Watching Bulletproof Monk

Send Weekend EcardsChinese martial arts movies have always been of interest to me. Not that I like them a lot, but they somehow have this happy feel about them and carries you along in a grand sweep. I loved watching the Bruce Lee movies as a child, even tried some of those gravity-defying stunts, without much success of course! I relived those days when Adrian got a DVD of Bulletproof Monk. I was stressed and wanted to let my hair down. So I sat down with a cup of coffee. Coffee and an entertaining movie can do wonders to the mind.

The movie was great fun. The Chinese alphabets. The riddles. The secret link through these puzzles. The martial arts expert. Nasty villains who outnumber the hero in a hopeless way. Chinese monks. It all came back to me. There are some visions that last a lifetime, don’t they? The vision of your first day in school, your first movie, your first date, they all make up a wonderful past. When you revisit these memory lanes, they all come back to you and you are left with a feeling that cannot be described. Bulletproof Monk was a great experience, more as a nostalgia trip than a movie.

What are your everlasting memories? Would you share with us?

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