Brian Dawkins Moves To Denver Broncos

Send Inspirational EcardsThe star defense of Philadelphia Eagles has decided to move to Denver Broncos. The move will be great for the Broncos, whose defense as of now is made up of comparatively new faces. Dawkins will add a much-needed boost to the line-up in terms of experience. Though some may say that Dawkins is past his prime now, he still manages to stay way ahead of the younger players that the Broncos have been playing with over the last few seasons.

Such life they have, don’t they? I mean, clubs throwing insane amounts of money to have you in their team. The money in sports and the commerce of sports have always baffled me. Players train hard and improve their skills every day, bit by bit, and prepare themselves for the grind. They have to keep themselves injury-free, compromise on so many things to remain fit and trim. The dedication is extremely inspiring. I can’t see myself having that amount of continued dedication for years!

How dedicated are you to a cause?


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