Pies On Pi Day!

Send Pi Day EcardsI don’t have much flair for science and certainly not for math! So, when Rachael wanted to talk to me about Pi Day, the only thing I could think of is pie. I asked her if pie had anything to do with pi, hoping to make her give up on this topic and let me be. But she had not such intentions. She immediately started talking how pies were made to celebrate Pi Day and distributed among students. She told me that the first Pie Day was celebrated in the San Francisco Exploratorium in the year 1988. They also observed the day by having fruit pies, which were then added to the menu for the Pi Day celebrations. Wow, is she informed!

She’s an expert when it comes to gathering and storing information. Do you remember the Polar Bear project that she did? She’s got great reviews for that and the teacher personally called up my sister Liz to tell her of the great work Rachael did. She’s the person her class friends turn to when they need help with math and science. You know how she helped Ethan and Emily. I reiterate the fact that I wrote in the newsletter — she’s going to be a great academic, if she moves at this pace. Do you think so too? You can drop in a message for her if you want. I’ll be your messenger!

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