The One Wish!

Recently, the true spirit of Christmas was observed in action as Safyre, an 8 year old lone survivor in the family caught up in a house fire received love from thousands of strangers in the form of Christmas cards and gifts from across the globe. The tragic incineration left her severely burned, she has endured dozens of surgeries including the loss of her hand and foot but still wakes up with a smile. “She is the true definition of hope, faith and love,” says her aunt Liz Dolder who takes care of this little angel.

Safyre Terry has expressed one wish and that is to receive Christmas Cards. Wishes are like the parachutes which keep you afloat and help you glide your way through ensuring a safe landing. Heartfelt wishes are important and one must be generous and willing to take out sometime to let their folks know that they are in your thoughts as you offer your prayers and celebrate your special days. Your biddings give strength to people and hearts are warmed up to persist in any situation.

Many people have come together to send Safyre their wishes. We are now creating a special opportunity for all those who wish to send their wishes to her on this Christmas. Select a card from the options here and send it addressing Safyre in the receiver’s name and enter in the space created for receiver’s email and your cards will deck up her community page on facebook as her Christmas card holder is overflowing with paper cards from all over the globe.

It’s the little we can do to be part of her universal family. It feels amazing to be able to give. You become the alchemical element of the cosmos which says, “Your wish is my command.” You are on the other side of the law of attraction, you are the one who makes it possible, you are the living Santa and you deliver dreams.

So God created man in his own image”- (KJV) Genesis 1:27

We are grateful to little Safyre for enabling us to feel special and to open our hearts to love and compassion.

Here You Go!

Christmas Hugs!Send Christmas Hugs!Send Ecard

Merry Christmas! Send Christmas Greetings!Send Ecard

Merry Christmas! Send Christmas Greetings!Send Ecard

Merry Christmas! Send Christmas Greetings!Send Ecard

Spirit Of Christmas! Send Christmas Greetings!Send Ecard

Blessings On Christmas!Send Christmas Blessings!Send Ecard

Christmas Angel! Send Christmas Angel Greetings!Send Ecard

Christmas Tree Light Day! Send Christmas Tree Light Day Greetings!Send Ecard

Christmas Carol Day! Send Christmas Carol Greetings!Send Ecard


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