The Real Meaning of Christmas

Send Christmas EcardsChristmas is not really about partying and stuff so I don’t want to put emphasis on having a party at my place. On the other hand, I really want my friends to get together again. Like Berka said, Thanksgiving was a blast and we really bonded. I want to feel that synergy again. Most of my friends I’ve spoken to also really wanted that, so I’m really undecided as to whether I should throw a party or not. What do you think I should do? Can you give me a couple of ideas?

When I started thinking about this I realized that everyone has their own ideas and traditions about Christmas. There are a lot of families who go to church and do the Christmas mass and contemplate on the meaning of Christmas and how it affects their lives. There are also a lot of folks who’ve made their own Christmas traditions and continued throughout generations. What is your Christmas tradition like? When do you open your Christmas presents? Is there a special dish that your mom makes? Is there a special Christmas dinner in your family? Or do you go out and play in the snow? I’d really like to hear from you and see how diverse all my readers are.

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  1. I will be singing with the choir in church on Christmas Eve. It is an uplifting experience. My husband and I, my sister and her husband and my nephew, and other family members each bring h’our doerves(sp?)and meet at my Aunt and Uncle’s . We munch, have a few drinks and enjoy each others company.

  2. Hi Bob….Christmas has always been Special, to My Family, and me….It will be Sad, this Christmas….I lost My Husband, The Love of my Life, a few Months ago….will be Sad, and Lonely, without Him….:-(

  3. The meaning of Christmas for me/us is Christ. Jesus was born, even if it was not really Dec. 25, and we honor that fact. We celebrate Him everyday, but it’s a huge birthday party all Dec. long!!! We have 6 kids under 18, so we do get into the gift-giving and food and lights, but we remember to include friends who are less fortunate.
    We are very blessed this Christmas!!!

  4. well christmas is about careing and being with the people you call friends and family my family we always open our doors to those who have no where else to go or has no family but thats us i don’t do much partying but i say follow your heart it never lies so good luck and most of all love laugh and live and then laugh some more…xx

  5. I’m from the Asian Culture, so X’mas does not mean anything to me except another holidays. But I do cherish the time shared with friends during X’mas time, not for party party but just for meetings frennz and sharing the life of each other.

  6. Christmas has always been big at our house. Even when we were little, and my parents didn’t have much, my two sisters and I always had a pile of presents under the tree. When I was in first grade, Santa left presents all over the living room! We always wake up early, see what Santa brought, brew the coffee, start the gooey rolls, and open presents while they bake. Lots of pictures taken, lots of wrapping paper, lots of laughs and surprises. Lots of love. Now my sisters and I are all grown with kids of our own, and we gather at my parents home and we share the morning with them, with piles of presents under the tree for them. My dad reads the Christmas story out of the bible to all of us over our gooey rolls, and we all take time to appreciate the gift we all give that really matters…our love.

  7. well chrismass for me is about have special dinner with all family memeber that you don’t often get.Thats how i enjoy Xmass.

    Marry Chrismass! BOB

  8. Hola Bob, Even though I am making my own traditions with my kids. But my fondest memories of Christmas was when I was young and all my relatives would get together at my grandmother’s house. Since we didn’t see each other all year long it was great seeing my cousins, aunts and uncles again. They would bring food and there would be music and dancing all night.

  9. christmas is the merriest time of the year. it bring joy and peace to all and the greetings which i recieved from friends around the world make me feel so happy.i love christmas. may peace and happiness be with you and family and may the new year bring new hope for peace around the world.

  10. Xmas is just about commerce these days… =(
    for me personally it’s a good opportunity to spend a few days with my family and be off school. great!
    my usual Xmas is with those secular traditions that I don’t appreciate that much.
    I think I’m an exception here, so sorry.
    and MERRY XMAS in advance.
    so I prefer Hanukkah better…

  11. Dear Bob, A friend reappears. Not bad just remember don’t bring up the feelings that may have led to the think time. Not unless she brings it up first.

    And as for a party. Don’t overwhelm the girl and remain too distant to connect with. That will send her scampering off too.

    To upfront about the fizzing feelings and she’ll run but too aloof and she wonder why she called.

  12. Christmas is a time for family. We do not have party. We usually go to the morning service on Christmas day then return home. We sit around the Christmas tree and the pile of presents, chat and enjoy the food. There is always a non-stop traffic to the kitchen. When we were small, we used to handmake our presents, might be a pencil case, etc. They were good. Some of my friends wanted to exchange their beautiful hundred dollar pencil case for mine! The Boxing Day is a big day. We wake up early, hold the presents close, take a good look at the beautiful wrapping paper and make guesses on what is inside. It is fun to unwrap them. There are always surprises.

  13. The focus is of course on Christ and the reason he came. No doubt its not the actual date of the birth of our Saviour but i believe God is gracious enough to let us have it a week before the New Year so we can spend the time with our loves one, appreciating one another and forgiving one another of our short comings as well as to chart a new chapter for the coming year. Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year folks!!!

  14. christmas is a season of celebrating JESUS CHIRST. GOD gave us his priceless GIFT & all we have 2 do is SHARE dis GIFT with pple dat are in NEED of this EXCLUSIVE TRESURE: JESUS. Let pple know d benfit of possessing this awesome PACKAGE FREELY becos he is our reson of celebration. REACH-OUT 2 frnds (including those on FACEBOOK), collegue,neighbours even ur extended familes; dat there is beta GAIN in accepting JESUS AS YOUR LORD & SAVIOR… Sharing JESUS is my CHRISTMAS.

  15. Christmas means coming of Jesus. As a child, this was the holiday that enjoyed the most. Lately consumerism has come in the way. What does Christmas mean if Jesus is not born in our hearts and all what we have is gift giving? Earlier someone’s email suggested that person was from the Asian Culture, so X’mas did not mean anything except another holiday. I too am from Asian Culture – but Christmas meant a lot to me – primary it meant the coming of the savior into my life!

  16. Hi Dear Bob
    Meanings for each letter of the word “Christmas” by ( Me) Linda!
    C : Christ- Celebration-Children-Caring-Christmas carol- Cheer- cookies,…

    H: Hope-Happiness-Holiday- Holy,…

    R: Red Ribbons- Rudolf the Red nose Reindeer! – Relatives waiting with open arms,…

    I: (I love you) on every Christmas card!- Innocence- Icy roads- Icing,…

    S: Sacrifice- Sharing-snow -snowflake -Special – sledge,Santa suits,…

    T: Tree-Toys- Twinkling colorful lights-Tradition,…

    M: Merry- Majestic – Mistletoe, Miracles,…

    A: A start shown over Bethlehem- Angels,…

    S : Santa Claus- Shopping-Stocking- Special – sledge – SIT BACK AND ENJOY THE SEASON!
    These are some of the special joys that come along with Christmas.
    So,… from me to you……..I truly wish you and yours a wonderful Holiday Season filled with happiness, love, and caring and the very best in the New Year! May the Joy of Christmas be yours all year round.

  17. In my country, Guadeloupe, in the old times, Christmas was very special.
    People used to go to mass at 12 p.m and when they came back, they ate black pudding, yams and peas with porl. For dessert, you had a tangerine. Drinks are shrub for grown up and groseille syrup for children. Today, you go to mass at 8 p.m. and people are most interested in festival and food. Jesus in not in the mind of most of the people. What a pity !
    Nowadays, things have changed.

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