Internet Dating for Senior Citizens

Send Friendship EcardsThe common concept that senior citizens spend their time gardening and hopping from one library to another is passe now. I hear that more and more senior citizens are taking to the Internet to find love. In a previous post I had talked about online dating and how to look for love. Senior citizens are past their prime and they feel neglected. The online dating service is doing a world of good for them. It’s not just dates, they are also getting to know more people and building friendship and networks that will definitely hold them in good stead at a time when they hardly get to meet people.

If you are a senior citizen, you can try out online dating too. Don’t hold yourself back and let people contact you. You may feel odd initially to talk to strangers, but slowly you’ll open up to people whom you connect with. These common cautionary steps have to be followed too: be careful of fake profiles and make sure you don’t give out your personal details. Share your thoughts with your online friends and you’ll not feel the desire to look around for people to talk anymore. It would be a welcome change for all those senior people who have been feeling claustrophobic all these years. And who knows, you may find love too! Good luck!


3 thoughts on “Internet Dating for Senior Citizens

  1. Good post! There are actually online dating sites just for the older generation. I met so many interesting people and even though I found and married my match, I still have good friends that I met online that I still talk to. The internet breaks those mile boundaries and you can learn and explore other places and lives. I love it!

  2. I am a woman in her mid-60’s, upbeat,educated and giving, with culural interests and a zest for life. I’ve got a lot of love to share with the right person.

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