Get A Pet this Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day divides the world into two: the haves and the have-nots. The haves are obviously the ones who have a partner or Significant Other. The have-nots are all you single guys out there! I’m sure you guys must be wondering if I will write something about you people, underprivileged that you may be feeling. So if you guys are depressed this Valentine’s Day, try getting a pet. A pet is always a great option, though I wouldn’t stretch it as far as the joke that says a pet is better than a spouse. There are some options that you may try out.

The Sussex spaniel is in the news now. A great dog, robust and sturdy looking, the Sussex spaniel’s face has a characteristic sad look that can get all your girls drooling! Short legs make the spaniel’s movement very adorable. You can also check out the Tibetan mastiff. The Tibetan mastiff is a big dog and having one around will fill up all the empty spaces in your house and heart. The Tibetan mastiff is one of the primitive breeds and a great choice as a pet. But it is a guard dog, and go for it only if you think you can take the responsibility.

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2 thoughts on “Get A Pet this Valentine’s Day!

  1. oh i think that getting a pet on V-Day is actually a very good idea. I lost my dog a while back and i really miss him; it’s been very hard since he’s gone becuase he used to fill out my house and my heart.

  2. I totally agree,pets are tension relievers.If u r feeling lonely/depressed have one and feel the difference.Only get one if you can really take good care otherwise don’t.Can you guys out there give ur views.

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