Valentine’s Day, Every Single Day!

Send Valentine's Day Ecards Valentine’s Day, some folks think, is about the date: Feb 14th, but your real Valentine is not only about Feb 14th, the date, but so much more! To ensure that your love blooms everyday of the year, you have to work at it. Nothing is perfect and nothing goes on by itself, and you can say the same about relationships too. If you can sort out your daily relationship woes, there is no doubt that these small units of happiness will culminate in a relationship that is meaningful and fulfilling. So how do you go about making sure it turns out that way? Try these simple steps.

Be a patient listener. Most of us are not. We try to explain and analyze our relationship. Relationships are not for analyzing, it’s about feeling them.
Try to understand rather than explain. It’s important you get your partner’s point of view than getting your own point across.
In an argument with your Valentine, try to make her happy rather than prove yourself correct. You may lose the argument, but you’ll win a lot more.
Pay attention to the small details that make her happy. If she wants you to dump your wet towel at a particular spot, put it there. Religiously.
The most important aspect of a relationship is communication. Keep the channels of communication always open. You must be equally comfortable sharing the hurt as you share happiness.
Try to maintain transparency and you will find it magical how your partner opens up to you in terms of crises.
Sprinkle little love notes all over the house if you leave early for work.
Discuss your dreams with her and encourage her to do so, too. You must be aware of each other’s needs and desires and only then can you be there for each other, every single moment of the year.

If you have other points that you want to add to this for our friends, leave your comments. Love, and let love!


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day, Every Single Day!

  1. B. At 27 years old, you are old enough to be my son, as I am 51 years old. I have been married 29 years and have known my sweet husband for 34 years. Yet, if I had met you in another life and was much younger I would have snatched you right up. You are such a thoughtful and considerate person. In what you have written about love and relationships, I can not believe you do not have a woman by your side, a close girlfriend, a partner, a wife. Though it appears you have many girlfriends who care about you deeply. Which shows alot about a man. My close friend, my mother-in-law, who passed away in 2002, always used to say, “if a man is kind, women will beat a path to his door.”
    B. you are most kind and make me smile. I have been told I make people smile, too, though I do not know how I do it. If a person makes me glad, I return them with a smile and they smile right back. I guess I’m seeing the child within them, how they see themselves and I play in the sandbox with them. Happy Valentine’s Day. lots n’ lots of x0x0x0x0x0, L.

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