The Go-To Christmas and Holiday Season Map!

It was 3:00 a.m. in the morning, I had a strange dream – I was perspiring and restless when I opened my eyes. I was lost somewhere amidst a lot of chaos and I could hear sounds in my head. The sweetness of church bells and Christmas carols blending with the unsettling noise of a speeding train. I was enveloped with a list of to-dos and tasks and a calendar changing its face rapidly. I woke up with a start and wondered what this mayhem was all about.

I realized with increasing volumes of work we often get too busy to pro-actively prepare for the onrushing Holiday season and Christmas celebrations which dampen the spirit of joy and togetherness. I wanted to make it special and I understood the dream was trying to wake me up to the fact that time is running and I need to act upon my desires rather than just weaving the castles in the cloud.

So here I am mapping a perfect plan to make the most of my holidays and Christmastime and welcome the New Year with a lot of enthusiasm. I am sure it will be a go-to guide for you too. Please do add in your ideas in the comment section below to enhance the list. Let’s tidy up our preparations and shift gears into a full holiday mode.

The Go-To Guide For A Perfect Christmas And Holiday Season!

December 1st Week

This week, we’ll mail online Christmas invites, finalize our party theme, stack our gifts galore by engaging in gift-buying and gift –making. We will plan for our holiday bashes in this week keeping in mind our circle of friends, family and colleagues. It is a great time of coming together and enjoying the delights of the season.

December 2nd Week

It is time to deck the halls from both inside and out. Decorate the house for the holiday season. Stack the kitchen for holiday meals and work out more to stuff in the rich delights later. Stock up on ingredients for warm winter drinks and merry-making cocktails. Buy in the golden baubles, candy canes, tinsels, trinkets, bows, crepes, bells, lights and shining wrappers. Get the evergreen conifer and illuminate it to make a perfect Christmas tree. Plan the ultimate table-top decor to welcome Santa and our folks.

December 3rd Week

Send Christmas Greetings to make your folks and loved ones feel special. Send out a piece of your heart to your beloved, or pack in your affection for your kids in a card, convey your regards to your elders or have some fun by sending crazy and insanely funny greetings to your friends. Words outlive the seasons, they remain here for a long time so be generous with words in making them feel what you feel for them.

Christmas Week

Alas! It is time to rejoice now. While the holiday season means many things to many families, for all, it’s a season of joy and celebration. You are now all set to open your warm and cozy abode to your loving guests. Start preparing for a grandiose farewell of 2015.

Christmas comes but once each year! Make yours merry and bright. Get into the Christmas spirit and get your home ready for friends, family, and the most important holiday guest of all, Santa.

Celebrate an organized Christmas and Holiday Season!

What are you doing to set the tone for a blissful Christmas? Share with me in the comments below or if you have a story email me at we would be glad to share it with our users.

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