International Women’s Day Inspirational Stories – Readers’ Responses

Send International Women's Day EcardsThe responses for inspirational stories for International Women’s Day have been fabulous! Thanks to all of you who contributed to the discussion board on Facebook. Here are some of the responses that came in.

1. Ashlyn Cancellieri (Colorado Springs Christian School)
Oh definitely my mom. I know everyone says that, but it’s true. And she inspired me in a way that’s a bit different.
See, I’m a very independent person. As a baby I hated being held, I loved to be off doing my own things. I’ve just always been that way. When I was little, my mom encouraged that. She let me be my own person and develop my own views myself. Basically, she left me alone enough that I grew into the person I am today.
Because she did that, I now have my own faith (I’m a Christian, and one of the things people always tell young Christians is not to let your faith be your parents’ faith) and I have my own views and I know how to be me, no matter what.
All of this happened because my mommy was smart enough to recognize that I needed space, and that I still do sometimes. 🙂

2. Sharon Sciortino
I have several women that I have been blessed to have in my life, that inspired, or taught me a life lesson in one way or another. My dad’s mom… taught me how to be frugal, to cook, sew, use my imagination, and be giving. My mom’s mom taught me patience, how to be a lady, and unconditional love. My Aunt Dot taught me patience, to be forgiving, to never give up and also gave me beautiful penmanship… LOL. I’ve learnt a lesson from each of my 5 sisters in some form or another… Whether it be to respect all life, to not judge a book by it’s cover, or just to laugh.
Looking at it all typed out, and thinking about it… I truly feel blessed to have had so many wonderful women in my life!

3. Nanette Doran
I give thanks to my mom for enduring me through my childhood days, part of who I am is definitely hers, but I cannot say that she was the only inspiration in my life. In life’s journey, I have had teachers, friends , read about and seen many inspirational women. Even my neighbors and ordinary women around me have made a small contribution to who I am. I cannot pin point it to one particular woman. Wishing every woman a happy International Women’s Day.

4. Kathy Wachira
Definitely my Ma. She has this tremendous strength that has seen us through a lot of stuff in life. Her compassion, patience, understanding, above all, she is a pillar of strength to all of us. I look at my life and wonder if I will be anything close to my mum and I know I can never even get close… She’s an AMAZING woman and I am blessed to have her as my mother.

5. Michelle Lange Nelson (Milwaukee, WI)
I would have to say my Step-mom!!! She has been through hell and back. She battled cancer in her early 20s and was told she would never have children… Well she has 2 awesome kids… Later on in her 40s she got cancer again… She NEVER gave up… Always has a smile on that beautiful face of hers. She makes sure that my father is always priority number one which means the world to me. I tell her all the time that SHE is an ANGEL in disguise 🙂

6. Mercy Burns
My Mum,
She was the most inspirational person I know. As a child she had a hard time at school leaving with no reading and writing skills, she taught herself how to read and write, she had six children and everyone of us knew great love, she let nothing beat her, cancer, a heart condition and severe arthritis, every day she battled pain, but didn’t give into it. We lost her three years ago at the age of 83 years and every day it feels as if it just happened yesterday I miss her so much. She was a great teacher of life.

7. Karen Goliger (West Palm Beach, FL)
My mom is so inspirational. She raised three kids on barely any money in a terrible neighborhood, and we all grew up healthy and with strong morals. Now we all have families of our own and she is still our rock and our biggest fan. She is one of those many unsung single mother heroes out there, but to me she is the best one because she is mine 🙂

8. Patricia Calderone Vogl
My mother has been inspirational to me throughout my life. I have held a deep attachment to her from as early on as I can remember. I recognize that she sacrificed her own life and happiness to raise her six children, as she did that with pride and so much love. Today, she is still the protector she has always been. She listens before speaking. I also recognize my sisters and all of the women in the world, who work so hard to be better people. It’s the core of who we are.

9. Aida Musa
A friend, a fellow teacher I knew in my late 20’s when I transfered back to my hometown in 1995. From her I learnt to be an independent and strong woman, a loving and caring mum and wife and a dedicated teacher. She made me appreciate everything and everyone around me. She taught me to be positive about life and death. She was like a sister to me. She died of cancer in 1997 and I miss her so much.

10. Bala Sanmuganathan (Sri Lanka)
My mother, paternal grandmother and an aunt of my father took special care of me during my school days. They used to take me along with them, wherever they went. I wish to pay gratitude to them for all they have rendered towards me.

So friends, what do you say to that? If this is not inspirational, nothing is! Happy International Women’s Day to all of you!


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  1. I really admire my mom. She raised a big family on her own. Papa had always been busy with work. She was very supportive for Papa and wanted no disturbance from us to him. Everything she did the chores while we went to school. After school she would check if we have done our homework on time. Papa was a great teacher and a good dad. Although he did not have much time, he always tried to talk to us and got us some gadgets. I wished he would rather take the time to rest. He was really drained out. I love my mom and my dad.

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