Declare, ‘This Is It!’ On This Thanksgiving!

Seeking perfection inhibits achievements. When will you truly believe you have arrived and stop looking out?

My friend has been hopping jobs in search of the perfect one, another one has taken so many courses and reads day and night, attends workshops and seminars one after the other because she never feels prepared enough to take action on what she has learned. She has already collected so many degrees and certifications and is still jobless. When I meet her I am reminded of the oblivious squirrel that hides the nuts for winter time reserve and then forgets all about it.

Donna has been dating different men over the past decade and is still single, because no one feels the “right one” to her.

The stalkers and the achievers have this one contrasting trait to the dreamers and visionaries and that is they do not wait too long to take action and decisions.

They are flexible to realign their goals with the situations. The successful lot isn’t afraid to take chances or face failures. For them everything is a feedback.

Seeking excellence is one thing, never finding anything satisfactory is another. Don’t make your passion so steep that you undermine your creativity. At some point you got to say to yourself, “this is it!”, “this is good enough!”

If you cannot say this, you will end up with incomplete relationships, projects and eventually life full of lacks. You do not want that, is it not?

Meeting Aaliyah and living with her was my “this-is-it” moment. We have our own ups and downs but we both know our love is enough to overcome the differences, no matter how critical they are.

Thanksgiving is around and I feel no matter how imperfect be our relationships. It is time to make good with all and be thankful for what we have rather than craving for what we have not or what we could have.

Happy & Contented Thanksgiving to All!

See in the comments which make my day bright and colorful. Thanks.

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