Find Your Happy Place With The 10 Proven Ways!

In a study done in 2011, thinking about something positive that makes you smile can actually make you happy. While in another study done by Clark University in 2003, it is proven that just the act of smiling can activate positive memories.

No matter what comes first, I surely know that there is a strong connect between feeling elated and smiling. So friends, share a smile with yourself and others as emotions spread by contagion. So, when you stay low and grim, you’re affecting, knowingly or unknowingly, everyone around you.

I have a particular way to keep my dopamine levels up.

To find my happy place within I do the following, it is freeing and self-sufficient way to be cheerful all the time.

  1. Be in the natural environment as compared to the urban environment of malls, restaurants, game parlors and so on.
  2. Have a happy playlist on your phone. Listening to happy music elevates your mood.
  3. In a study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology, walkers who were told to take long strides with their arms swinging and heads held high reported feeling happier after a three-minute jaunt than a group that shuffled looking downwards while walking. So I walk briskly with my head held high and a bounce in my step. It does make a difference in the way I feel.
  4. Anticipation of something good coming up. I love to think about the upcoming basket ball match or an forthcoming travel. It boosts my happy hormone.
  5. Petting my furry friend Kong helps me feel the tingling and expanding sensation of joy. The wordless, warm moment we share fills my heart with joy to the brim.
  6. Volunteering in the senior care home and shelter for orphans helps me ease my stress and feel incredibly happy.
  7. Did you know that food also gravely affects our emotions? Fish oil helps in increasing serotonin in the brain, which controls emotions. This is considered as good mood food and must be included in your diet. For similar benefits include Omega 3 rich food like Flaxseed oil, chia seeds oil or extra virgin olive oil. Include healthy foods in your diet and keep yourself light and energetic to stay in high spirits. Avoid substance abuse or addictions for they will only provide short lived delight.
  8. Do something thoughtful for your folks and friends randomly. It is a surefire way to happiness.
  9. Find your tribe and work for a common vision. Celebrate achievements together. It will pull you out of the glum. Remember human beings are social creatures. We have a strong need to belong.
  10. Become aware of the inner bliss which is independent of everything outward. Sit with yourself. Create a relationship with yourself. Love and respect your own personality. Pamper yourself. Sit doing nothing and become aware of the internal respiration. The awesomeness of being present in the now.


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