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Send Love EcardsThe perennial problem with many people I know, including me to a certain extent! Loving won’t make you a lover to reckon with, you have to express your love as if that is the only thing that you can do! So how do you go about being the perfect romantic lover? You have to work at it, everyday. You have to be committed to prove your point. Your partner won’t take you to be romantic if you are just a flash in the pan. I mean, if you take her out on a great dinner and then don’t call her over the next seven days, you undo all the good work.

So what did we learn from this? You have to be consistent. A message every morning to wish your love good morning, a special message when it’s a big day for your Significant O. These little things make your love smile and that should always be your aim. Wish with flowers now and then. But don’t overdo things. That would make you come across as someone who’s obsessed and that is a stifling thought for anyone. If you have a flair for writing, write sweet nothings and paste it at unexpected places. When your love finds them, I bet they will be more than delighted.

And the most important point: say ‘I love you’. Don’t keep your partner guessing or waiting to hear these magic words. If you think that your partner knows about your love and there is no need to say it loud, dump this idea. You should tell them how much they mean to you and how much you care. They’ll always get you brownie points. But again, I’d caution against saying it too much, it might just smother the feeling. If your partner has an important meeting, it’s not the time to open your romantic book and read from it. Make use of opportunities instead of trying to create them. Love, if anything, is spontaneous.

Would you like to add to this list? If your ideas are romantic and have potential to trigger the romantic imagination of our friends across the globe, send them to me. I might publish them on my blog or the newsletter.


2 thoughts on “Be More Romantic!

  1. Part of what I do , to be romantic, and show my love, I buy a very romantic saying card and send one, every now and then. It means alot to the person getting it, and they don’t expect it. The words expressed in the cards are just how I feel, I take my time reading them, before I pick the right one, with the right loving words. Another romantic suggestion, is making the person you love something special ( sweets oir homemade gift) just for them, made with love.

  2. Another tip – talk about the great times/ experiences you both have shared. Apart from bringing back happy memories, this small act also tells your partner that you value and cherish the time spent with him/her !

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