123Greetings Newsletter Launches New Design

Hello people!

Welcome to the new and improved newsletter section of 123Greetings’ website. If you haven’t seen it, please check it out here. You can even see it as a 123Greetings beta site because we’re going to be rolling out a new design for the entire site soon!

You know, I really have to give a shout out to our tech guys and designers here. They’ve done a great job, don’t you think? Leave your comments below and let us know what you think!


21 thoughts on “123Greetings Newsletter Launches New Design

  1. Hi Bob, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and the invite on Friendster. Glad to hear of the new design. Good luck and God bless…

  2. Good morning Editor Bob,

    Nice blog !
    I also like your Zen quotes… very much inspiring!

    In regards to your May 15th newsletter “Thank You from Editor Bob”…
    On the occasion of the 11th anniversary of 123Greetings,
    I wish you and 123Greetings team all the goodness, love, peace and happiness that you’ve been spreading around the world for so many years.
    May all the greatness you’ve shared with humankind come back to you thousands fold!
    The very best you offer, so may the very best you receive!
    May you enjoy very many successful and fruitful years ahead!

    Thank you…
    “Everyday Smiles, smiles, and smiles brighten people’s faces and lighten people’s heart”…
    For you make it happen for us to express our feelings towards each other.
    Thank you all for bringing such joy to us!
    Thank you for your sweet generosity and…
    God Bless You Always!

    With much Love and appreciation,
    G J 🙂

  3. Love 123Greetings and the wonderful cards. You’ve made a lot of lives happier. That’s what we need in this world today with all of the turmoil around us. Keep us the good work and keep those letters coming. Just love them!!!!!

  4. Love 123Greetings and the wonderful cards. You’ve made a lot of lives happier. That’s what we need in this world today with all of the turmoil around us. Keep up the good work and keep those letters coming. Just love them!!!!!

  5. Hi, i’m a big fan of 123Greetings, you got a lot to offer. Thanks for the good work. Is there a possibility to send 123Greetings to a cell/mobile phones?

  6. Thank you for everything you are doing to bring people together!
    This is the best way I have found to express loved ones how much I care for them and is all thanks to you GUYS!!!!

  7. Hello Mr Bob
    My name Huyen, and i from in Vietnam. I receiped many topic from you, and i realy like it. I can improved my English, you know, in my country we can used English a little. That why, i always found out all the topic wrote by English. I realy interested in your topic.
    best regards.
    Le Huyen
    From vietnam

  8. hello bob- i just read your article about the roses and your mom. it was very touching. my husband planted a rose bush a couple weeks ago and its doing great. it has blooms all over it and every day there are more blooms opening on it. such a wonderful expression of love.
    your column is inspiring and a joy to read. there is so much pain and negativity in the world today and that seems to be all they cover on the news. i will keep an eye out for your column. it is truly a breath of fresh air. keep the hope flowing in.

  9. Dear Mr. Bob,

    Your newsletter always inspired me and always makes me laugh or even cry.
    Always waitin for your newsletter every week.

    i can predicted from ur newsletter that u are wise and lovely person and i think that ur life’s so wonderful coz surroundd by many friends that caring and love you so much., always make me jealous.

    And also, as Le Huyen from Vietnam, i also can have more vocab from your newsletter that can make me a lil improving my english, always find new words, and thats all becoz of ur newsletter.

    so, Mr. Bob, pleazeeeee always write and dont even think to stop writing especially on 123greetings newsletter.

    More power for you and wish u all the best.

    Luv and Smooch…
    Dhira from Jakarta-Indonesia

  10. I love your 123 Greetings and your Blog. You are a great writer. Have a good week and keep up the good 123 greeting cards too. They are great. Thanks and much luck in the future/

  11. Hi Bob,

    I really liked your articles. Keep up the good work!

    Best wishes

  12. Dear Bob
    I love your views on relationships and find them very insightful. Once a week just isn’t enough! Keep the newsletter coming …
    waiting with much love and hope for many more

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  14. well bob i always read your comments, very interesting. the dating game is no joke. lets start being friends, ok?

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