Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas


So you have planned out your perfect Valentine’s Day? My law of averages tell me that there’s someone out there who didn’t! There’s help at hand. If you are still biting your nails in a desperate bid to think out something, you can use some of these ideas:

Give her a surprise visit with a bunch of flowers. Or order the flowers to be delivered at her work place. You can turn up with the flowers yourself as well, if you can!

Take her out to a nice place, which has the ambiance, but not the air of formality that one tends to attach to such places. The place must make her feel comfortable and not intimidate her. She must not feel out of place.

Give her time this Valentine’s Day weekend. I know that work has to be done this week, but this day won’t come back in another year’s time. Seize the moment.

Make her fall in love with you, all over again. It’s not tough if you have the intention and make the right moves. Planning is your keyword. If you can sort out the steps, execution will be easy.

Got more ideas? Throw in your hat!


One thought on “Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

  1. B. Ahhhhh, you know I love you. My husband is so like you. He’s a great planner and he knows I don’t like uppity, elite places. I want to feel comfortable and cozy where we eat. I like little places that give off a friendly atmosphere without all the chilly formalities. A restaurant that when you talk to the folks in the table next to you they don’t look at you like you’ve got a 3rd eye. One incredible place we often frequent when we visit your hometown, New York City, is the Russian Samovar. We have met more social people there, who even scoot their chairs to our table and we chat all night. It’s a hoping place. Have happy piano and guitar players there. People even get up to dance. I’ve done that, though I am a horrible dancer. I have no sense of rhythum. Can’t keep a beat to save my life. L.

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