When love grows larger than life!

Sometimes love expands the margins your ego sets and you push yourself out of the frame. The only thing you live for is a smile on the face you have painted on the canvas of your life.

Have you ever experienced the bitter-sweet pain in love which can grip you from all sides, you feel nervous, anxious at the same time when you are feeling heavenly and grateful?

Lately, our studio artist, resumed work after her 12 weeks maternity leave and I could see she was a changed person. She cared less about the stuffs for which she would raise a hell earlier. She would keep looking at the phone as if waiting to get an update of every second her child slept, ate or burped in her absence. It was fascinating to see this young carefree girl suddenly transcend into this overprotective, mature mother.

She looked sleep deprived and plain. I remember she used to dress up suavely for office earlier but these days she is always in frenzy. The thick layer of cake and color were gone from her face but instead she had a rosy glow of motherhood which gave her an incredible sheen.

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Send This Ecard!

Last evening over coffee I managed to get into conversation with her and she shared, swallowing a lot of emotion, “Bob, I feel so thankful when I hold her tender frame in my hands but at the same time I feel nervous when I uncurl those fingers from mine and give her to the babysitter every morning as I come to the office, I feel unsafe and unsure. I wonder how can I feel so much anxiety and love at the same time, it’s ironical.

The focus has changed and someone just mysteriously changed the milestones in the map of my life. My feats no longer are the appraisals and paychecks but are around my little one’s unscathed look, her first kick, and her first murmur. All mirrors have gone missing ever since she is born. All I see is her, in each reflection of mine.”

Isn’t it strange? Who’s capable of loving another one to that extent? This reminds me of a place where I feel this unconditional, timeless and seamless love and it is in the arms of my parents.

On the weekend I was visiting mom and dad. Dad hugged me for a long time as if he was trying to keep the moment which he would recall in my absence. I feel so cherished and despite the differences and tiff I realize their concerns for me. Their milestones blur to highlight mine.

The love of parents is incomprehensible and the only thing we can offer in return is gratitude. This new mother anchored this amazing feeling of gratefulness and awesomeness in me and as I was sauntering on the sidewalk I noticed the blissful expression on the faces of the mothers pushing the strollers. I could easily differentiate the mothers from the babysitters by looking at the interactions or absence of the same with the infant in the crib and the gleam in their eyes.

There is a purpose of love and anxiousness that this young mother felt. It is needed. I smiled to myself and the ingenious creator.

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Do you remember a moment when you felt this bitter-sweet love, a moment when you sacrificed your Self for the smile that had your heart melt away?

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