Friendship Is Love With Wings And An Open Sky!

“Love is a friendship set to music.” ~ Joseph Campbell

Fred often says that these days relationships are as disposable as fast-food containers and friendship is like the ever changing weather of New York but here’s something I asked him to consider along with his latte and fries, “Each person you connect with is a mirror of your own personality or what is happening in your mind currently. Somewhere everything we judge is just a part of our own emotional charge.” It hit him strongly and made him reflect upon everyone he was complaining about.

International Friendship Week is around the corner, I am basking in the glory of the smiles and laughter that surround me. Friendship is an easy relationship, you can bond for a lifetime with just a genuine smile and an empathetic ear. Even though I make friends wherever I go, friends at the workplace, in the neighborhood, at the gym, in the church where I serve weekly, at the subway station, in the grocery store, at the pub and so on, I still feel my old time buddies are the ones who are truly an extended part of me. It was this friendship that transcended into love with Aaliyah. She was someone I felt most comfortable with, I could laugh out loud with her, lick the spilled mayonnaise from my lip while digging into the huge sandwich at the roadside joint while she laughed on me. It was this zero pretense ease that brought us close to each other. Love did encourage us to put our best foot forward, it changed both of us inside out but friendship kept the relationship thriving.

Friendship is an unreasonable relationship, it can happen anywhere, anytime and with anyone. It overcomes the beliefs, the barriers, and the conditions. I feel this relationship is truly a gift. My pet Kong tops the list of my best buddies. The moment I wake up to the time I sleep he is my constant and unconditional companion. It is “Love Your Pet Day” on 20th Feb and I plan to take him to his favorite spa where he loves to relax his overworked paws.

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Friends that we surround ourselves with are a perfect reflection of our own personality. Taking a stock of our friends and our emotional triggers lets us know where we are headed to. The secret to making lasting friendships is to drop all judgments at the moment they arise. Friends let you be, we can go totally insane in front of them. The need for perfection is the biggest impediment to cultivating good relationships. So, wear your take-it-easy attitude and enjoy the precious time with your friends. Send fun greetings or share your heartfelt love with those who make your life worth living.

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