The Best Ways To Greet A Scorpion!

This is the time of the year when the most sensual, passionate and determined personalities are born. Scorpio, the water sign, is the zodiac sign of all those born between October 23 to November 21. Pluto is the planet of the scorpions and it is known to be the power of transformation and regeneration. It is the most fierce sign of the 12 zodiacs.

Scorpio-borns love to experience and express emotions. They often experience intense emotions, love secrets and surprises. Most of the scorpions stay calm and cool unless they are pushed to the limit. It is then that they become revengeful or withdrawn. Scorpions have many friends but they do not trust all easily. Scorpions are also natural leaders and do not like to be micro-managed. They are loyal and loving pals. Be a no-nonsense person around them.

Send Scorpio Birthday Greetings

Do you know the wealthiest man proclaimed by Forbes from 1995-2009, the co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates is a Scorpio and so is the charming actor of Titanic and many other awards winning movies, Leonardo DiCaprio?

So if you have a scorpion as a kin or family then you can win their hearts by greeting them in their language of love and happiness. Don’t be too flowery around the Scorpio-born. They can see right through you and are good at reading between the lines. Be real and give them surprises. Express genuine emotions in the most intimate ways.

Scorpions are quick-witted and intelligent. They love to care for their families. Be open in expressing your gratitude for all the sacrifices and efforts made by them for you. Be fun with them but remember to never overdo.

Here are some perfect cards to send to a scorpion be it a season or a reason, love or birthday express yourself sincerely.

Send Birthday Greetings!

Send Love Greetings

Send Thanksgiving Greetings!



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