Love And All Its Intricacies!

Relationships are an integral part of our lives. We can’t picture our lives without it. We never imagined someone could bring so much love and joy. A relationship, however, brings with it few disagreements and light bumps along the way. We can’t expect it to be smooth sailing at all times.

Aaliyah and I had been clashing on a lot of thing for the past few days. A number of small fights has created a tensed spirit at home. Being in a relationship for a long time makes you take things for granted, causing the romance to die down. Yesterday something small sparked a huge fight and she stormed out of the house.

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You Have Conquered Me By All Means!

As the door bang shut, I slumped into the couch, feeling empty, a million thoughts running through my head. A flashback of our time together played in my mind, as I recalled our first date, the first day we moved in together and all the moments in-between.

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You Are Always In My Heart!

It hit me right then. What would life be like if Aaliyah hadn’t come into my life? When you love someone, you can’t give up so easily. You put in the extra effort to help your relationship get through the rough phase. It can’t always be rainbows and sunshine. If you can get through the difficult times, you know you’ve found the one and I know I had found mine.

I immediately went down to the nearest florist, bought a bouquet of roses, ordered in her favorite food, lit a few candles, and waited for her to get back. As she walked in through the door couple of hours later, I picked her up in my arms, kissed her and assured her that we’d get through this.

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My World!

When life throws you curveballs, it may cause you to stumble. Don’t be defeated by life’s challenges. Face the obstacles with strength and keep moving forward!


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