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Send Weekend EcardsChinese martial arts movies have always been of interest to me. Not that I like them a lot, but they somehow have this happy feel about them and carries you along in a grand sweep. I loved watching the Bruce Lee movies as a child, even tried some of those gravity-defying stunts, without much success of course! I relived those days when Adrian got a DVD of Bulletproof Monk. I was stressed and wanted to let my hair down. So I sat down with a cup of coffee. Coffee and an entertaining movie can do wonders to the mind.

The movie was great fun. The Chinese alphabets. The riddles. The secret link through these puzzles. The martial arts expert. Nasty villains who outnumber the hero in a hopeless way. Chinese monks. It all came back to me. There are some visions that last a lifetime, don’t they? The vision of your first day in school, your first movie, your first date, they all make up a wonderful past. When you revisit these memory lanes, they all come back to you and you are left with a feeling that cannot be described. Bulletproof Monk was a great experience, more as a nostalgia trip than a movie.

What are your everlasting memories? Would you share with us?


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  1. I have very pleasant memories from my elementary school.We did not have so much homework back then and no worries either.
    Things were so much easier.All of the kids used to gather to a field full of flowers and grass and used to play there.We had time to see and play with our friends.It is nothing like that now.Children have more homework and no time to rest.Instead of playing outside they just spent their time in front of the computer.
    I believe that my childhood time was more pleasant and more easy than my children.

  2. Hello Bob,
    I can’t help but smile with your story about that chinese movie. The first movie I watched was also chinese with a beautiful heroine that can fly and do super kicks. I no longer remember the title of that movie but the movie scenes is still vivid in my memory.

  3. I like Chinese martial arts movies too. There is always some sort of chivalry in the stories, and strong bond between friends. The thing I enjoy most is the ending, that the bad guys are always defeated despite of their numbers. There is a Chinese saying that ‘the evil cannot surpass the righteous’. The darkest night falls before dawn.

  4. Oh I have waaaay too many to count, even though I haven’t lived for very long. For me, songs take me back.

    I have an entire CD that, no matter what song I listen to from it, takes me back to the summer of my 8th grade year, and it lasts up until the middle of that year, and it just reminds me of the generally carefree, happy time that was.

    I have another CD that takes me back to a camping trip we took right before I started high school. I had no worries and everyone was so happy.

    I’ve got another CD that reminds me of the days just before going back to school for 10th grade and how excited I was to see all my friends, whom I hadn’t seen in a long time, and get back to learning all that I could!

    I’ve got another CD that reminds me of a few weeks in the early summer before 8th grade, and when I went to my cousin’s house, and how out of place and uncomfortable I felt.

    And then you’ve got most of the songs on Daughtry’s album, which remind me of my 8th grade retreat and how much closer I got to my friends, and my now best friend!

    When I was little, I listened to a bunch of contemporary Christian songs, and the radio station I listened to played the same, like, 100 or so songs, so any of those remind me of my elementary years.

    One in particular, Other Side of the Radio, by Chris Rice, reminds me of a time I was sitting at my desk in my room doing homework, and it came on the radio. In that song, it says he can see whoever is listening doing their homework, bobbing their head and smiling, and I was doing exactly that! Good times.

    Summer before 6th grade I started listening to rock music, so many of the rock songs that were new in 2004 remind me of my mom marrying my stepdaddy, of us moving and me going to a totally new school. It was a happy time. 🙂

    And, lastly, I’ve got a playlist of 36 songs that I’m going to give to my best friend for his birthday! Why, because all of them remind me of him in some way, whether it be because of who he is, or just a time I remember with him!

  5. HI Bob,

    one of our readers wrote about CDs, brought back memories for me too. i love to listen to music but sometimes i lost the momentum of doing so because too many chores in my head… Hey, but that’s so sweet that your reader has good thoughts for friends… as i do too!!!.

    good night
    your reader

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