There’s More To Life Than Jus’ A Busy Day At Office!

Send Pets EcardsI am smitten by Lady Gaga. She was singing to me while good ol’ Steve gave me company. Reason enough for me to keep one eye on the road and one on him. He has this peculiar habit of browsing through anything and everything that is in the dashboard and elsewhere. I love my 1986 Ford Mustang GT and it is the love of my life. Of course, after Aaliyah!

Wait a minute! I haven’t talked to her in 4 days. She had tried calling me almost every day at least a dozen times. I jus’ didn’t have the time. Busy days these are at the office. She keeps cribbing though, “Bob! You never have time for me!”

“Steve… Will you stop it!” He was now concentrating on the wires that were leading nowhere. He gave me his I-know-what-I-am-doing Einstein look and went for it again albeit with less intensity knowing very well that I have left hooked him twice and will do it again.

He is irritating… Damn irritating! I closed my eyes in exasperation for a second. Then it happened. There was a snap sound, something hit something and my heart missed a beat. Screech braked and got out at the speed of light.

Beneath the tire I saw blood. With a pounding in my heart saw a well grown Cocker Spaniel lying there with labored breathing. Steve came running, “I saw that jumping… It was no accident, it dived!” I looked at his ridiculous face, “Why in the world would he jump, Steve? Has recession got it too?”

“Look!” Steve shouted.

“What? Where?” I shouted back.

“There!” Steve pointed out.

A little pup that looked like angel itself was caught in the puddle by the side from the rains. It had got her tiny hind leg stuck and was licking at its blood oozing wound. Quite a sight! I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. I shut out the sounds from the world and closed my eyes again. And it became clear. Mom had jumped to catch my attention to save her baby.

I grabbed the little pup while Steve collected the Mom and we both ran back to the car; hit the gas and we were off. We knew we could save them and we will.

I punched some buttons on the phone and it reached Aaliyah’s voice mail.

“Aaliyah… I am driving so can’t talk much, but I have to tell you this. I am sorry that I didn’t find time for you. I will never ever say I don’t have time. Ever. I love you so much and miss you”

I found Steve with the dogs on his lap. Blood, saliva and sweat were messing up the interiors. I don’t care! We drive so fast in life sometimes that it takes a life-threatening moment to see what’s important in life, what’s the priority? And what and who makes life worth living!

There’s more to life than a busy day at the office and a spic and span interior of a Ford. Take a deep breath and give your loved one a call.

I would like to hear from you about your experiences on such lines. Talk to me.

Talking about “more,” there is a new “More Options” feature implemented in the Home Page of 123Greetings on every category including Most Popular, Most Viewed, Highest Rated and Latest Additions. No more scrolling around, jus’ click on the button after three cards and you will find a whole lot of good looking cards in one box! At one click of a button!

Have fun. And keep talking to me.


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