How To Make Someone You Love Smile…

Send Smile Day EcardsHave you ever wondered that a smile comes to you more easily than any other emotion? Similarly, it’s easy to make someone smile if you can make that heart-to-heart connect. I feel that you cannot make a person smile unless that person is emotionally inclined to you. You may be great at comedy and punch lines, but you can’t make people smile if you don’t have emotional content in your act. And I’ve heard and read many comedians say that.

To make your partner or significant O smile, make her feel special, give her all the attention that you can give. If there’s something that she expects you to forget, remember it. When you get it done, she’ll reward you with a warm smile. On occasional days, get flowers for her on your way back from work. Put on your Sunday-chef cap and rustle something up for her before she steps out of bed. Call or text her to make her feel wanted. And when you’re at home, devote your time to your significant other. There’s nothing more frustrating than talking to a person who’s thumb is glued to the cellphone keypad.

That reminds me, if you want to make yourself smile, get pets! They are the best way to get rid of stress and take it easy. Of course, there’s some responsibility attached to keeping a pet and if you stay alone, you have to be more careful. But if you can give it a shot, do so by all means. There’s nothing like having a little pup or kitten around. How do YOU make people smile?

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