You Know You’re In Love When…

Send Love EcardsThe tell-tale signs of love are not easy to identify if you are the person concerned. You may be showing the symptoms of love but not knowing it yourself. That is when your friends and close ones come to know of it and ask you if you are in love. But how do you know it yourself? The first sign that tells you you’re smitten is that you smile for no reason, and even at unpleasant situations. You might be getting a good trashing for a project report but inside you, you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy! It’s as if the thought of this special person takes you to a plane where all other mundane things can’t touch you.

The next sign could be that you are paying more attention to your clothes and the way you look. Whatever you may wear seems to be lacking in something and you spend hours before the mirror, changing your clothes to put on the best one. You could also be talking about this special person to anyone you meet and has ears to listen to you. No matter what the starting point of the discussion is, you will slowly be taking the discussion to the point where you can talk about your love. You might not like to go out with your gang of friends anymore. Every moment seems wasted if you can’t spend it with the special one. And when you meet this person, you can’t wait to ensure when you can meet up next!

If your answers to all these questions are a resounding yes, well then my friend, if you look carefully, you’ll find Cupid’s arrow somewhere in your heart! Enjoy this feeling without trying to worry too much as to what will happen in the future. If you have more pointers which you want to share with us, you are welcome!

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