Do You Remember Dad’s Loving And Amusing Ways?

Last Sunday, Aaliyah and I hosted a brunch at our home. With work keeping us occupied for most of the week, Sundays gave us the much needed time to pick up our feet, crack open a pint of beer and loosen up with our closest friends. The doorbell began ringing at half past 11, as our guests sauntered in showing off their beautiful spring dresses and shorts.

We had laid the table with food items like sausages and pizzas, along with cold pints of beer and a jar filled with mimosas. As we lazed around in the living room, full plates in our hands, we began reminiscing the good old childhood days and the special moments we shared with our fathers.

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It Takes Someone Special…

Aaliyah told us how her passion for photography was inspired by her dad. He had this incredible zest to take great pictures and because of that they had an album containing pictures of Aaliyah from the time she was born. That talent and enthusiasm for photography rubbed off on her and that’s how she became a photographer.

A special memory for Adrian was the first time his dad and he had a drink. Adrian had just turned 21 and his father had taken him to a popular pub in the area where he bought him his first drink – a whiskey sour – as they cheered on a football game.

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To Our Beloved Son!

I remember the countless times my dad and I watched our favorite show in the comfort of our home. After a long day of work, we used to slump down on the sofa with a bucket of popcorn and watch comedy shows like Seinfeld. I still miss being able to do that with him.

Emily and Ethan chipped in as well. For them their mom, Donna had filled in their dad’s position perfectly. She had taken them to football games and piano recitals, taught them how to ride a bicycle and encouraged them in all their pursuits. She was their dad in all respects.

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World’s Best Dad.

Dads leave such a profound impression on us. Their stern exterior crumbles away to a mushy heart. Without even realizing their influence, they make us the person we are today.

Remembering dad’s loving and amusing ways will always bring a smile to your face. Whether it’s the the time he dressed up as your favorite cartoon character on your 6th birthday or the innumerable inside jokes you share with him. Whether it’s all the times you and your dad ganged up against your mom or the important truths your father-like figure taught you. Take a trip down memory lane by sharing your cherished memories with your father in the comments below or send us a message on Facebook! I can’t wait to have a look at them!


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