Mr. Belvedere Is Back!

Send Everyday EcardsMr. Belvedere was one of my favorite sitcoms. It may not be that popular as Friends, but people like me would still swear by the adventures of Mr. Belvedere. Adrian told me the other day that they are launching a DVD edition of Mr. Belvedere where you can watch all those favorite episodes all over again! Now isn’t that fantastic. This Mr. Belvedere reminds me of many wonderful moments that form a really golden time of my childhood. That set me thinking. Some of these shows and songs form your childhood memories and these make an indelible mark on your life.

Mr. Belvedere was also Liz’s favorite show. She liked to see the British characteristics in the figure of Mr. Belvedere. When I told her the news she was ecstatic. She wants to get a copy of the DVD as soon as it comes out on Mar 17. She thinks and I think so too, that Christopher Hewett is a great actor. If we analyze these childhood memories with our mature heads now, they may seem foolish, sometimes even ridiculous to think that we liked a particular show or liked a certain actor. But these likings are a definite part of what you are and how you see the world today. Is there any show or song that you liked as a child? Would you like to share with us?

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