the sour lemons thrown at me. As we move into the Optimism Month send inspiring messages to your loved ones.

Cuddle Day is on 25th of February followed by Polar Bear Day on February 27. So bid a farewell to this special month of love and friendship by sending warm cuddles and bear hugs. Send out a warm winter greeting or share a treat of chocolates as the Chocolate Lover’s Month goes by. Don’t forget to Say Hi to Mom on March 5.

Send Ecard!

Send Cuddle Day Ecard!

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