The Symbols Of Easter

Send Easter EcardsWhat is it that comes to your mind when you think of Easter? Easter eggs and bunnies, isn’t it? It’s definitely one of the more popular symbols that have held their own in the modern times. But how many of us actually know what these symbols stand for? I was amazed how a few of my friends had no clue or had very little idea about the origins of these symbols. So I thought of sharing these facts with you.

Easter eggs and bunnies were part of folklore before the festival itself! Eggs always represented fertility and regeneration in the pre-Christian times. Rabbits were worshipped because they were associated with the pagan goddess of fertility. When these people adopted Christianity, these already popular symbols were incorporated into Christianity.

Since Easter is also about regeneration, these symbols fit in smugly. Easter egg hunts and bunnies have always been a favorite with children. I have wonderful memories of painting Easter eggs. I was never a good painter, you know. All I did was smear color on my hands. It was my sister Liz who did the real work. But I was never short of enthusiasm, though a little misdirected! You must be having wonderful memories about Easter too. Why don’t you share them with us?


6 thoughts on “The Symbols Of Easter

  1. This is interesting. It used to be Easter egg hunt everyday when I was small. My neighbours, my sisters and I used to hide something somewhere and we tried to find it among all sorts of things. Of course we broke things now and then in the search and got a big slap from our parents. It was fun day everyday. Now children have no time to play with their neighbours. They companions are the computers. It is so sad.

  2. Easter for me has always been more important than Christmas .I enjoyed the two weeks of holidays that we had.We used to spent our time playing with our neighbors and at night time we used to go to church. We used to fast during this time so we enjoyed much more the barbecue on Easter Sunday.We used to gather flowers from the fields and color our Easter eggs.And of course we had our traditional flaounes.

  3. Bob, thank you and your team for the nice Easter cards. They are really good. Wish that you have a happy Easter and a good holiday.

  4. Bob, well done. I don’t think a lot of people know what the Easter eggs and bunnies stand for. People simply make Easter a reason to sell chocolate!

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