Debt Deal Vote to Beat Default!

Send Everyday CardsIt has come to that. Default!

America was known thus: Land of dreams, where every pavement is decked with gold. Now, after recession, we are looking for ways to get out of a potential default scenario. Three wars and two more countries that look like possible candidates and a Wall Street, which broke the back of the nation with their shenanigans… We are possibly facing the toughest time since Declaration of Independence was signed.

Ironically, almost every second movie that opens these days is making millions and that is a good indicator. People flock to movies for solace when the going gets tough. And the best movies ever were made during trying times.

People visit the religious places more when in crisis too. Sunday Mass has good audience now. One needs to be positive in this scenario though it’s a tough ask.

How about doing three things:


Socializing for real (forget social media).

Abstaining from drug use and limiting alcohol.

How about jus’ dancing with the person or people close to your heart and letting your hair down. Won’t that give you a high? Why the pills and/ or binging on alcohol?

Who says that if you have illusions then you are happy?

Why do we need to buy something new with a credit card when we can’t afford and it’s not that important anyway?

Why do we need 140 characters to talk to our friends?

How about half an hour face-to-face meet in a coffee shop?

A nation is not made great by its leader contrary to popular opinion, but its people. A drop doesn’t make an ocean. Give peace a chance, not jus’ in our foreign policy, but also in our hearts.

Don’t you think it’s high time we found peace in ourselves?


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  1. B. We were away when Irene hit. But when we returned all was OK in our neighborhood- but, friends, family were in her path. Fortunately no one was hurt just their property. Yet people around us had rivers overflowing and houses, cars totally damaged. I know my friends and I are going to see how we can help them out. Tragedy can really bring people together. love to you, L.

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