Inspirational Monday: Friends In The Military- Reader’s Responses

Send Inspirational EcardsToday being ‘Inspirational Monday’, I won’t put up any quotes that I picked up. Rather, here are some of the responses to my post titled ‘Friends In The Military’ that I promised I’ll publish. I’m sure they’ll spur you on to have a great week ahead!

Bobbie Jo Sancho-Trackwell
Hi Bob!
In reply to your question, no I do not plan to join the military in largely because I have children. And I also have a career that guarantees me a job. This is a tough call though for those who have lost their jobs and cannot seem to find any other alternative. It can be a benefit in some ways — income, college assistance, travel, home loans, fitness and a retirement for those later years (to name a few). My husband went in to the Air Force when he was just out of high school and stayed in for 22 years, he was blessed with a great job but we are also enjoying military perks. Along with those perks he admitted that it helped mold him into the disciplined, hardworking, reliable and honest man that he is today.He is a true countryman. I believe the military isn’t for everybody though. And I also think that our military men and women who are activated for war are NOT compensated enough… though they are “THE HEROES.”

Rashmi Singh
Hi Bob
Our family has been associated with the Army for the last four generations and I’m married to an Army Officer as well. I can safely say that Army life is class apart. The quality of life you experience being in the Army is truly awesome. It’s exciting, challenging, adventurous and loads of fun. The places and the different cultures you get to see and learn about is truly amazing. It is truly enriching!!!

Charles Bender Sr
Yes I do. My brother-in-law is over in Iraq right now. Hope God is with him every step of the way.

Jincy Varghese
Well, I think joining the Army is a wonderful job to look into but making your job your life isn’t worth the effort. It is an ideal job to be given the opportunity to save your country. But at the same time, I think it is not at all correct to put your life on your job and also put your family at risk of losing a loved one. So, I think it is better to look into other jobs.
Thankfully, there is no one in my family who has joined the army. I can never bear to lose anyone because of it.

Mona-Jane O’Pharmacy
Hey Bob,
A lot of my friends from high school have joined the Army, most of them joined because of the benefits that the army gives to its recruits. I think it’s a good way for kids to get off the streets and learn some discipline, and be able to pay for their educations in college and also support themselves. However, I still don’t agree with violence, and I think that it doesn’t accomplish anything good. So why not use all this youthful energy to something else? Something more time worthy, for example, planting trees. cleaning our city, working with troubled and disabled kids, etc.
Yours truly,

Emma Moulton
Hi bob
I think it is very sad that Army/ Navy/ Air Force are always dragged into wars. There are many who join because it is a surefire way to get away from home, that’s if they are fit.
BUT they have to be fit! I associate Army with sadness and pride. Sadness because one minute they are working ok, then dragged to a place where they will be fighting and killing and also get killed at a young age. Pride because they are serving their country, heads held high. Yep probably they get scared and wonder what it will be in the end: will they survive or get killed.
Take care too love.

Heather Elizabeth Haynes
Bob, I think it’s a wonderful idea to join the military IF you have the heart for it. It takes strength yes, but it also takes heart. I have quite a few friends from high school that joined the Army right after we graduated. It’s a hard thing to do, but where would we be without our troops? We should honor them, and thank them, not ask questions as to why they are joining!

Sheila Bell
I have very mixed emotions about this. Yes I have heard from people that there are no jobs and that the Army offers good sign up bonuses.
I would not want any of my kids to join!
I am proud of the ones who have and still are in the service and have worked with woman in the area gathering supplies to send over to Iraq for both the troops and the children.
It tears my heart to see these families who have lost a loved one in the war, I can’t even begin to imagine their pain.
I pray that God will bless everyone involved no matter what their part.

Barbara Noblitt
I am too old to join the military. But if i was younger i would. It is very important to serve our country. I pray for all the young people that are in the military.

Alice Libert
I think it’s good when people want to join the military to support and protect our country, but when they are joining for stable income, job security, etc, I have to question: are they really trying to protect the country or is it about them? Will they be able to handle military life? Because being in the military is the same thing as choosing a career. Are you going to enjoy what you do or is it just another job? Because like any career, you won’t do your job well if you don’t love what you do. I have family members who are in the military and they love what they do. They see the military as what they will do for life. Protecting their country helps them feel like they’re doing their part in society.

Lynn VanDyke
My 13 year old son surprised me by announcing he is considering Army ROTC as a way to go to college/ give him career options. He has time to think about it but I found it interesting that he has that in his head already!

Loretta J Paton Jones
My grandson is in the Marines and is stationed in Afghanistan. We were not happy that he joined but he felt that it was something that he had to do.You will see more and more people joining the military because of losing their jobs. It is a sad world that we live in right now. Hopefully everything will turn around, at least that is what I pray for. Also pray that my grandson and all our military return home soon safe.

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