Free Hugs for Valentine’s Day?

Send Hugs EcardsHave you heard of the ‘Free Hugs Guy’? He’s Juan Mann aka the ‘Free Hugs Guy’. He started this wonderful Free Hugs campaign which brought cheer to many faces all across the world. Even if you have not met a Free Hugs Guy yet, the video that you get online is enough to make you smile. The warm vibes it gives across is excellent and really does wonders for your spirit if you have been down and out lately. Valentine’s Day can be really painful for some of my single friends out there. You can have a look at the ‘Free Hugs Guy’ video. Give a hug to all your single friends and the non-single ones, too! Plus free hugs are the ultimate gift you can give!

Hugs can really brighten up your day, trust me. It has medical benefits as well. It’s a great stress reliever. And that is what made the ‘Free Hugs Guy’ campaign a thumping success. Though they were banned by authorities, the ship is steady now. So if you have a friend who’s worried, down or out, go up and give a tight hug. The smile you’ll see on your friend’s face would be something you’ll remember for a really long time! Try it and let me know how it turned out. Good luck!


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