Falling In Love!

Love is love! The details of it isn’t relevant at all. How do you feel when you know you are loved? For me it’s always a feeling of peacefulness and joy. No nervousness, no anxiety and no angst remains in any corner of my heart, only trust that I am cared for and that I am safe in this world. There is enormous warmth in my heart even when it is winter outside.

Suddenly, the flowers blooming in the sidewalks catch my attention, the aroma envelopes me and I transcend into the space full of light and laughter. I look forward to all my days and nights. Life is so amazing when we fall in love, what falls in love is the ego and suddenly there is no separateness and you become one with your lover. Imagine if you accepted God as your lover you would be one with the entire cosmos and there will be no reason to fret anymore.

Love always starts from self to the other and then encompasses the entirety. So begin with yourself. Be your own favorite because if you care for yourself then it becomes difficult for the world not to.

My highly evolved friend Brigid etched the following words in her journal, it answers where we find the love that we so ardently seek. Enjoy reading!

Falling In Love

This love is all there is,
Impossible to explain
It can never be written
Even if in gold ink.
It’s the treasure that is in all of us,
It’s our only link
It’s the magical glue
That holds us altogether.
This love is what everyone seeks
A potion that is already inside
A drink of fulfillment
Cannot be drank from anything outside
Satisfying all
This love is already in place
This overwhelming love
That stirs all worlds
Amazing beauty, overflowing beauty
Fills all cracks and flaws that never exist
This love is available to all
There’s no shortage
Fall deeply in love
This love that is surprisingly, shockingly, laughably, Natural!
By Brigid Doyle

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