Stuffed Toys Of Our Childhood!

My creative spirit was unleashed on Sunday evening. With my friend’s wedding coming up, I was determined to gift them something personal and straight from the heart. Sauntering into the storage room, I was rummaging for a few art supplies when my eyes fell on a box labelled ‘Aaliyah’.

Curious to know what was inside, I left everything I found in one corner, and dived into the content of this mysterious box. I was flooded with nostalgia and reminiscence.

I found photographs of me as a little girl, of my house where I grew up, a few pieces of tiny garments, birthday cards and a bunch of other items. Waving my hands around this box of joy and love, I felt a fuzzy object right at the bottom. What could it be?

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To my amazement, I picked up a most precious memory from my childhood.

I was three years old, when my mom had left for a work trip for a few days. Not being able to see her had left me in a state of frenzy, and I couldn’t stop crying. My father’s heart was broken. Leaving me with my siblings, he left the house, only to return with a beautifully wrapped present and a bouquet of bright flowers.

My eyes shone as he walked up to me. I tore it up, and there lay the warmest, fuzziest looking teddy bear there ever was. With a red bow tied around its neck, it was wearing an adorable hat and tux. With it, came a bunch of other clothing that it could be changed into. One look, and my eyes dried up. I was so thankful for my father.

I named it Bozo. From then on, I carried it everywhere I went. I hugged it when my mom or dad were away, it protected me from the monsters I thought were under my bed and became a constant companion.

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As I grew up, I was mesmerized by other things, but it always lay on my bed. When I went away for college, it was left on my bed. Later, when all my things were packed up and Bozo must have got mixed with it.

I hadn’t thought about it in so long, and assumed it has been lost or thrown away. I couldn’t contain myself when I saw it and all the past memories came flooding back. After giving it a little wash, I placed it on my bed. It is a good feeling to have a piece of your childhood with you.

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Do you remember your stuffed toy when you were a child? Tell me in the comments!

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