Be Irresistible On This Valentine’s Day!

“Anyone can catch your eye,but it takes someone special to catch your heart.”

Emily’s room was a mess. Her jumpers, dresses, tees, accessories were all scattered all across the room and she stood there in a camel striped dusky shirt with her hair untidily held back with a clipper rummaging through the stuff feverishly. She looked confused and enraged. She refused to talk to her mom and my dear friend Donna was stressed. When I entered the room she looked at me and tears welled up in her eyes. I hugged her. She has always been very fond of me and often confides in me. I threw a pair of denim at her and said let’s go for some coffee. She was reluctant but she agreed. She pulled her trousers and picked up her phone and sat down beside me in the car. She was constantly phubbing and fishing for messages. Her finger jogged on the screen of her mobile furiously.

“Who’s he?” I asked. She turned to me and said, “I knew that is why you got me out of the house right?” I smiled and she understood. She said, “I met him when I was serving at the flower festival and we hit it off beautifully. We like the same things. He loves my smile and I admire his intelligence.” I asked, “So then what is it that which is stressing you out now.” She looked down and almost mumbled to herself, “He has asked me for a date and I want to be at my best but I am not special in any way. I am so ordinary how would he be attracted to me?”

Send Valentine's Day Ecard!

Send Valentine’s Day Ecard!

I broke into a hearty laughter and she fumed. I told her, “Emily we’ve all been there at some point in time. We are all willing to change ourselves into someone else to impress someone. I rather feel be yourself and you will become irresistible to the one you love.”

“I want to be irresistible, Uncle Bob, I want him to only think about me and none other. I want him to be with me forever and ever.” She is to meet him on the Super Sunday to watch the annual championship of NFL. I felt the passion and love in her voice. So, I decided to tell her what makes a woman truly attractive to a man.

  1. Be yourself, each one of us is unique and that is the beauty. Emulating someone will not create a lasting bond.
  2. Smile and be a good news to him. No one likes to have a grumpy and sulking friend around.
  3. Let him know that he is your hero. It boosts his spirits and he wants to be around you.
  4. Give genuine appreciation. Anyone can know when you are fake.
  5. Listen to his stories and dreams instead of talking about what you want and what your dreams are.
  6. Accept compliments from him gracefully. It shows that you are confident about yourself.
  7. Drop his name in conversations, it is music to his ears and makes him feel special.
  8. Ask for his opinion, you need not agree with him all the time but be gracious in responding. Men love confident women.
  9. Don’t rush him too much, it’s a complete put-off.
  10. Spend time with each other but when needed let him have his space and you also enjoy your ‘me time’. It makes the heart grow fonder.

Emily gave me a smile and looked relieved. She gave me a big hug and we headed back to where Donna was waiting for us.

Send Valentine's Day Ecard!

Send Valentine’s Day Ecard!

Enjoy Valentine’s Day and know that physical attraction is short-lived. Touch his/her soul and you have him/ her forever.

Cheers! See you in the comments!


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